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When you’re faced with an emergency while you’re all alone in a dark alley, swiping through your smartphone’s screen just to access your emergency app isn’t really the most convenient thing to do. If you’ll have to do several swipes before you get to access the app’s panic button, wouldn’t it be better to dial 9-1-1 instead?

However, if you are not confident enough in your capability to key in those three numbers on such situations, you can try getting your own SideKick. It can tell everyone you need help.

  • The React SideKick is actually a safety button that is connected with a personal security app.
  • It works on Bluetooth Low Energy with an active range of 10 to 30 meters.
  • Its design is actually fit for active individuals.
    • If you like to get alone on the streets at night for a run , you can just clip the button on your sleeve or put it in your pocket.
    • However, since the design is actually modular, you can also have it as a keychain.
  • As for notifications, you can list your close friends and family members to build your trusted circle. The numbers you registered instantly get notified once you push the button.
  • Other than letting your contacts know that you need help, your SideKick also sends details of your location so they’ll know where to find you.
  • You can also link your social media accounts to get all your online friends to help you.
  • The button has a one year battery life.
  • If you accidentally drop it in water, you won’t need to panic as the button is also waterproof.

The React SideKick is your personal security device. If you are in trouble, you won’t have to rush getting your phone out of your pocket. It won’t also be too obvious that you’re already signaling for help.

The button is also accessible in that you can clip it where you can easily press it. If you decide to put it in your pocket, you wouldn’t have to worry about accidentally pressing  it and sending a false alarm. The button actually has a specific depression before it signals for help. You may actually need to “click” it.

In case you’re wondering where the button is connected to, the React SideKick is actually linked to ReactMobile. It’s a personal security app that has the same features as that of its button counterpart. However, since it’s an app, you may need to always have your smartphones ready just in case something unexpected happens. This is where the React SideKick plays the vital part. You can download ReactMobile on either the App Store or Google Play.

On the same note, the React SideKick reflects the lights you can see on your mobile app. The button has LED lights to inform you of its status.

  • A green light indicates that you’re safe. There’s no need to worry. Everything is fine.
  • Once it turns yellow, it signals that your registered contacts are keeping an eye out for you or you want them to do so. This color indicates that something may be suspicious and you need your friends to follow you until you’re in a safe place.
  • If it turns red, it means that you are in actual danger and that you are calling out for help.

If you like to walk around the city at night or if you decide to take a bicycle ride, triggering the yellow light would activate the “follow me” feature. You just need to log in to the app and make sure that your GPS is activated. This way, your contacts would get notified that you are going out and that they may check you and your location just in case something happens.

ReactMobile can automatically dial 911 for you just in case you really need it. Once you activate the red light, other than sending notifications, the app pops up a prompt that can directly link you to the emergency hotline. The React SideKick, on the other hand, will soon be integrated with the same feature. Just one click and you’ll instantly be connected to an emergency dispatch team.

React SideKick doesn’t really need you to access your app before you click the emergency button. Even if the app is on the background and your phone is locked, you simply need to turn the button on and press it whenever you need help. For set up, however, you may need to pair the button with the app. You’ll only do the pairing once.

The app alone may give you a peace of mind. You can feel secure even when you need to walk home alone at night or if you’re travelling abroad by yourself. Even athletes, such as runners, could benefit from having the app. As crime rates aren’t clearly going down, it helps to know that you can get your friends or the authorities to help you immediately when the need arises. Moreover, they can find you with just a click of a button.

How does the SideKick tell your contacts that you need help?

  1. Once you click the React SideKick button, it immediately activates your mobile app.
  2. Your registered contacts will receive a notification either through an emergency email or a text message.
  3. If you decide to link your Facebook account, the React SideKick can automatically post a status saying that you need immediate help. It will also include the details of your last known location.

ReactMobile is free. However, the React SideKick can cost you around $49.99 as its retail price. From its black and circular design, the React SideKick underwent a physical transformation before it was released and shipped. Since the funding reached beyond their goal, the developers decided to change the design and made the buttons sleeker and thinner. Aside from white, you can also purchase a green SideKick with the new activity clip design.

Its crowdfunding campaign ended last year and the first batch of React SideKick has already been shipped. However, due to an unexpected union strike, the devices are most likely to be delayed in reaching its backers’ homes.

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