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Oomi is not your average home automation system. It takes total home control to the next level  by including your security, your sound system and even your home’s general atmosphere. Cool, right?


Oomi Home Automation System was initially launched last January. However, it wasn’t fully successful with its first attempt. As such, Oomi decided it needed a relaunch and brought a lot of exciting features to make sure it pushes to the top this time.

Oomi is capable of working well with over 1,200 smart devices through its Z wave mesh networking. To be able to control your smart home, Oomi uses several devices to form a system. This system has a brain and it’s called the Oomi Cube.

  • Oomi Cube
    • The Oomi Cube is an all in one device which includes:

                  1. Camera

  • Oomi Cube has an IP camera that has night vision capability to let you see clearly who sneaks in your living room at night.

                  2. Motion and audio detection

  • Oomi can also tell if there’s an unusual movement or sound at home through its motion sensor and microphone.

                 3. Environmental sensors

  • The Cube has sensors for:
    • Glass break
    • Noise
    • Humidity
    • Temperature
    • Light
    • Motion
    • Vibration

                 4. 360 degree IR Blaster

  • This feature specifically works to control your home theater and your home environment
  • The Oomi Cube is also a learning device.
    • It analyzes the commands you set on your system and uses these information to create an automated schedule for you. However, Oomi’s intelligence is higher than your regular learning devices. It can consider external factors such as the day’s weather and even feedbacks from the other smart devices at home to adjust its automated schedules.
    • Other than Z wave, the Oomi Cube also has a built in Wi-Fi radio and Bluetooth connectivity.

One major feature that sets Oomi apart from its competitors is its installation process. While most people find the “Plug-N-Play” method very convenient, Oomi uses a much easier method of installation. This is called the “Tap and Touch” Technology.

  • The Tap and Touch Technology is dependent on Oomi’s special software and Radio-Frequency Identifictaion to work.
  • Instead of requiring you to synch your devices to the main hub, Oomi simply needs you to tap its tablet to the device you want to add to your system.
  • It easily recognizes the device and does the sync process for you.

Other than the Cube, Oomi also has the following devices to add to your system:

  • Oomi One Touch
    • The Oomi One Touch is the 7 inch touchscreen tablet that you can use to control your whole system.
    • The Oomi Touch gives you the option to use or not use your smartphone in managing your devices.
    • Other than the touchscreen panel, One Touch also has built in hardware buttons for easier control.
    • Soon, One Touch will come with an optional mounting bracket which you can use for an easier access at home.
  • Oomi Streamer
    • The Oomi Streamer connects to your Wi-Fi and has Android 4.2 to let you use your TV in surfing the internet or watching movies.
    • You simply need to plug the Streamer to your TV’s HDMI port to connect to several online streaming services.
    • The Oomi Streamer can be controlled using the Oomi Touch. You can use the physical buttons to pause and play your movies or adjust its volume.
  • Oomi LED Light Bulb
    • Oomi Light Bulbs can set the mood you want for your home. It can change its color based on your preference.
  • Oomi Plug
    • The Oomi Plug can turn your standard outlet into a smart plug. You can use it to wirelessly control your nonsmart devices at home.
    • It also has a built in USB port in case one of your devices ran out of batteries.
    • Interestingly, the Oomi Plug has a built in tracker to monitor your device’s energy consumption. It has a light band to let you know your energy use.
  • Oomi Air
    • Oomi Air can monitor your home’s air quality.
    • It can detect dangerous pollutants and immediately notifies you if the air becomes unsafe for you and your family.
    • It has both Fine Particle Meter and Volatile Organic Compound Meter to measure the air you breathe.
  • Oomi Multisensor
    • The Oomi Multisensor gives you an added security for your home.
    • It can monitor not only suspicious motions, but also UV rays and the humidity level at home.
    • It’s a smart security device that can either let you know or switch your lights in response.

Another good thing about Oomi is that it has additional security features  that cover your own security system. This simply means that Oomi makes your home safer by securing your system. How does that work?

  • Oomi has a bank level security encryption that covers the connection between your device and your Cloud account. It also uses that same encryption to secure the connection between your devices at home.
  • As security cameras have been prone to hacking lately, Oomi included a blue LED light on your camera so you’ll know if it’s being used. The light is hardwired to make it hard to disable once the camera is turned on.
  • Oomi includes a magnetic cover for your camera for instances that you want to keep things private.
  • You can also use the tiny switches on your Oomi Cube to deactivate both camera and microphone. They are physical switches which need you to physically control.
  • Oomi also has its own app and each member of the family can make his own account. You, on the other hand, can set their levels of access to the system.

Oomi comes with its own Personal Home Monitoring. You can subscribe to this feature for around $60 on an annual basis. With PHM, you’ll be able to:

  • Have direct contacts with local authorities.
  • Set your lights at home to mimic your usual pattern
  • Monitor your home with both audio and video
  • Register your emergency contact list
  • Talk to a family member at home through the Oomi Cube
  • Get notifications if someone breaks your windows or intrude your home.

You can get the Oomi system at $229. This price includes the Oomi Cube, the Oomi Touch and the  Oomi Plug.

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