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Wouldn’t it be more convenient if your home starts doing things for you- even before you actually tell it to?

While a smart home seems interesting enough, seeing it do things for you instead of waiting for commands is perhaps even better. It could fix your coffee every morning before you’re up, adjust home temperature just before you arrive home and turn your television just in time for your favorite series. That will make life easier, right?

Webee makes all those things possible in your home by learning your daily routine and reacting to events as how you would. Apparently, it doesn’t just learn, it anticipates too.


  • Webee starts the learning process from the seventh day that you install it in your home. It observes how you interact with your equipments and devices daily then saves the information on its system.
  • By the 30th day, Webee will start thinking like you. It will send you suggestions on what it’s supposed to do. Say for example, it can either turn on or off a device for a scenario. However, before it does that, you’ll receive a notification first if you’ll allow it to do so.
  • By the 90th day, it will start acting like you. It will automatically act as how you would, such as turning sprinklers off when it starts to rain or lowering home temperature when the environment gets hot.

You can worry less on your electricity bill since Webee can turn off the devices you forgot to unplug at home. Of course, you can always modify.

Webee’s brain is housed in a white box. They call it the Boss.

  • The Boss works with all operating systems.
  • It has support for most SD types and can extend to a maximum of 32 GB capacity.
  • The Boss immediately recognizes your available devices at home and automatically sync them into its system through Webee’s mobile app. It can save you time as there’s no need for you to manually search each one of them and pair it with the app.
  • The Boss can also turn your television set into a smart TV. You just simply plug the Boss to the HDMI port on your TV set. With such a trick, you can program your television to turn on automatically every time you get home or when you’re in bed. You can even browse the internet monitor your security and view connected your cameras with it.
  • Furthermore, the Boss has a scalable system. That means you can keep adding devices all you want for your security.
  • One Boss is sufficient enough for your home or for your office. The number of Bees, on the other hand, will depend on your preferences. You can set as many or as few as you want.
  • If your house has smart devices already, you won’t need to buy any of the Bees.
  • The Boss runs on Android 4.0.
  • Webee is also an open hardware and software. That means compatibility with almost virtually anything.

So, how do you control the Boss?

That is even easier. Webee has an app, which they call as My Webee, that you can use to control your system and even the Boss. It allows you to receive alerts and notifications if a door or a window is opened or if you left the thermostat on at home. It also has learning spaces. It’s through which Webee translates your daily routines into metrics it can learn and remember. Through the metrics, My Webee can anticipate and suggest actions before you even set a command on them. You would now simply just need to say yes or no.The app is currently available through Google Play only.

Webee can connect to several devices at home by Wi-Fi, Z wave and Zigbee technology. Since it runs on such connectivity, you wouldn’t have issues with regards to ranges. As such, it can practically connect to any device at home. And by any device, it meant to include even your obsolete and old home appliances that clearly aren’t as smart.


Webee has the “Bees” to turn unintelligent devices to smart ones. That means you won’t have to throw your old units away to buy new ones. All you need is to put up the Bees to work by placing one of  them in between your device and the power outlet.

webee bees

While most of the home automation systems today rely on the internet and your Wi-Fi to continuously function, Webee is different. Its software . Its software is integrated within the device and as a result, it won’t be as dependent on the connection for its function.


You can purchase The Boss at $109 per unit. However, if you’re looking for a package, Webee has a set at $139. It includes the Boss and a smart plug. They also have a Safe and Secure Kit which you can get your hands on at $199. Along with the hub, it includes the open/ closed sensors and the Smart Station Protect which can provide you protection against carbon monoxide. Webee adds a free service forever promo which you can enjoy with the packages.

Webee also has its Developer’s Kit at $149.  The Hive M3, Webees’ development board, is both software and hardware compatible with third party products. It’s a hardware that you can link and integrate your own boards, Webee’s Boss, Raspberry boards and the like.

Webee is currently in the process of delivering the batches for their Indiegogo campaign. If you are one of the funders, you get to receive a  free cloud service forever which, includes cloud hosting. However, if you decide to purchase a Webee set and you’re outside of the US, you may need to prepare for an additional $30 for the shipping. If your package weighs heavier than the limit, you may also be required to shoulder the fees for the excess.

After their Indiegogo delivery, Webee will be sold through its official  online store. It has a pre-order page which you can use if you want to purchase a unit.

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