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Of all the possible places in your home where you can hide your camera, your light bulbs are the least suspicious for burglars. It could be that or they just don’t have the time to search for every possible hiding spot. Sengled cleverly thought of this and has designed an efficient smart LED lightbulb that hides an IP camera to monitor your home.

• Snap


Snap is the latest addition to Sengled’s family of multi-functional light bulbs. It’s an 1080p IP camera hidden inside a light bulb. Cool, right?

  • The Snap can work by your regular socket at home. It doesn’t need wires or any complicated procedure to get installed. You can set it up inside or outside your home.
  • It has a built-in camera that can capture events even in the dark. Yes, it has night vision capability.
  • It can also let you know if there’s an unexpected movement at home through its motion sensor.
  • The Snap can also allow you to talk to a family member at home through its built-in speaker and microphone. You can even listen for any suspicious sound in the house.
  • Interestingly, Snap also has facial recognition to know whether a stranger or a family member is at your front door.
  • It also has geofencing capabilities to alert you whenever your kid leaves the house and in what time.
  • You can control Snap using an Android or an iOS mobile app. The app, on such note, can let you control up to 4 cameras or 4 smart bulbs, for that matter.
  • As a light bulb, Snap has an estimated lifespan of around 25,000 hours. It can give you 600 lumen of brightness for your home.
  • Turning the lights off, fortunately, will not turn your cameras off. You can adjust the brightness of your lights without affecting your camera.
  • Snap comes with cloud recording.

However, before there was Snap, Sengled was already popularly known with its very cool way of making two things in one. The light bulb, perhaps, could be one of their most favorite subjects. For one, have you ever imagined listening to your favorite songs through your light bulbs? Well,  Sengled did and it was impressively done.

• Pulse


Pulse is Sengled’s innovative way of putting your speaker inside your light bulb. It’s a wireless audio system that can also give you the benefit of smart dimmable LED bulbs. Cool, right?

  • Purchasing Pulse gives you a two bulb system. This is your Master and Satellite
  • Each Master bulb can connect to seven Satellite bulbs. You can stick with one or buy all seven bulbs for your home, if you want.
  • However, you have to keep in mind that the range between these bulbs should be around 100 feet.
  • Like every Sengled light bulb, Pulse is also expected to last for around 25,000 hours.
  • Pulse is powered by JBL technology so you can expect high quality audio for your music at home.
  • Each bulb boasts a thirteen watt JBL speaker.
  • In case you’re wondering about power consumption, Pulse don’t really take too much power. The LED light and speaker only consumes around 15-30 watts for each unit.
  • To play a music file, you have to connect Pulse to your smart phone by its Bluetooth. However, to control the music, you need to have Your Wi-Fi connection available. Controlling options include:
    • Adjusting volume
    • Setting one or more of the speakers into mute
    • Dedicating which of your Pulse bulbs is the master bulb
    • Choosing an equalizer setting for your speakers from the following options:
      • Normal
      • Classic
      • Pop
      • Jazz
      • Rock
      • Movie
    • You must keep in mind, however, that just like any other Bluetooth speaker, you should avoid taking your phone too far away from Snap. Once you lose the connection, your music will obviously stop.
    • The Sengled Pulse is available in red and grey.
    • Price: $169.95 for the Master bulb; $79.99 for each Satellite bulb

•  Pulse Solo


  • Pulse Solo is claimed to be the world’s first dual speakers in a light bulb.
  • It has the same 3 watt JBL speakers for good sound quality.
  • However, Pulse Solo, as the name implies, works alone. It can’t connect with other Pulse devices.
  • In terms of brightness,Pulse Solo has 550 lumens.
  • It can consume a maximum of 12.5W
  • Price:$59.99

• Pulse Boost


If you’re starting to get frustrated with the range of your Wi-Fi signal at home, Pulse Boost can be good news for you. It can increase your Wi-Fi coverage to make you enjoy your internet connection better wherever you are in the house.

  • It’s an LED light and a Wi-Fi repeater in one.
  • Each Pulse Boost you add makes your Wi-Fi coverage at home wider through its two built in antennas.
  • Pulde Boost has a 100 feet range.
  • It can give you around 470 lumens in terms of brightness and use around 6w of electricity.
  • The Wi-Fi Repeater, on the other hand, uses 1.8W of power alone on standby.
  • You can control its dimness through the app. However, using an external dimmer switch for your Boost is discouraged.
  • Price: $49.99

Each Sengled device is controllable by a mobile app. You can use the app to control your lights at home even without getting off of your bed. You can adjust a single light bulb or control all your bulbs at once. The app is quite simple yet its functionality can somehow amaze you. Remember, other than lights, you can also use it to manage your sound system.

Sengled’s price may be higher than most smart lightbulbs. However, considering that you’re getting quality sound system, Wi-Fi repeater and camera surveillance with your lights, it can actually be worth the risk. Sengled also believes that making your light bulbs smarter can help you reduce clutter at home. True enough, installing your speaker inside your light bulb can save you from the hassles of assembling and hiding long cable lines.

Very convenient, don’t you think?

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