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SkylinkNet Alarm System Review: The Affordable DIY Home Security Solution

When you take a look at most home security systems today, you’ll notice that they either have a high monthly monitoring fee or an expensive price tag on each of their devices. This, at certain times, can be enough to discourage you from buying a system for your home.

However, not all security systems are the same. SkylinkNet Alarm System, for one, can actually make you change your mind. It’s affordable and reliable.


  • SkylinkNet Alarm System doesn’t require you to register or pay for any subscription or monitoring plans. It’s also self installed so you won’t need to worry about spending money on expensive professional fees.
  • The system is relatively scalable in that you can add several devices to meet your needs.
  • Unfortunately, SkylinkNet Alarm system is not compatible with third party devices. You can only add equipments from its own line.
  • It’s also not Wi-Fi dependent so there’s no point in worrying when your internet goes down.
  • You can also count on your SkylinkNet Alarm System to work even if there’s power failure. It comes with battery back ups.

For a little bit under $150, you can get your hands on Skylink Alarm System’s Starter Kit. Each set comes with:

  • Internet Hub
    • The internet hub is the brain of your entire SkylinkNet Alarm System. It connects all your sensors and receivers at home.
    • It connects with your existing Wi-Fi router at home.
    • Each unit comes with a built in 110 decibel alarm. It’s loud enough to be heard anywhere in the house and may help in waking your neighbors up in case you need help.
    • The Internet Hub also has slots for batteries so you’re assured to have backup power during electricity outages. It works by four AAA batteries, which unfortunately, aren’t included in the package.
    • It has four buttons which you can use to arm and disarm your system.
    • The Hub can connect to 100 sensors and up to 10 wireless cameras.
  • Motion Sensors
    • SkylinkNet’s Motion Sensors also work on batteries, particularly AA batteries.
    • Since the sensors are wireless, you have the liberty to set it up on a corner of your room or install them on your wall.
    • The Sensors have a range of around 600 feet with a 360 degree range of detection.
    • The Sensors can even let you know when you’ll need replacements by sounding low battery alerts.
  • Window and Door Sensors
    • SkylinkNet can be installed on either your door or your window using adhesives.
    • The system can notify you once someone tries to open one of your entry ways.
    • You also have the option to use these sensors on your safes or even your cabinets.
  • Keychain Remote
    • A keychain remote can be an easier option for control if you have an older family member at home.
    • It has four keys including a panic button that can easily be pressed during emergencies. This can be helpful if you have an elderly at home who won’t be able to call for help when needed.
    • You also have the ability to arm and disarm your system within it’s 300 feet range.
    • The Keychain Remote comes with optional password for added security for your system. You can set your password from two to eight digits long.

The SkylinkNet Alarm comes with a mobile app. You can use it to arm or disarm your system wherever you are.

  • The SkylinkNet Alarm System’s app works with an iOS or an Android device.
  • The home screen is very simple yet functional. It gives you an overview of what’s happening at home
  • Everytime your security is triggered, you’ll get an instant notification on your smartphone.
  • Other than letting you know, the app also gives you the option to view live what’s happening at home. Remember, you can install up to 10 cameras in your system. You can include both indoor and outdoor cameras.
  • It also keeps a log of your alarm so you can easily review past events.
  • If you have multiple hubs at home, you can control all of them through a single app.

The SkylinkNet Alarm System Starter Kit can be enough to make your home secure. However, if you want better coverage, you can add more devices to your system.

  • Emergency Dialer
    • When urgent help is needed and there’s no power or even internet in your area, you can use the Emergency Dialer to send pre-recorded voice messages to 9 of your friends or your family.
    • It instantly connects your call once you send a panic alarm.
    • The Emergency Dialer is programmed to make redials and to replay your messages.
    • If someone is on your phone line during an unexpected emergency, the dialer halts the connection to prioritize your call.
    • It has to be connected to a power source. However, you can also rely on its backup batteries just in case the electricity goes out.
  • Outdoor Solar Siren
    • Although the hub has a built-in siren, you still have the option to install another one outside your home.
    • The Outdoor Siren is weatherproof which allows you to place it anywhere you want.
    • It works via rechargeable batteries. However, since its solar powered, it can also recharge itself during the day.
    • It emits 110 decibel loud alarm.
  • Water Leak Sensor
    • The SkylinkNet Alarm System can also protect your home from damages caused by leaking pipes.
    • It also works by batteries and can immediately notify you if there’s water accumulating on areas where water shouldn’t be present.
  • Garage Door Sensor
    • The Garage Door Sensor can notify you right away when someone tries to open your garage or if you’ve simply left it open.
    • It works on batteries which are expected to last for two years on average.
  • Home Control Receivers
    • If you want to make your home smart with SkylinkNet, you can purchase its home control receivers.
    • These receivers include dimmer controllers and light switches. The price, however, depends upon the device you want to buy.

The SkylinkNet Alarm System is a good option if you’re new to home security systems. Since the Starter Kit is at an affordable price, you won’t hurt your wallet while dipping your toes on this trend in security.  You can purchase the Starter Kit through SkylinkNet Alarm System’s order page for $149.99.

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