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In Full Service: Protection 1 Home Security Review

If someone comes over and says he’s your home security technician, would you let him in right away?

Prior to a visit, Protection 1 will notify you either by a text message or an email so you’ll know if it is really their technician. It will even include a picture so you’ll know how he’d look like. This is  Protection 1’s Tech Tracker. Apart from assuring you that he’s a certified technician, Protection 1 will also do background checks on every technician and employee they send over your home. It’s not just plain background checks,  it’s a 14 agency fingerprint check process as well as state and federal verifications.

To secure your home, Protection 1 has a Home Security Package.

  • It is listed with an A+ rating on BBB.
  • Protection 1 is the largest full service security company.
  • If power fails, Protection 1 can give you back up power source since its devices are provided with batteries.
  • There’s also no need for phone lines. Protection 1 communicates by cellular technology.
  • Even if the system is disarmed, you can still receive notifications.
  • If you want to review what triggered your alarm yesterday, you can access your system’s log. It creates a history of events so you can always check.
  • It also has two way talk feature. You can speak with your monitoring station during an emergency. Imagine this as an instant help line.
  • Protection 1 can also let you save up to 30% in your electricity bill.
  • com has a specific app for Protection 1 which you can use to control and customize your home security.
  • It can make your home smart through Z Wave technology.
  • Protection 1 assures you to receive 24/7 professional monitoring.
  • It owns five UL listed monitoring stations. It also has a Disaster Recovery Center of its own.


Home Security Package includes:

  • Touch Screen Door Panel
  • 3 Door/ Window Sensor
  • 1 Image Motion Sensor
  • 1 Keychain Remote
  • 1 Yard Sign
  • 3 Window Decals
  • Web and Mobile Control

The package includes an image motion sensor, as well. Every time it is triggered, the sensor automatically captures images which are sent either to your email or to your phone.

Not enough? Protection 1 allows you to expand your system and add whatever device you need to make you feel comfortable with your security.

  • Emergency Button
    • This button also functions as a medical alert system. If you have an elder parent at home, you can let him wear it as a pendant or even as a wristband.
    • It has a five second button lock out so you won’t need to worry about rushing over a false alarm.
    • If he forgets to take it off when he showers, no need to panic. It’s water proof.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
    • Because carbon monoxide isn’t easily felt or noticed, Protection 1’s carbon monoxide detector can make sure you’re not inhaling potentially lethal level of this gas at home, especially in your sleep.
    • While it can wake you up if it detects harmful levels, it can also alert the monitoring station at the same time.
  • Water and Flood Sensor
    • As prevention is better than cure, installing a sensor to detect leak at home can save you from spending more for a home repair.
  • Monitored Heat and Smoke Detector
    • Before fire bursts into flames, there must be heat and smoke first. As such, installing a detector specifically for these two conditions can make sure there’s little damage as possible.
    • Also, because it’s monitored, you can be sure someone’s watching over your home even if you’re away for work or vacation.
  • Firefighter Smoke Alarm Detector
    • If you already have smoke detectors at home, there’s no need to uninstall all of them. You simply add a FireFighter Smoke Alarm Detector in your system.
    • One Firefighter is enough to monitor all of your smoke detectors at home.
    • When one of  them sounds an alarm, the FireFighter hears it and then relays the information to the monitoring station.

Protection 1 can secure not only your home, but your business as well. It offers several solutions to your every business need such as Intrusion Detection, Access Control and even Fire Protection Systems. You can even try their Video Solutions to keep an eye out to what happens inside and out.

Their business security also provides Managed Services. Through this, you can have access to the eSuite portal. The eSuite Primary comes for free when you subscribe to their business security. It can give you the basics such as access to your security logs. However if you want a more advanced option, you can try eSuite Premiere. Other than the basic features, it also gives you options to test your systems and manage your notifications.

Other than reliability, Protection 1 offers you guarantees such as the the SafetyNet Deductible Reimbursement Program. How does this work?

If your home is armed and monitored by Protection 1, any loss related to burglary can be reimbursed to you. Protection 1 can give you up to $1,000 Deductible Protection. On the other hand, if you are monitored with heat and smoke sensors, any fire-related loss exceeding your insurance deductible can be reimbursed to you. Any detail you may want to clarify can be seen in their official website.

Have referrals? Protection 1 can give you up to two months of free monitoring service if you have someone new to subscribe. You just have to log in at a separate site they put up especially for your  customer referrals.


check Protection 1’s monitoring system operates by triple redundancy- a primary server; a disaster recovery system and an on-site backup system.
check You can add more devices for better protection.
check Protection 1 assures you of top-notch service by offering reimbursement programs.
check The contract is reviewed to be strictly binding.
check The smoke sensor continuously alerts the monitoring station until smoke has been completely cleared.
check Tech Tracker assures you that you only let certified and legitimate technicians inside your home.
check Protection 1 covers both home and business security.
check Devices have backup batteries in case the power fails.
check Protection 1 have the same-day service.
check It allows you to save up to 30% of energy savings in your electricity bills.

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