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New Panasonic Nubo Monitors By 4G Connectivity

Have you heard the news lately?

There’s a new security camera in town and it isn’t anything like your ordinary surveillance camera.  It’s the world’s first security camera to use the 4G connectivity.


Apparently, the new Panasonic Nubo has more freedom compared to most of the security cameras today.  It’s quite amusing that it isn’t actually entirely dependent on your Wi-Fi signal or that long frustrating power cord you try so hard to hide under your carpet.

  • The Panasonic Nubo connects via 4G so you won’t really need to worry if your Wi-Fi connection is a bit off. It can send you data anytime and anywhere.
  • However, it doesn’t completely disregard your Wi-Fi. It just gives you the added reliability of the 4G network.
  • The Panasonic Nubo can also connect via 2G and 3G.
  • It can be powered through its USB power charger. It also comes with a battery support so it’s quite portable. Just charge the batteries and take the device wherever you want. You can place it on your garage, inside your car or even in your backyard.
  • You can even take it with you when you travel. Say for example, setting it up with your luggage in your hotel room. It can make sure you see anyone who messes up with your valuables.
  • It’s weather resistant with its IP-66 housing which makes it perfect for indoor and even outdoor use.
  • You also have the option to use its magnetic mounting system just in case you want to “see” from a better perspective. It’s also a relatively good positioning option, given that you won’t need to drill holes or commit to any tedious task just to set everything up.

While these things can look interesting, wait until you hear everything else it can do for you and your home. The Panasonic Nubo is more than a simple security camera. It’s bound to heat things up a bit in the competition.

  • Camera
    • The Panasonic Nubo has 140 degree wide angle lens.
    • It’s capable of capturing events in full 1080p HD when connected to your Wi-Fi and at 720p when you’re streaming via Cloud.
    • For low light and dark environment, you’re assured to get quality images, as well. It uses infrared light for its night vision capability and LED array for low light conditions. This features enable you to see clearly who’s sneaking in your home even at night.

So, where do the recordings go?

  • You have the option to store your videos locally. However, to do this, you must make sure you have an SD card inserted in your Panasonic Nubo.
  • Another choice is through Panasonic’s Cloud storage. The recordings get directly stored in a dedicated storage server and once they’re up, you can view them right from your app.

Just to calm your worries, all your videos are secured on a bank-level security. No one else can get access to your videos and pictures.

  • Motion Sensor
    • The Panasonic Nubo can do more than just “make you see” things at home. It also has the capability to sense movement.
    • It works using Passive Infrared Motion Detection for the said capability.
    • Interestingly, the Panasonic Nubo also has Cloud Human Detection. Yes, it can discern if it’s a human form or not.
    • It has an advance algorithm to know if its really a human or your pet that triggered the alarm. Before it makes you panic, the device verifies first.
    • Once the Panasonic Nubo detects a movement, it automatically records a video clip and uploads it to the cloud storage. You’ll simultaneously receive an alert through the app. The app, in turn, will give you access to watch what’s happening at home live.
    • The videoclip can last for around 10 to 30 seconds.
  • Two Way Talk Feature
    • The Panasonic Nubo has a built in microphone and speaker which you can use to communicate with a family member at home. You can even yell at the intruder going through your valuables.
  • Home Automation
    • The Panasonic Nubo isn’t just about home security. It’s actually capable of making your home smart, as well.
    • Aside from having Bluetooth radio, the Panasonic Nubo also uses Zigbee technology to manage your smart devices at home.
    • It can work with door locks, thermostats and even external sensors.

You can use the Panasonic Nubo free of charge or by subscribing to one of its plans. To start, the device comes with a free SIM card, data and storage for a three month period. After this period ends, you’ll have to decide whether you’ll stick with the free service or upgrade to a paid plan. By upgrading, you’ll be increasing your data and storage weight. The data weight particularly applies to the number of alarms you can receive in a month.

Panasonic Nubo also has its own app. It can let you control the unit in so many ways:

  • The app comes free to download in both Google Play and iOS.
  • Through it, you have the option to arm and disarm your system, review logs, watch both live feeds and recorded videos and even monitor your data usage.
  • You also have the option to view your security logs in a timeline format and sort your notifications.
    • You can separate alerts that are triggered by human motions and those that are not.
    • You can also exclusively set your app to notify you only of human related alarms.

You can get your hands on Panasonic Nubo through its pre-order page. However, you may have to wait as the pre-ordering hasn’t been started yet. It’s expected to be on the go this coming April. On such note, you can register on the same page so you can get instantly notified of when you can buy the unit. The Panasonic Nubo will be at its launching phase by around November of this year to February of 2016, depending on which country you’re in.

There is still no clear price tag yet on both the device and the subscription plans. The Panasonic Nubo, however, is expected to be around $249. The price may change or not depending on Panasonic at the date of release.

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