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It’s basically the same as Dropcam Pro. Well, it’s a little better, actually.


You should remember that Dropcam was purchased by Google-owned Nest last year and they have been very quiet about their plans for it, until now. Other than making the new design slimmer and sturdier compared with the original Dropcam Pro, Nest Cam and its predecessor have basically the same set of specs and technology.

However, because of the remodelling, it’s expected that you’ll find a bit of difference with Nest Cam:

  • Nest Cam stands 4.5 inches and comes with its own cable and power adapter to work.
  • One major difference of the Nest Cam, in terms of design, is its stand. It now has a zinc alloy stand to make the device sturdier and easier to position.
  • The base includes a magnet which you can use to attach the Cam to your fridge or any metal surface you have at home. Once attached, you can twist and rotate until you get the Cam positioned the way you want it. It has a 180 degree pivot capacity.
  • You can even mount it anywhere around the house using its own standard tripod stand.
  • There’s also the option for you to simply screw its wall plate to your wall or just have your device standing on your table.
  • Nest Cam is available only in black.

Nest Cam is quite easy to set up at home. You just need to plug the power cord to the device and then download the app. Nest claims it generally takes only 60 seconds to have Cam up and running.

  • Much like Dropcam Pro, the Nest Cam can record your videos in 1080p HD at 30 fps.
  • It can also give you a wider view of any room at home with its 130 degree viewing angle. Nest Cam has an all-glass lens to give you this wider view without having to pan or tilt your camera.
  • As for night vision capability, Nest Cam has eight infrared sensors to let you see clearer even in the dark. It is also quite smart since it knows the difference of day light and bright light coming from flashlights and lamps.
  • Nest Cam’s night vision can cover around 20 feet.
  • The device has 8x digital zooming capability. You just have to click the “Enhance” button on the app and Cam can give you a closer and sharper view of any area you want to see in the room.

Nest Cam can allow you to share your recordings with other people. However, if you do not like other people to see what goes on at home, you may have to keep an eye on your Cam’s setting.

  • By default, this option is set to private.
  • You can change it to public if you’re hosting an event at home or if you want a relative or a friend from another country to see what your home looks like.
  • However, you must take extra caution when setting your camera in public mode as there is no password needed for a person to have access to your videos. He just needs to know the link.
  • Your privacy setting is your own preferrence. To calm your worries about your security, you should also be aware that your data is protected with Nest’s bank level security and data encryption.

There is also the option for you to set a schedule for your Nest Cam. If you constantly seem to forget to turn on your Nest Cam before leaving for work, you can set a unique schedule for each day of the week.

Other than the camera, Nest Cam also has a lot of interesting features. Most of these features were initially with Dropcam and it’s actually a relief that they decided to keep them in their new device.

  • Nest Cam has a light indicator to help you know if the device is working properly, if someone is watching you or someone is about to talk to you.
  • For communication, you can use Cam’s set of mic and speakers.
    • It’s called the Talk and Listen feature which works basically like a walkie-talkie. You take turns speaking.
    • It will sound a chime before and after you hear someone talk. The light indicator will also
    • The mic has the ability to pick up sounds from about 20 feet. Its sensitivity can also be adjusted using the app.
    • You can also use this feature to listen to any suspicious sound at home or to tell your dog not to chew on your sofa.

Cam also has Nest Aware. It’s a subscription plan that allows you to pick between a 10 day or a 30 day Cloud recording of your videos.

  • Nest Aware can readily show you if there’s something happening at home, particularly at the areas that are important to you.
  • You can also save a recording or a clip and link it to your social media accounts. It could be a video clip of your dog learning a new trick or your daughter performing a song.
  • You can even create short time lapse clip with your Cam’s recordings.
  • Nest Aware can also give you a more accurate alerts because it works on advanced algorithms. It knows when it’s a burglar at your door or just a shadow.

Being part of the Nest Family, the Nest Cam is able to work well with Nest’s other products. As a matter of fact, Nest’s app can control all three of its devices in one interface. This can actually be helpful in cases of possible emergencies. You can have your Nest Cam to automatically start recording once smoke and fire is detected at home. It can help you verify the event and immediately take action. You can also use it in learning and reviewing how the incident really happened.

Each Nest Cam costs $199. It’s relatively the same price as the previous Dropcam Pro. As for Nest Aware, the 10 day video history will cost $100 for the whole year. The 30 day video history, on the other hand, is priced at $300 annually. In case you find fault in your device, Nest is giving you a limited two year warranty.

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