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 The Fastest: SafeMart Home Security System Review

Of course, you’d want the  fastest  home security system.

With three monitoring stations, SafeMart can reach you in 20 seconds or less during an emergency. All three stations are also UL listed so you’re assured that they are not only fast but reliable as well.

SafeMart is also known by the name of LiveWatch. Although it has two names, it’s solely focused on giving you a customized wireless security system. By customized, it meant not offering you the same set as that of your neighbor. Why? Because one household is different from the other.

  • SafeMart comes pre-activated. You just need to plug the device to activate your security.
  • SafeMart includes customizable geofencing. It gives you the freedom to make several geofences and set a corresponding rule for each.
  • You wouldn’t also need to worry about internet or phone line disruptions. SafeMart also works by cellular technology.
  • If electricity goes out, you can expect a 24 hour back up power through the security system’s battery.
  • SafeMart can automate your home. It comes integrated with Z Wave technology.

When an alarm is triggered, SafeMart is able to reach you faster through the ASAPer. It can let your family know, too.


  • ASAPer means As Soon As Possible emergency response.
  • It’s an interactive messaging hub. Simply put, it works like a chatroom.
  • However, unlike regular chatrooms, communication will not only be between you and your listed contacts but the monitoring station as well.
  • If ever you need assistance, the station can readily connect you to proper authorities if you ask. The stations are special call centers that can reach the police, firefighters and even medical professionals and dispatch them to help you.
  • You can even state a false alarm so as not to cause panic among your contacts.
  • Each person you register can choose how he would like to be reached. He can try the web, the phone, email or even through simpler text messages.
  • ASAPer wouldn’t need any software or hardware upgrading. You just need to subscribe to LiveWatch Alarm Monitoring System.

To start with SafeMart, you need to choose between their two home security packages.

1. Plug & Protect Basic

  • 2 Door sensors
  • 1 Motion sensor

SafeMart suggests that you put your motion sensors on a higher location, around 7ft. This is to avoid pet-triggered alarms. Although the sensors can only be triggered if your dog weighs 40 lbs and up, you still don’t want him to activate your system when he’s jumping up and down.

The door sensor is also effective as a window sensor. If you feel that the included sensors aren’t enough to cover your entry ways, you can also purchase additional ones to get your windows covered.

Price: $99

2. Plug & Protect IQ

  • 7” Touch Screen Panel
  • Built in Camera
  • 2 Door sensors
  • 1 Motion sensor

Each package comes with the convenience of having real time alerts and notifications. SafeMart has a mobile app, which is provided by, to keep you updated. Furthermore, the system is also preconfigured. Meaning, you would only have to plug the device to activate it. Both Plug & Protect and Plug & Protect IQ are guaranteed to give you a professional 24/7 monitoring.

However, in case you’re not satisfied with the devices, SafeMart will allow you to cancel at anytime. You won’t even have to pay any termination fee to do so. Moreover, SafeMart is relatively confident about being the right fit for you. It gives you a 1 year guarantee to return the system with a full refund. If that doesn’t entice you enough, SafeMart also has a 2 year warranty. Yes, it will replace any of your broken SafeMart  device for free.

SafeMart gives you three monitoring plans to choose from.

1. Cellular Monitoring includes:

  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • ASAPer
  • 100% Secure Wireless Device

Price:  $19.95 monthly

2. Mobile Pro includes:

  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • ASAPer
  • 100% Secure Wireless Device
  • Crash & Smash Protection works to automatically initiate an alarm once someone tries to destroy your devices.
  • SmartPhone Control allows you to manage your security system through your mobile device.

Price: $29.95 monthly

3. Total Home includes:

  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • ASAPer
  • 100% Secure Wireless Device
  • Crash & Smash Protection
  • SmartPhone Control
  • No Show Notifications can alert you if your kid did not arrive home on time.
  • Advance Security Alerts can notify you if you need to change batteries soon. It can also tell you of coming severe weathers and power failures.
  • Location-based Control allows you to set your thermostat or lights to turn off when you’re away or the other way around.
  • Home Automation features can make your home even smarter. It can connect to a total of 40 Z Wave sensors and devices. It even gives you freedom to choose from any brand you prefer.

Price: $39.95 monthly

Keeping pace with the competition, SafeMart acquired LiveWatch to match its competitors. If they fail to match their competitor’s price, based on certain standards, Safemart will offer you a voucher for a 12 month of free alarm monitoring. That’s $119.40 if you are to pay for it. SafeMart also offers a minimum of one year contract for most of its packages.

You can take your system with you if you decide to transfer to another home. However, if you choose to live in a non supported location, you will have to pay for  the remaining credit you have  for the system.


check Safemart offers home automation with any Z wave brand you prefer.
check It is deemed as the fastest in home security system.
check It has Crash and Smash technology.
check Safemart has a low price guarantee.
check Safemart has three monitoring stations that are UL listed.
check The ASAPer provides a fast solution to responding to alarms through a “chatroom” of registered contacts and the monitoring station.
check The system has an A+ rating on BBB.
check You can return your devices with a money back guarantee.

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