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Sentri Is More Than Just A Smart Home Security Solution

If you are going to put something in your living room, better make sure it looks good, right? With Sentri, you’d never have to doubt. It’s sleek looking and is actually very pretty.


Sentri is a home security system that’s Do It Yourself in nature. You simply need to “plug and play” and you can start making your smart home even more intelligent. Sentri is an all-in-one solution for your home security needs.

  • Surprisingly, Sentri comes with a touchscreen which makes it stand out a bit in its category. It really looks enticing to play with. The screen lets you see several of your home details such as:
  1. Humidity
  2. Air quality
  3. Temperature
  4. Weather
  • Other than letting you know these details, the Sentri screen is really meant to fit your lifestyle and personality.
    • You have the option to set the background you want and the home screen you prefer.
    • It can also act as a picture frame or even as a wall clock.
    • You can even link it to your Instagram feeds!
  • You can set Sentri using a kickstand or simply mount it on your wall. It can look good on a bookshelf, too.
  • While most all-in-one security devices rely solely on mobile apps for control, Sentri can also be managed straight from the interactive touchscreen.
  • It also comes with a battery back up just in case there’s power failure in your area.
  • Sentri also has an Ethernet port if you want more stability in your internet connection.
    • In the event that your internet goes down, you’ll instantly receive a notification.
    • Once Sentri is able to reconnect, it can automatically let you know what you’ve missed.

You can put several Sentri units at home. The actual number will depend on how many rooms and entrances you have.

  • If you have one or two rooms in your home, you can settle for one Sentri. However, if you have three to four rooms and more than one entry way, it will be more fitting to buy two units.

The good thing about Sentri is that the functions aren’t really that fixed. Remember the touchscreen? You can customize and assign a different task for each of your Sentri. You’ll also be able to select the information you want to be updated with. This means that if you put up several Sentri units at home with varying tasks, you can create a comprehensive home security and automation system. Cool, right?

Although controlling several Sentri units may sound a bit overwhelming, you don’t really need to worry. Sentri’s app lets you link all your units for convenience. You can also use the app to remotely control even the other smart devices you have at home. You just need to toggle between your devices to manage all of them. Sentri’s mobile app, on the other hand, is available for both iOS and Android devices.

So, what can Sentri really do for your home’s safety?

  • Camera
    • Sentri has an HD camera to let you see clearly what happens at home even when you’re away.
    • It also comes with night vision capability so you’re assured to see anyone who might sneak in at night.
  • Motion Detection
    • Sentri is capable of sensing movements. Once it feels something “unusual”, it can let you know right away.
  • Microphone and Speaker
    • This feature allows you to hear movements or voices at home. Interestingly, it can also let you say “Hi!” to your dog.
    • Together with the camera, Sentri can give you live video and sound feeds on what happens at home.
  • Sensors
    • Sentri is filled with several sensors to make sure your home is not only safe from burglary and intrusion, but also from physical damage.
  1. Thermometer- By knowing your home’s temperature level, you’ll instantly be aware if there’s any signs of imminent fire.
  2. Humidity Sensor- One of the most common factor affecting your comfort at home is humidity. Knowing the humidity level can allow you to adjust your air cooler at a more comfortable temperature .
  3. Accelerometer- This feature makes sure you know if someone tries to move your Sentri.
  4. Air Quality Sensor- The sensor can notify you of your home’s general air quality. This can be very helpful when you use Sentri in the nursery to make sure the air is just right for your baby.
  5. Light Sensor- It can help you know if you’ve left the lights on.

Sentri can take note of all the information it gathers through its sensors and makes sure you know every detail. However, Sentri doesn’t just stick with sensing. It’s also a learning device. It studies your pattern and once it learns your behaviors in response to certain events, it can begin to respond as how you would. It would even start suggesting what to do and to automatically adjust based on what you need.

More than learning, Sentri is also capable of working with several smart devices you may already have at home. The range can generally extend from simple programs to those complex  individual software development kits. This includes:

  • Nest Thermostat
  • Philips Hue
  • WeMo
  • Lockitron

Sentri has geofencing capabilities so it can respond automatically based on your location. You can set your front door to unlock whenever you enter the geofence or have the lights turn on in your garage. However, Sentri can’t signal for help when it needs to as it doesn’t come with a built in siren.

Sentri gives you the option to save recordings. However, you need to purchase an SD card first to be able to do that. As for security, Sentri uses 2048 RSA bit encryption to take care of your home’s data. It’s the same type of security most banks use.

Sentri is available for pre-ordering through its official purchasing page. Each unit costs $299.99. It’s available in white, gray and black. Sentri vows to not charge your credit cards until one week before your Sentri is shipped. You can always change your mind before that day. However, given its pretty aesthetics and cleverness, it’s quite doubtful that you’d have a change of heart anytime soon.

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