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If you use a padlock for your home, you might want to check out Noke.

At first glance, you’ll find nothing extraordinary about it. It looks and feels like your traditional padlock. However, instead of keyholes, Noke (pronounced: no key) has a brushed stainless steel outer casing that houses its digital interior components.

Yes, it’s a smart lock disguising as a regular padlock.

A quick glance at Noke:

  • It’s made of Boron Alloy to ensure that it won’t easily get damaged by regular bolt cutters.
  • It’s resistant to water, dust and extreme weather.
  • Noke is powered by watch batteries which can last for over a year.
  • It can communicate via Bluetooth 4.0.
  • It has a minimalist design which makes it perfect for stylish people.
  • Aside from home use, it can also be used in locker rooms and garages.
  • Noke also offers a U-Lock which is initially created for bicycles.

How Noke Works

To get started with Noke, you need to download the app. It will walk you through the entire process of installing Noke, including setting the distance and determining your codes.

There are three ways you can control the smart lock:

  • The app
  • A combination of presses on its top part
  • Having your smart phone within its Bluetooth range.

The presses are somewhat similar to Morse code. You can combine short and long presses on the top part of Noke to lock and unlock it. You can use a total of 8 combinations. If you’re finding it confusing, there’s a small LED light on top of the letter “e” in Noke’s logo you can refer to.

A green light indicates that it’s unlocked while a red light means it’s locked. If you see an alternating blue and white light, it’s an indication that the lock is in standby mode. In case the lock has been put to sleep, simply push the shackle and pull it back until the LED changes color.

Take note that the LED light is just a tiny strip. You may have difficulty seeing it clearly in broad daylight.

The Noke App

The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It’s able to control and manage several Noke locks. For convenience, the app also lets you rename each of them.

Other things you can do with the app:

  • Give people one-time or full access to your locks
  • Keep a record of when your locks have been opened and by who
  • Displays the location of the person who accessed your locks
  • Describe your locks so you’ll know which is which

A gentle reminder:

When you unlock Noke from the app, you’ll be able to hear the shackle being released. However, the device doesn’t actually pop open. You still need to pull out the lock manually.

Another unique feature of Noke is its custom quick click. If you happen to misplace your phone or it ran out of battery, you can manually unlock Noke using the quick click code it asked you to create when you first receive your unit.

The Battery

Having the lock work on battery is convenient- until it dies. Although Noke claims that its battery can last for a year, it’s a good idea if you can keep spare ones ready. Since Noke’s every function relies on its battery (even a simple click), it might run out faster than you’d expect, particularly if you frequently use it.

In case the battery runs out, Noke has a cool feature that will let you jump-start it. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. At the bottom of the lock, you’ll find contact points sitting behind a protective cap. Simply touch the new battery to these points and you’ll be able to bring your lock back to life.
  2. You can replace the battery by unlocking Noke, lifting its shackle and twisting its back cover counterclockwise.
  3. Once you’ve replaced the battery, line up the back with the internal hole’s locking pin.
  4. Twist the back cover in the opposite direction and you’re good to go.

Should You Buy Noke Padlocks?

Whether you are looking for a smarter lock or you just want extra security, then, yes. You should consider buying Noke padlocks. However, although they are smart and efficient, you can’t solely rely on them for your home’s security.

A single smart lock may not be enough to protect your home. As burglars are getting smarter these days, you need to make sure all entry points at home are covered. For better security, you can take a look at our top rated security system.

The Checklist

check Noke is resistant to extreme weather and water.
check It can be controlled by its dedicated app through Bluetooth 4.0
check It’s battery powered.
check There’s a backup access to jump-start the device in case its battery dies.
check The U-Lock is available for pre-order on its website.
check You can create up to 8 different codes.
check The app allows you to share access to an unlimited number of people.
check Noke has an impressive hardware.
check The app can be confusing to use.
check The app can drain your battery and data since it has to run in the background if you want to locate and control your phone.

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