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Netgear’s Arlo Offers Wireless, Weatherproof Home Security Cameras

It’s the world’s first completely wireless outdoor camera that can record what happens in your home in high definition. If you have constantly struggled with lines and cables with your previous security cameras, then Netgear’s Arlo can give you a much better experience. You can put it anywhere you want, literally. It’s an indoor/ outdoor security camera.


  • Arlo is small, particularly just around the size of your palm.
  • It has a glossy white finish and it can easily blend with your home’s design.
  • Instead of relying on power supply, Arlo needs CR123 lithium batteries to work.
    • You can find the battery slots on the underside of the device.
    • It generally takes around 4 to 6 months before you’ll need replacements for the batteries. However, as the lifespan of these batteries are also dependent on usage, you can buy spare ones ahead of time.
  • You can put Arlo in your living room or your garden. Since it is wireless, you won’t have a hard time thinking about where to hide the cables. It can also make you feel more secure as burglars won’t have any wires to cut off of your security system.

Since it’s an outdoor camera, Arlo was made to be weatherproof. You can leave it on your backyard without having to worry about rain or heat. Generally, Arlo can withstand extreme temperatures between 14 to 122 degree Fahrenheit or negative ten to positive 50 degrees Celsius.

How do you exactly set up Arlo?

You can easily set up Arlo using its mounting base and magnetic attachment. Since it works on magnet, you’ll have enough freedom in maneuvering the device in any direction you want.

  • The mounting plate should be screwed to your wall or any area you want to have your Arlo.
  • If you are hesitant to use screws on your walls, you can simply use a double sided tape.
  • After you have secured the plate, you can now hang the magnetic mount.
  • Arlo has an indentation on its back, around the size of your thumb, that fits perfectly with the magnetic mount.
  • In case you don’t want it attached to any walls at home, you can simply put Arlo on top of your desk or shelf.
  • You also have the option magnetically attach Arlo on the surface of your refrigerator.

Arlo comes with a hub which acts as a base station. It has the same color and finish as the Arlo camera. The hub has ports on its back. It has a slot to which you attach the Ethernet cable from your router and another slot for power supply. Once you have set up the base station, which you’ll know by its green light indicator, you can then proceed with downloading the Arlo app. The app will take you through the rest of the installation, storage plan selection and sync process.

Usually, when you get a security camera that runs solely on batteries, it’s expected that the quality of videos is not that great. Apparently, this is what makes Arlo so much different.

  • Arlo can give you a 110 degree view of your target space. It can be the view of your bedroom, your kitchen or your front door.
  • It has night vision capabilities as well. Each Arlo camera has 850 nm LEDS and infrared cut off filters to keep an eye on your home even at night. It can illuminate up to 25 feet.
  • Arlo can work around 300 feet from the hub.
  • It also has motion sensing feature. It will only alert you and start recording once it senses a movement.
  • As for recording, Arlo can capture important events at 720p.

In you are wondering where your recordings go, Arlo provides several options for its Cloud Services.

Basic Plan

  • This plan is offered for free for each of Arlo’s set of cameras.
  • It gives you seven days’ worth of Cloud recordings.
  • You’ll receive a total of 1 Gb of Cloud storage. Once you have filled this space with recordings even if you haven’t reached the seventh day, your Arlo will no longer do any recordings. Keep in mind to clean your storage once it reaches its limit to make sure there’s enough space for future videos. On a similar note, each recording that has gone past the seven day duration will automatically be deleted or overwritten.
  • It can hold around 5 Arlo cameras and one base station.

Premier Package

  • This plan costs $9.99 monthly or $99 per year.
  • With this price, you’ll get 30 days of Cloud recordings.
  • You’ll also receive 10 Gb worth of Cloud storage.
  • As for the cameras, the Premier package can hold up to 10 cameras and one base.
  • The Premier package also provides unlimited technical support just in case you need any assistance with your devices.

Elite Package

  • At $14.99 monthly or $149 annually, you can sign up for the Elite package.
  • It provides 60 days worth of Cloud recordings.
  • As for storage, this plan can give you 100 Gb.
  • It can support 15 Arlo cameras and 3 base stations.
  • This package also gives you an unlimited technical support.

The prices of these plans may vary depending on which country you are from. To make sure what your monthly or annual fee should be, you can take a look at Netgear’s worldwide pricing page.

Because Arlo has no cords, you can safely use it as a baby monitor without the need to worry about your baby being at risk for strangulation. You can use it to keep an eye on your child in the nursery in case you are too busy with your other household chores or too tired to get up from bed. You can also use Arlo to monitor your business or to watch over your dog while you are at work. You must take note, however, that you won’t be able to tell your dog to leave your couch alone in case he is sleeping there. Arlo doesn’t support any audio capabilities.

You can get Arlo’s most affordable camera system at $199.99. This price includes one HD camera and one base station. If you want a more comprehensive security, you can purchase Arlo’s four camera system at $499.99.

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  1. Great full security system with wireless network and night vision really I like the whole thing and ideas it will more fun if audio is available that will be supreme device in the market but one thing I want to know if it works with 220 not only 110 votes thanks a lot

  2. Great full security system with wireless network and night vision really I like the whole thing and ideas it will more fun if audio is available that will be supreme device in the market but one thing I want to know if it works with 220 not only 110 Watt thanks a lot

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