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Xandem Home Can Track Motion in Every Corner of Your House

If you think you’ve seen enough, then you probably haven’t met Xandem Home yet. It offers an interesting new technology in home security that can easily make you feel like a top spy.




Compared with traditional home security systems that can only monitor one room at a time, Xandem’s Tomographic Motion Detection enables you to watch over the entire floor of your home. The system requires two physical units to work.


  • Xandem’s Nodes are small devices which you need to plug to several electrical outlets at home.
  • They emit radio waves to communicate with each other.
    • These waves are 500 times less than what cellular phones emit in terms of power.
  • The Nodes form a wireless mesh network in your home which, when interrupted, can trigger an alert.
  • Because it’s a network, Xandem can accurately pinpoint where movement is happening. It can even follow its direction allow you to keep track of anyone who decides to intrude your home.
  • The Nodes enables you to know what’s happening at home even without a security camera
  • It can also monitor multiple movements.
  • The Nodes’ frequencies can travel through walls and physical objects which means there’s virtually no place in your home where a burglar can hide.
  • Since the Nodes work on radio waves, you won’t have any problem setting them up or concealing them. You can conveniently plug them into electrical outlets behind your couch and cabinets.


  • The Gateway works similarly to most system’s hub.
  • It communicates the information the Nodes sends to you.
  • It includes a port which you use to connect the system to your internet.
  • It also has a ⅛ inch audio output where you can connect your speaker or any sound system to. This feature enables you to set up a siren for your security.

The creators of Xandem Home find their system more than enough to protect your home. As a matter of fact, their technology has been effectively protecting high value assets and large properties such as warehouses long before it has been launched as a home security system for crowd funding at Indiegogo.

To install Xandem, you can have it up and running in just 15 minutes following these steps:

  1. Plug the Nodes. It doesn’t matter how far away or near they are to each other. The idea is to make sure your home is surrounded by the devices.
  2. Connect the Gateway to your internet. If you plan on including a siren to your system, you can plug an audio system.
  3. Access its web login to set your home’s floor plan. You can recreate it using a special tool or directly upload it.
  4. Activate and take control of the system using the app. If someone trespasses in your home, he’ll easily be detected and marked with an X on the map.

Xandem is believed to be immune to false alarms. Pets that weigh less than 30 lbs are less likely to trigger one. However, if you want to be sure your dog won’t cause any trouble with your system, you can decrease the sensitivity of your security or make sure he won’t get near around 5 feet from your Nodes.

The system comes with an optional Cloud service. You can subscribe to it for around $10 to $20 a month. If you’re an early bird backer, there’s a good chance you can have it for free.

The Cloud service allows you to:

  • Remotely access your system wherever you are
  • Store your data online for later viewing
  • Have system monitoring to make sure your Xandem is working properly

Choosing not to subscribe to the Cloud service, however, will not prevent you from using Xandem in your home. You can still connect it to your Local Area Network and locally arm and disarm your security.

Although Xandem can efficiently protect your home, you have the option to connect it to third party devices. You can set it up to trigger your smart lights to turn on once sudden movement is detected. You can even create recipes with it through IFTTT integration.

The number of Nodes you have determines your security coverage. In general, you should have one kit installed in every floor in your home.

  • 10 Nodes are usually enough to cover an area of 2,000 square feet.
  • 15 Nodes can effectively protect homes measuring 4,000 square feet.

You can purchase Xandem’s early bird kit for $475. This set includes 10 Nodes and a free lifetime Cloud service. If you’re not able to grab this interesting technology at its early bird price, you can buy the same kit size for $495, inclusive of a free one year cloud service. If you think you need more Nodes, then you can buy a Xandem kit with 15 Nodes for $595.

Xandem has less than a month left for its crowd funding campaign but has already gained more than 80% of its original funding goal. If you want to make sure your home gets a spy transformation, you can start backing the project now. The beta units will ship by April 2016.

The campaign also includes a referral program you might want to try. Each family member or friend who purchases a Xandem 10 or 15 using your referral link can give you an instant $50. This means that if you’re able to convince 10 people to buy the product, you can get your own system for free! Sweet deal, right?


check Xandem uses radio frequencies to monitor your home.
check It can keep track of multiple subjects.
check Its signal can go through walls leaving behind no blind spots.
check It offers optional Cloud service for a monthly fee.
check It can communicate with third-party rest APIs.
check Its radio wave signals emit lesser power than those coming from cellular phones and Wi-Fi routers.
check One kit can monitor an entire floor.
check It’s immune to false and pet triggered alarms.

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