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Thermostats aren’t the only ones getting smarter these days. As a matter of fact, even your plain old air conditioner can now be controlled using your smart phone.


Sensibo can work with any air conditioner you have at home. This device allows you to have a more intelligent cooling system for your home without requiring you to buy a more recent  and smarter air conditioner. If you are aware of today’s market, you’ll know how costly a single unit can be. Sensibo acts like a brain that you put into your air conditioner to make it instant smart. However, it doesn’t need rewiring as this “brain” is attached externally. Very convenient, right?

  • Sensibo can work with any type of air conditioner, including the split, standing and the split type. You just have to make sure yours comes with a remote control.
  • Each Sensibo is made up of two parts.
    • The Sensibo Smart Hub is the piece you link to your home router to connect your air conditioner to the internet. The connection requires an ethernet cable and it doesn’t need you to memorize any passwords.
    • The Sensibo pods, on the other hand, are attached to each of your air conditioners at home. Each pod has a mounting unit which you directly attach to your air conditioner. The main pod unit is attached to the mounting unit through its magnetic axis.
  • You can buy several pods if you have many air conditioners at home. It doesn’t matter what brand or type you are using for each of your room. You can control all of them using a single app.
  • Each pod is given a set of sensors which it uses to control your home’s temperature. The list of sensors include:
  1. Temperature sensors
  2. IR Receiver
  3. Piezo-electric disc
  4. Light sensor
  5. Relative humidity sensor
  6. Light sensor
  7. iBeacon presence sensor
  • Sensibo works through its two built in microprocessors. It uses two standard batteries to work. Typically, these batteries are expected to last for around three years.


Sensibo allows you to have a cooler summer without sending your electricity bill to the roof. It has  eco-sense algorithms to accurately calculate your power consumption and how efficient your air conditioner is working. Sensibo is also capable of knowing the day’s weather. If it finds the outdoor weather cool enough, it can turn your air conditioner off with your permission.

Clogged filters can greatly lower your air conditioner’s efficiency. Sensibo knows that and it makes sure you get notified when it’s time for a clean up. By regularly cleaning your air conditioners, you’ll be able to maintain or even improve their functions over time. Sensibo also has the ability to know when a room is occupied or not. Cooling off an empty room can add to your unnecessary expenses and you wouldn’t want that to happen, right? Sensibo’s iBeacon technology can make sure you save on your energy.

Although Sensibo can make your air conditioner smarter, you can still use your old remote control in managing your cooling system. However, to get a more advanced control, Sensibo comes with a mobile app which you can download on any smart devices you have. Through the app:

  • You’ll have an intuitive menu which you can use to control your main air conditioner.
  • If you’re feeling too lazy to set the exact temperature you want for your home, you can just describe how you feel. You can tell Sensibo if you’re feeling too hot or just a bit hot.
  • To adjust your temperature, you can swipe up and down. As for the speed of your air conditioner, you can swipe left and right.
  • Sensibo also has a scheduler which you can use to set a specific temperature for a specific time. Moreover, there’s also an option for you to turn your air conditioner only when it’s hot or cold.

Sensibo can easily be transferred in case you’re moving into a different home or if you have a new air conditioning unit and you want to transfer your pod. Each pod has 3M: Command Mounting Tape which can hold each unit securely on your air conditioner’s surface. Using this tape is actually a convenient option. Other than having a strong hold, it also doesn’t leave any trace on your air conditioning unit.

Sensibo has a great API which you can get through its developer’s kit. By this API, developers will be able to write their own scripts and even apps to integrate with Sensibo’s sensors and algorithms.

The API includes:

  • Controlling all of your air conditioners at the same time.
  • Inputs for temperature, relative humidity and vibrations sensors.
  • There is also the input through the ambient light sensors.
  • iBeacon information to detect presence in a room.
  • Receiving IR commands from different remotes.
  • and so much more.

Other than these great features, Sensibo is mainly focused on helping you save on your electricity bill. It vows to save around 40% of your energy usage without compromising the quality of comfort you can experience at home. In relation to this, Sensibo also has its own IFTTT channel. For added convenience, you can link Sensibo to any smart devices you already have at home. Say for example, you want to link your Sensibo with Nest. If you have Nest turned off, then you can set your Sensibo to automatically turn on in response. You can even link Sensibo with your email or your calendar.


You can purchase Sensibo’s Single Kit at $159. This includes one pod and one smart hub. The Starter Kit, on the other hand, can be purchased at $239. You’ll receive two pods and a single smart hub for this price. If you want to have more air conditioners covered, you can buy the Home Kit at $319. You’ll get three pods for this price and one smart hub. However, if you have more than three air conditioners at home, then you can simply buy additional pods.

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