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Neurio Home Intelligence Aspires To Make Your Home Smarter

Smart devices can make your life easier. You wouldn’t have to get out of bed just to flick the light switch off. You don’t even have to rush back home just because you forgot to turn one of your appliances off. Just a couple of taps on your smart phone and you can put your mind at ease. These devices make life that simple.



If you want to experience the same benefits but reluctant to let go of your old but trusted appliances and devices at home, Neurio Home Intelligence is the solution you are looking for.

  • Neurio is a hardware and it’s relatively small. It’s a single piece device which means you won’t be having problems with pairing or mounting.
  • It is meant to be self installed. However, if you are not familiar with working through circuits and electric wires, you have the option to ask for professional assistance. Your trusted technician can definitely help you as Neurio needs to be wired to your circuit breaker. It usually takes around 15 minutes to get Neurio up and running.
  • Once you or your technician have secured Neurio to your breaker, you need to turn the breaker on and then off again. You’ll know if you are successful with the step if you hear Neurio chime.
  • After having the device installed, you need to visit its website to configure your device. You should use your computer and web browser in doing this step because Neurio will require you to asnwer a couple of questions. The webpage will guide you through the rest of the process.
  • After you have filled out everything, you can now connect to your Wi-Fi. In case you can’t see the specified network, you may have to turn off your breaker and then on again.

Once installed, Neurio can do a lot of things for you and your home.You shouldn’t underestimate it for its small size. For one, it can do energy monitoring.

  • Neurio’s app, which you can download in either an iOS or an Android device, can let you see your electrical consumption in real time.
  • It also provides an estimate cost of its reading which is really helpful if you are on a tight budget. You’ll know which appliances consume too much power.
  • Every second, Neurio makes a calculation of your home’s electricity related data. These data include active and reactive powers, voltage, frequency and even current.
  • These data are sent to Neurio’s Cloud where they are analyzed and interpreted. Neurio uses its own special technology for these processes.
  • Neurio also knows if you are using solar panels. It can detect the energy that comes to and from your panels.
  • Because Neurio is able to calculate energy consumption in real time, it is also helpful for people who retail energy.

As part of its energy savings feature, Neurio can remind you in case you’ve left any appliance on. If you have left the lights in your room, you should expect to receive a notification. Through time, Neurio can also learn to distinguish the different appliances you have at home. It learns which ones you keep turned on at all times and which appliances you only use at specified times. You should take note, however, that Neurio can only remember your top eight appliances as of the moment and this number is limited to those units consuming around 400 watts. Appliances that consume little power tend to confuse Neurio.

Through this learning, Neurio can have a relatively good idea of which appliances consume most of your electricity. You, in turn, will  be able to adjust in case you are near in exceeding your budget.

Neurio can also help you manage your household chores better. In case you’ve been preoccupied with cooking, Neurio can alert you if the timer on your washing machine is already up. You can also use it to keep track of your children’s leisure time. You’ll know if they have been spending too much time in front of the computer through the energy monitor. Neurio can even be helpful in determining whether or not your appliance needs repair.

  • The good thing about Neurio is that you don’t have to buy a smart washing machine that can notify you if your laundry is done. You can use your existing unit at home and still get the benefits of a smart appliance.
  • Because Neurio is clever, it can connect with other home automation programs such as the IFTTT or  even SmartThings. This means that you can link your home to third party apps and smart devices.
    • You’ll be able to set triggers and actions such as turning off all the lights at home once you switch your thermostats off before leaving for work.
    • You can even automate your home so that the lights and the temperature in your room are at comfortable levels when you get to bed.
    • Neurio is actually an open API, which means if you are a programmer,  you can add or modify any features you want in your Neurio.
  • There are also quite  a lot of improvements on Neurio’s list. In the future, you can expect it to handle more complex appliances at home and more smart products you can connect it with.

Neurio is offerred in three packages. The packages are determined by what your main breaker says and whether you have or don’t have solar panels at home. You can take a look at Neurio’s technical page to determine which package suits your home best.

Neurio was crowdfunded through KickStarter last 2013 and gained thousands of backers which contributed for its success. Now, you can get Neurio by pre-ordering through the purchasing page you can find at its website. The Solar Home costs $319 while the North American and UK versions are priced at $249. If you live in Europe, you can order Neurio at $299 each. Every unit comes with a one year warranty that is subjected to Neurio’s terms.

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