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The Review System

How do we figure it out?

Simple. We have our own review system designed to help you pick the best home security system to meet your needs and preferences. As straightforward as it may sound, we don’t want you to risk all your hard work on the wrong hands.


We try to keep up with everything. However, as technology advances faster than our feet can run, we might miss a thing or two. If you see any discrepancies in our reviews,  please do not hesitate to inform us. We’ll research on it immediately and update our contents.


Admit it. The first thing you look for when it comes to new purchases is the price. We’re all guilty about that. Since security systems do come with a chunky amount, we want to make sure it’s worth your hard earned money.

Here are some of the questions we know you’d like to get answered.

  • How much is the most basic package?
  • How much is the installation fee and monthly rate?
  • Does it require upfront payment?
  • Do I need to pay extra for home surveillance and video recording?
  • Is technical support free of charge?
  • Is there a separate activation fee?

Package Breakdown

Of course you want to find the right fit. We know that. That’s why we dissect packages so you can see what’s inside.

  • Does it have enough equipment to cover all of my house’s entry points?
  • Is it suitable for small apartments or big houses?
  • Will it include devices for fire and flood or just for burglary and intrusion?
  • Does it include a medical alert device or is it sold separately?
  • Will it have home surveillance and monitoring?
  • Are there included cameras?


Other than the devices, we also review and research on how each device functions. We know you’re aware what a sensor looks like. However, we want to make sure you know how it works.

  • What are the devices’ ranges?
  • How do they monitor and detect movements?
  • How are they installed?
  • How do they function?
  • Do they require another device to work?


A security system has the primary function of making your home safe. It is of utmost importance that  they stand by what they say they can do for your security.

  • How will it send my signals?
  • Do they offer landline, broadband or cellular monitoring?
  • Will it have a backup power source in cases of power interruptions?
  • How many monitoring stations do the system rely on?
  • Are they company owned or third party monitoring stations?
  • Are its monitoring stations UL certified?
  • How fast is the system’s response time?
  • How do they notify?

Customer Guarantee

            Before you tie yourself with a contract, we want you to know what you’re dealing with. Our review system arms you with the necessary information you need to know before pulling that credit card from your wallet.

  • Warranty
    • Is it a lifetime warranty?
    • How long will it cover my devices?
    • Is it free or do I have to pay for it?
  • Money Back Guarantee
    • How long do I have before I can declare that I want my money back?
    • Do I get to receive it 100%?
    • Do I have to pay for a restocking fee?
  • Contract Limit
    • What is the minimum years for the contract?
    • Will it automatically renew?
    • How do I cancel if I don’t want to be subscribed anymore?
  • Discounts
    • How much do I get discounted for when I relocate?
    • Will I receive discount coupons?

Extra Features

With several security systems on the market, it’s probably hard to tell their differences at a single  glance. We don’t want you to strain your eyes looking them up. Our review system finds their extra features for you and highlights them up where you can easily see them.

  • Does the system include a mobile app?
  • What control panel do they offer?
  • What platforms do their mobile apps support?
  • What technology do they use for home automation?
  • What makes them different from other systems?
  • Do they have a unique device?


While our review system can provide you with the details that  you need to know before signing on the dotted line, it also helps if we weigh them against other standards. As security is something never to be taken lightly, it’s always better to be sure.

  • What ratings do they have on BBB?
  • Are they accredited?
  • Do they have pending lawsuits?
  • How are their consumer assistance rated?
  • Are their apps rating well on download sites?

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