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Meet Ulo, an Interactive Surveillance Owl for your Home

If keeping a home security camera in your living room makes you uneasy, then you should take a closer look at Ulo. It’s an interactive surveillance camera disguising as a pet owl- or the other way around.


Ulo presents a fun way to keep an eye on your home. Instead of the dull and bulky appearance most surveillance cameras have, this security cameralooks more like a toy. Its body is made of recyclable ABS plastic. You can place it on a flat surface or attach it to a wall using its adhesive neodymium magnets. Because it uses magnets, you can easily transfer it to another spot in your home. It’s also waterproof which means you can even place it outside.

Its other cool features:

  • Eyes
    • Ulo’s eyes use the same type of LCD screen you can find in smart watches.
    • They measure 1.22 inches each.
    • They are very expressive. They can look puzzled, agitated or happy.
    • They can even blink or squint.
    • Their colors and sizes are fully customizable.
    • Ulo’s eyes will follow every move you make when you’re at home.
  • Beak
    • Ulo’s beak is a two-way mirror.
    • It houses a 1080p HD camera and a motion sensor.
    • It has night vision feature as well.
    • You can take pictures whenever you want or view what’s happening in your home in real time.
  • Forehead
    • Ulo’s forehead includes a capacitive button.
    • You can use its default tap system to control the device, or you can set your own.
      • A single tap on Ulo’s forehead turns it on or off while a double tap puts it in alert mode.
      • On alert mode, the device will watch out for any unusual activities at home. These activities are captured in GIF format and are saved on local storage. You also have the option to send the files directly to your email or your Dropbox account.
      • However, on alert mode, Ulo tries to be as discreet as possible. It closes its eyes when monitoring your home.
  • Body
    • The body includes a microphone and a speaker.
    • It also has an orientation sensor.
    • For power, Ulo relies on its rechargeable battery.
      • When used in alert mode, you can expect a full charge to last for one whole week.
      • However, using Ulo with all its features may require you to recharge it every two days.
      • If charging seems grueling, you always have the option to plug the device into a USB port.
  • Ulo is only available in black.

The security camera is very secure. During installation, it will require you to scan a unique QR code, which is generated upon connection, to activate the device. Aside from this, you’ll also need to key in a password for further authentication. For security purposes, you need to renew this process twice a year.

Other than authentication requirements, Ulo also has a unique security feature against intruder access. In case someone decides to turn off the camera while you’re away, it will take a picture of the person first and send the image to you before completely shutting down. This feature makes sure you know right away that your device has been disarmed and by whom. If someone steals your Ulo and activates it in his home without the correct password, you’ll immediately be informed of his location through his IP. You’ll also receivean image of the person. After this process, Ulo will deactivate on its own.

The security owl relies on your presence in monitoring your home. If it senses you and your phone leaving the area, it will automatically shut down its eyes to stealthily monitor your property. Once it is able to reconnect with your phone, it will automatically disarm.

Because of its two large eyes, you won’t actually need to read labels or watch out for blinking lights just to know how and if your camera is working. Ulo is very expressive.

Some of Ulo’s reactions:

  • In case the battery is running low, you’ll see a tired looking Ulo.
  • When recording or live streaming, its eyes will squint.
  • If it’s capturing images, you’ll notice its eyes blinking.

Aside from these actions, you also have the option to customize or even connect Ulo to other smart devices and apps. Through its IFTTT compatibility, you’ll be able to create “recipes” based on your needs and preferences. You can link Ulo with your smart lights or set all recordings to go directly to your email. You can even pair its emotions with the weather or your schedule. To get started with this feature, you can pre-order Ulo for your home today.

There are two ways to control and customizethis cute security camera.

  1. The first one involves downloading and using its app. You can install it on smartphones running on iOS and Android.
  2. You can also access Ulo using any web-enabled device you have. Each Ulo unit is independent which means you can control them separately.

Ulo is alreadyheavily backed in Kickstarter, even before its campaign ends on December 4, 2015. As a matter of fact, it has earned over €500,000 and unlocked three stretch goals. The early bird price of €99 forone Ulo unit has run out. If you want to purchase this interactive security camera for your home, you can start your pledge at €149 each. The delivery of the owls is expected to beginby December of 2016.

Vivien Muller is the brain behind Ulo. He is also the creator of WATCHme, a charging stand that transforms Apple smart watches into little monsters. Some of his other creations include the Electree, Octocube and Plume.


check Ulo is a wireless and interactive security camera.
check It’s waterproof and attaches to any flat surface by magnets.
check It can be controlled and customized using an app or a browser.
check It monitors home discreetly.
check It can be used with IFTTT.
check Ulo utilizes a two-step authentication process for added security.
check It takes a picture of whoever wants to steal or turn it off without your consent.
check There’s no other option for color. Ulo is only available in black.
checkIt records what happens at home in GIF format.
check You need Wi-Fi to use Ulo.

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  1. Don’t buy one. Don’t even be tempted.
    Even putting all the delays behind us, the software platform is very unstable and a number of functions are still not available. There is no IFTTT capability, or any other smart home system for that matter. It frequently freezes and the picture quality is terrible.
    The customer service is terrible and their online support has been non existent.
    Don’t buy one until all of these issues are resolved as it’s currently nothing more than a blinking ornament.

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