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Did you know that the most common method of forced entry to a home is simply by kicking the door?

Apparently, relying on your old door can’t keep you safe. Although you can change your locks and replace those loose screws to make yourself feel better, it still won’t be enough to make your door withstand brute force. Well, not unless you reinforce it with something strong- literally strong.

Through KickStarter, Haven thought of a clever way of providing your door with the additional strength it needs. However, they aren’t going to simply change your locks or replace your door with something heavier. They are placing your door’s reinforcement on the floor.

  • Haven measures 3” x 30” x 0.8”. Simply put, it can fit on average sized doors. However, if your door has a floor gap of 5 inch or more, you may need to request a riser from them. Haven will provide you with one at no additional cost.
  • It is particularly made of steel, glass filled nylon and aluminum.
    • Its developers have even ran series of analysis and examinations through private and government protocols to make sure that it is strong enough for your security.
  • You can install it on flat surfaces such as wood, ceramic tiles, concrete and even granite floor. However, if you have carpeted floors, you may need to remove parts of it by a blade or a cutter to install Haven properly.
  • Haven works on double doors as well. You just have to make sure it is placed in the center and that a top pin connects at least one of the doors to your door frame.
    • Apparently, Haven doesn’t work on doors that opens externally yet.
  • Haven is compatible with both Wifi and Bluetooth technology. If you are looking for home automation, Haven can provide you with Zigbee and Z-Wave compatibility. However, you may need to wait as they are still on the process.
  • To add to the excitement, Haven also has its own mobile app.
    • The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.
    • You can use it to share permissions to selected persons. Say for example, you’re having some of your friends to stay over the weekend. You can give them access for that certain period only and remove them from your list once they leave.
    • You can arm and disarm the unit through the mobile app. However, you can also do the same thing through Haven’s web interface.
  • In case you’re wondering what happens when you can’t find your phone or if there is an emergency and you need to rush out of the house immediately, Haven actually has a mechanical foot plate. You can step on it to release the lock.
  • Haven will also be compatible with the Apple HomeKit.


You can have one or more Haven in your home. No matter how many you install, you can connect and control all of them through the app or through the web interface. There’s also more than one way to install Haven on your floor.

1. Through a VHB command tape

  • There’s a template included with every Haven which you can use to make properly aligned markings on your floor.
  • After making sure you have marked and traced the template properly, you can now remove the tape on Haven’s back and place it properly and firmly against the marked areas.
  • If you’re in doubt on working with tapes on your floor, it may help to know that the VHB will not leave residues.

2. Through the use of lag bolts

  • The first step is to mark the floor with the proper measurements. You can use the included templates to make sure you made the right alignment.
  • After outlining, you may have to drill through the floor. There are markings on the template which can help you determine where you need to put the holes.
  • You then attach the lag bolts to the mounting brackets. Once the brackets are secured, you can now latch Haven to the floor.

Haven has a redundant battery system that can make sure that  your device  will keep on working even if the power goes out. A single charge of its battery can last for around six months.

Haven actually has intelligent coding logics that puts it in sleep mode when the battery power gets low. However, before it reaches that point, Haven will notify you of its battery status.

  • You will start receiving alerts once Haven’s battery status reaches 10%.
  • Once the device’s battery is near the 5% level, you will be able to connect with it by Bluetooth connection only.
  • Once it reaches the 5% mark, Haven will give you the chance to lower the lift gate wirelessly.
  • However, if it goes below 5% and reaches the 0% mark, Haven goes on a sleep mode with periods of Bluetooth connectivity every 15 minutes.
  • In cases of Wi-Fi interruption, however, you can still expect Haven  to maintain its function through its Bluetooth compatibility.

Haven was not able to achieved its funding goal of $150,000 by their set deadline last October. However, despite not succeeding with the original plan, Haven was able to push  through and secure partnerships and investors along the way. As a result, you can still purchase  Haven for $199 through their online store although it’s for a limited time only. As they reach their target, you will be able to buy Haven at a price nearer its actual retail value of $319.

On a good note, Haven vows to not charge you and your credit cards until the devices becomes ready for shipment around Fall of 2015. You can cancel your pre-orders anytime without any additional payment. However, free cancellation is only feasible if you haven’t received any notification from Haven about shipping details and confirmation. If notifications are already sent and shipment is already in the process, you may be asked to pay a cancellation fee of $25. Haven and its distributing party will notify you 45 days or less regarding your product shipment.

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