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Novi Security Offers Portable, All-in-One Security System

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Scanning through the long list of available home security systems today, it’s hard not to think they all look the same by now, right? From features to working protocols, most of the recent security systems share great similarities. However, this doesn’t mean that all security systems are the same and worthy of your money. As a matter of fact, the same long list of home security systems triggers a tighter competition. This type of competition makes manufacturers feel more pressured and motivated in innovating something different for you.

If you are looking for a security system that is unique but efficient, you should consider taking a look at Novi Security. It’s a straightforward home security system that will not bind you with strict contracts or charge you excessively with monthly monitoring plans.


Novi requires three components to work. However, technically speaking, it’s only a two-part system.

  • Hub
  • The Hub is what brains your Novi. It transmits whatever the sensor detects to your smart phone.
  • It has backup batteries so you can expect your system to be able to protect your home even during power failures.
    • This backup power can last for two hours. Once power is restored, the batteries automatically start re-charging.
  • Each Hub can accommodate up to 10 sensors.
  • You need to connect the Hub to your router. In the event that your internet fails, your Novi won’t be able to send you alerts and notifications.
    • Novi offers a 3G fail over service. In case you subscribe, your system will resort to using 3G in sending alerts and keeping you notified of any suspicious events.
  • The Hub can also save pictures in case you want to view them later. You can store around 60 pictures or 20 GIFs. This feature is free of charge. However, in case you want to increase your storage space, you can sign up for a premium.
  • Guard
  • The Guard is packed with a 170 degree HD camera to capture pictures in case it detects something suspicious at home.
    • There is no live streaming available. However, Novi takes several pictures of a certain event and sends them to you in an animated GIF format. This file type is similar with a video clip.
  • The camera has night vision capability to monitor your home even in the dark.
  • It also has a motion sensor to monitor for any movement.
    • You can adjust Novi’s motion sensing capability. If you have pets at home, you may want to lower the sensitivity of your unit’s passive infrared motion detector to decrease the episodes of false alarms.
  • Unlike other all-in-one sensors, Novi can also check your home for smoke by utilizing photoelectric sensors. If it detects the presence of smoke, Novi will automatically notify you by sending pictures.
  • The Guard also works on batteries which are expected to last for a year. However, these batteries can last longer or shorter depending on how frequently the sensor is tripped. You will be notified once you need to find 4 AA standard battery replacements.
  • Novi is also portable. You can install it at home or take it with you when you travel.
  • The Guard comes with a 100db siren.

The third component you need for your Novi Security is your smart phone. Without an app or a smart phone, you won’t be able to take full control of your home’s security. Novi is available for smart phones running on Android, iOS and Windows. You can download it for free.


  • Through the app, you will be able to arm or disarm your system.
  • In case Novi detects an unusual movement or presence of smoke at home, it will send you a notification of the event which also includes 3 pictures. Depending on the event, you can call local authorities, ignore the alert or request for more pictures to verify.
  • If Novi can’t reach you, it will start alerting the contact numbers you’ve enlisted as emergency contacts.
  • You can control several Novi units in one app.

Novi Security is similar to a smoke alarm in appearance. It’s DIY in nature and you can install it in just three easy steps.

1. Primarily, you need to connect the Hub to your router.

2. After this, you can start syncing the Guard to your Hub.

3. Attach your Guard to the ceiling. Because of its wide vision, you can best place it on corners. There are two ways to attach Novi to your ceiling.

  • If you want a more permanent attachment, you can screw Novi to your ceiling.
  • In case you prefer portability, you can use the adhesive tapes it is shipped with. You simply stick it on your ceiling and pull it off if you will be transferring the sensor to a new spot. This is helpful if you are a frequent traveler and would want a security system to watch over your things at the hotel. Because of portability, it is also a good security system for renters and small business owners to use.

In theory, the Guard can communicate with the Novi Hub within a 100m range, if there are no interferences. However, you should consider placing your sensor around 30m from the Hub if walls are present. For increased security, it is recommended that you install one sensor in each of the major entry points and room in your home. You can simply sync all sensors with one Hub and app to get better control of your system.

Novi Security was crowd funded through Kickstarter. After being successful with its initial funding goal, Novi was then released for pre-ordering through Amazon Launch. Novi units are expected to be shipped this November, which is actually several months delayed from its initial January shipping date. You can get the Novi starter kit for $299. This price includes the Guard and the Hub. In case you want more Guards to increase your home’s security, you can avail extra sensors for $179 each through the Novi Store.  Each Novi unit comes with a one year warranty.

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