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Ring Video Doorbell Lets You Know Who’s at Your Front Door from Your Smart Phone

Setting up a couple of smart lights can trick burglars into thinking you’re always at home. Burglars, however, are very clever. They will ring your doorbell just to make sure. If you’re a hundred miles away from home, how could you answer the door? The solution is simple. Make your doorbell smart, too.

Ring Video Doorbell enables you to see who’s at your front door from your smart phone.


  • Ring Video Doorbell has a plastic upper part and a metallic lower part.
  • The top part houses a 1280 x 720p HD camera. It can give you a 180 degree, fish eye view of your front door.
  • The lower part is where the design varies. You can choose to have your Ring Video Doorbell in Venetian Bronze, Satin Nickel, Polished and Antique Brass.
  • You can’t access a live video of your front door anytime you want. The video option is only activated once motion is detected or if someone presses the button.
  • The camera has night vision capability through its infrared LEDs.
  • You can find the Ring button on the lower part of the device. Once someone presses this button, you will immediately receive a notification. The button also lights up when pressed.
  • The Ring Video Doorbell can run on batteries.
    • With typical use, the internal battery can last for around half to a full year.
    • Once battery level gets low, you’ll be notified through the app.
  • Aside from batteries, Ring Video Doorbell can also be wired for power. Choosing to connect it to your doorbell’s existing hard wires means you won’t have to take it down every year to re-charge it. One complete charging takes around a maximum of 10 hours depending on the charger.
  • The device also features a speaker and a microphone for two-way communication. You can use it to instruct the delivery man where to leave your package or to wave off intruders.
  • Ring Video Doorbell can detect motion. Once the device detects a suspicious movement, you’ll receive a notification and the option to view it right as it happens.

Ring Video Doorbell is easy to install. Everything you need for installation is included in the kit. You can install Ring on any surfaces, including wood and concrete. In case you want to install it on glass surfaces or just don’t want to drill any holes on your walls, you can use special compression tapes. However, if you decide to install the device with tapes, you may need to purchase your own set as it’s not included in the package. In case someone steals your unit, you have to let Ring know so they can replace your device.

The Ring Video Doorbell is also weather-proof which means you can leave it to work through cold and rainy days. However, you should remember not to submerge it into water. Another important factor you have to consider about Ring Video Doorbell is its proximity to your Wi-Fi signal. A low signal can delay video access and notifications to your smart phone. In case your Wi-Fi is far from where you installed your Ring Video Doorbell, you can use a Wi-Fi signal extender.

To control your Ring Video Doorbell, you have to download its app.

  • The app is compatible with devices running on iOS, Android and Windows 10.
  • The app will enable you to interact with a visitor or the delivery man.
    • Once a person presses your Ring Video Doorbell, you’ll receive a notification.
    • With the speaker, microphone and camera, you can answer the door right through the app.
    • You can also ignore a visitor or just tell your friends to drop by later.
  • If you want to share access with your family, you simply need to register their email addresses. They’ll be able to get the same notification your Ring Video Doorbell sends you.
  • To receive alerts, your smart phone has to be connected to the internet either by Wi-Fi or your phone’s 3G or 4G connectivity.
    • In the event that your smart phone gets disconnected from the internet, you won’t be able to receive notifications right away.
  • There is no web interface for Ring Video Doorbell. You can access your settings, notifications and even the installation through the app alone.

Ring Video Doorbell features motion detection. It monitors your front door without any audible sound or visible light. If it detects something, you’ll be notified and given a link to access video streaming. In case you want to speak with the stranger in your front door, that’s the only time the Ring button will light up. This feature can help you in detecting burglars spying on your front door or thieves getting curious about your packages.  The Ring’s motion sensitivity can be adjusted so it monitors only the areas that are important to you. It can also help conserve your batteries. In general, Ring Video Doorbell can detect motions within 30 feet.

Ring Video Doorbell also offers optional Cloud Recording. You can subscribe for $3 per month or $30 if you decide to choose an annual term. Every recording is stored and you’ll be able to review and even download them. The Cloud Recording can typically hold videos of up to 6 months. If you want to test this feature first, Ring offers a free 30-day Cloud Recording for each of its unit. In case you find it helpful, you can simply sign up to subscribe.


You can buy Ring Video Doorbell for $199 per unit. If you live outside of the U.S, you may be required to hand in extra fees for shipping. You have four designs to choose from. Aside from this device, Ring also offers the Chime for $29.95. It can alert you if someone is at your door even without your smart phone. It has customizable alerts and disable feature. The Chime works on standard power outlet and your Wi-Fi network. Each unit comes with a one year warranty period and a 30-day return guarantee.

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