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It looks more like a Russian nesting doll- only weirder. However, you shouldn’t let the design creep you out.’s Mother can actually live up to its name. In fact, it can relatively act like your own mother.

Mother is shaped like a bowling pin, with two glowing eyes and a little smile painted on its face. It comes with four cookies and a whole lot of possibilities. It knows when you forgot to take your vitamins or how much sleep you got last night. It can even know how long you brushed your teeth.

Installing Mother at home is easy. It has an Ethernet port to connect to your Wi-Fi and a cord for the power supply. Since it has to be hard wired to your connection, you need to make sure to keep Mother near your router.

  • Your Mother comes with a unique name when you purchase it. Actually, even the cookies have names. You can let them stay with their birth names or you can put in another set if you want.
  • Aside from the name, you can also set up how your Mother looks like. You can pick a color for the eyes and for its smile. You can have it in red to make it more creepier or blue for a non intimidating look.
  • After activating Mother and its cookies, you can choose and assign tasks through the Senseboard. You have 12 applications to choose from and there’s still more to come.
  • A single Mother can handle up to 24 Cookies.

Mother stands 6 inches tall. Before it actually works, you need to create an online account first. To initiate the unit, you have to touch your Mother softly between the eyes. You’ll know it’s good to go when you see it smile at you.

To control your Mother or to make necessary changes in your Cookies, you can access the Senseboard. You can do it  in two ways.

1. The Senseboard is the interface in which you can choose the app you want your cookie to associate with. To set what each Motion Cookie should do, you should use your computer to make the necessary customization.

2. On the other hand, you can also use your tablet or your mobile phone to access the Senseboard. However, this access may only allow you to see the data and the recorded values your Cookies make. You can’t customize your unit this way.

The Senseboard looks something like the tiles you can associate with Windows. Each tile represents one of your life events as how your Cookie perceives it. If you’ve been forgetting to drink enough water, you’ll see it headlining your board. On the same note, if you have been getting better sleep, your Senseboard will also tell. You simply have to click a tile to know the details.

The Cookies, actually called as Motion Cookies, are sensors. Although it can’t fully automate your home like the others, the cookies can actually do a lot of things for you.

1. Cookies have adhesives which you can use to attach them to your toothbrush or to your door.

2. Each cookie has a thermometer. It can notify you once there’s a rapid change in your home temperature.

3. Other than temperature, the Cookie can also monitor location and even movement.

4. The cookies are quite versatile. You can assign a task for today and give it another one tomorrow.

  • You can attach a Cookie on your safe so you know when someone moves it.
  • You can also place a Cookie under your pillow so it knows how much sleep you get.
  • If you always seem to forget taking your vitamins, you can have a Cookie on your medication box. It can remind you  in case you forget to take one for the day.
  • You can also hold a toothbrush competition among your kids by attaching a Cookie on each of their brushes. You can even join in if you want.
  • If you’re into coffee, you may want to have a Cookie in place. You can choose which brand of machine you have and then indicate how many pods you have left. It can notify you when you need to get a refill.
  • Want to lose weight? You can carry a Cookie to monitor how much steps you make and how many calories you burn. However, you may need to wear something with a pocket to carry the device.
  • The Cookie can also let you know when your door or your window gets opened or if your kid has arrived home.

5. Each Cookie works on batteries. You can expect it to run for a year before you need to find a replacement.

6. The Cookie has a working range of 65 feet. Once it goes out of that range, you may not be able to see its recorded details. However, it has a 10 day storage which it uses to continuously save data while away from its Mother. Once the Cookies reaches its Mother’s range, it will automatically upload the data.

7. The Cookies can be easily mistaken for a toy. You may need to keep it away from your children.

Your Mother can let you know. It actually has several options on how to notify you. For one, it can send you push notifications and even emails. You can also set your Mother to change its light’s color and to play a certain sound to let you know something. Other than that, you can also set your Mother to send you a text message or to dial your number. However, you have to keep in mind that there are additional charges that you have to pay when you subscribe to such type of alerts.

When you purchase Mother, you instantly get four multicolored Cookies with it. The pack is retailed at $299 through their official purchasing page. If you want to have more Cookies, you can purchase an additional pack of four at $99. Shipping happens in as short as two to three days. Each pack gives you a one year warranty.

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