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If you think you’ve used up all the best hiding places in your home for your security devices, think again. While you may have tried putting them inside your  cabinets, under your bed and even your attic, there’s actually one spot in your home that you keep on missing.

Well, have you tried putting your security device on your ceiling?

While you may laugh at the idea, Kickstarter’s BeOn light bulbs can actually make you change  your mind. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.  It’s a home security device and it’s also a light bulb. Therefore, you won’t need to spend on a separate device. You just place the light bulbs on your ceiling and no one can tell that it’s a home security device, too.

As most of the systems today are more preoccupied in developing safety measures in cases of actual break ins, BeOn goes against the bit of grains by working primarily in waving off the bad guys first. It’s a burglar deterrent and it functions to prevent burglary. It secures your home even before anything bad happens.

  • BeOn observes your routine in controlling your lights at home. After a while, it memorizes your habit and learns to turn them on and off as how you would.
  • By mimicking your actions, burglars would be less encouraged to check your home when it’s clear that somebody is there. They are actually more doubtful if you have a single light that’s constantly turned on.
  • BeOn is also sound sensitive. If they decide to ring your doorbell, BeOn hears it and automatically turns on the light at your front door.

By light and sound detection, BeOn can secure your home effectively. It protects you even before a burglary begins. Well, it’s what a security system is meant for.

How does it work?

  • BeOn has a microchip inserted inside its Listener module. Through the chip, BeOn memorizes your patterns and mimics the same way you’re accustomed to triggering your lights at home. It copies the same flow to make scenes as natural looking as possible. It can start lighting the bulb in your room, your living room and then the front door.
  • It also has a microphone to listen for sounds such as you doorbell ringing. It can also hear if your smoke or carbon monoxide detector signals an alert. Automatically, it lights up to an exit. As disorientation and panic are the most common reactions to such incidents, BeOn makes sure your family members can find the right way out of the house.
  • It has Bluetooth LE to communicate. One BeOn relays what it hears to other BeOn light bulbs to create a response.
  • If you’re wondering how bright it is, BeOn has 800 lumens of soft white LED light. It is comparable to a 60 watt incandescent bulb.
  • BeOn also has a battery installed inside. If in case the power fails, you’d still have lights at home. As burglars are most active when it’s dark, keeping your lights on can keep them at bay.
  • It comes with a mobile app that is compatible with both iOS and Android. The app can remember how you triggered your lights last time. You can use it again when you leave for a vacation.
  • To activate BeOn, you just click the “away” mode through the app or your smart phone.

In case you’re thinking of how it is installed, BeOn is a light bulb. You set it up like how you would normally put a regular light bulb at home through a standard lighting socket. Although recessed forms are also available, they’ll be costing you more than the regular ones.

Here’s the more fun part in having BeOn at home. No stumbling on your way to bed. No accidents. More importantly, no tripping over your dog.

If you’re one of those people who literally rushes off to bed after hitting the light switch, you can stop that now. BeOn can wait for you to get to bed before turning off completely. Actually, it can fade off fast or slow, depending on how you set it. You can even use it as a night light if you want. Just tap the switch to turn it off. When it starts to fade, find the right dimness setting and then tap the switch again. It’ll stay that way the entire night.

How many BeOn to buy? Well, that certainly depends upon the size of your home.

  • If you have an apartment, three BeOn lights may be enough. You can get it for $239 through BeOn’s pre-ordering There’s an additional $10 for each bulb if you decide to go for the recessed type.
  • However, if your home is 1500 square feet or more, you may need more than that.
  • If your home is at 2500 square feet, you’d have to get at least six units.
  • Make it nine BeoN light bulbs or more if your house is large enough to fit in a 3500 square feet area.

BeOn is effective as a burglar deterrent. First, it makes it look like your home. Second, it can a keep your home lit up even when there’s power failure. Those are two conditions that most often scare away burglars. However, BeOn is still not a complete home security system. It only waves  off intruders but can’t actually monitor your home as effective as having a system with sensors and cameras. Also, it cannot call for help when it needs to.

Want more?

BeOn’s developers are expected to come up with another set of intelligent light bulbs soon. The light bulbs are modular which means upgrades and added features are sure to come next. However, this time a Sounder capability is next in line. If someone rings your doorbell, be ready to hear BeOn replay a sound.

BeOn is expected to be shipped in June of 2015. You should start thinking where those light bulbs are getting installed as early as now.

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