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Nanoleaf Bloom: The Dimmable LED Light Bulb without the Dimmer

If you think using your phone and an app to control your lights is too bothersome, then Nanoleaf Bloom is good news for you. It can instantly turn your regular light switch into a dimmer switch. There’s no need to buy a separate dimmer or change your existing switches at home. Cool, right?


  • The Nanoleaf Bloom is the world’s first dimmable light bulb that doesn’t need a dimmer.
  • It has a very interesting design carrying the unique aesthetic appeal of the Nanoleaf series- looking more like a jigsaw puzzle fitted together to look like a bulb.
  • The Bloom comes in arctic white, charcoal black and the arctic leaf design. You must keep in mind, however, that the colors and designs do not affect the lights. Although it can’t make your lights colorful, the Nanoleaf Bloom can earn you extra bragging rights to your friends.
  • You can also install several Nanoleaf Bloom bulbs at home and connect it to a single switch. However, you can’t expect it to work if you connect it to a three way lamp.
  • The Nanoleaf Bloom requires no other hardware to work which means no frustrating installation process and syncing.
  • Unfortunately, the Nanoleaf Bloom can only be used inside your home.

It’s also actually the most  energy efficient light bulb in the world. It can give you 75 watts of brightness by just consuming 10 watts of your electricity.

  • It gives light to your home using omnidirectional lighting. This feature makes sure that the light it distributes are even through its 33 custom LEDs.
  • The light bulb also isn’t prone to overheating when placed in an enclosed fixture. Each bulb comes with an overheat protection as a standard feature.
    • If it does feel hot, it automatically goes on dim mode to make sure it stays away from damage.
  • It can also help you save on your electricity bill. When you decide to use it in its 100% brightness which means 10W of its maximum power, you’ll only be spending $1.53 annually. Imagine that.
  • It can give you 30,000 hours of light. Compute that and you’ll get 10 years of its life, given that you use it up to 8 hours a day. That makes 27 years when used for 3 hours a day!

The Nanoleaf Bloom was crowdfunded through Kickstarter. Aside from letting you save on your electricity bill, the Nanoleaf is also a safer choice compared with other light bulbs.

  • It doesn’t contain mercury or even lead.
  • It gives lesser heat so there’s little chance that it will overheat.
  • The better news is that there’s also no flicking and no hurting your eyes. The bulb is designed to take three seconds before reaching full brightness. It gives your eyes enough time to adjust to the light.

The Nanoleaf Bloom has an integrated microprocessor which is able to translate your regular switches’ on and off to something the bulb can understand. But, how do you actually control it?

Hold on to your light switches. This is actually going to be fun.

  • The Nanoleaf Bloom can be used as a regular light bulb.
    • To turn it on, just flick the switch on and leave it as such. You can do the same when you want it turned off. Just flick the switch down and let it stay as it is.
  • To adjust the Nanoleaf Bloom’s brightness when the light is turned off:
  1. Turn the switch ON.
  2. Once the Nanoleaf Bloom starts to light up, wait for it to reach your desired brightness.
  3. Now, turn the switch OFF and then ON again to lock the brightness in.
  • To activate the Nanoleaf Bloom in its night mode when the light is turned off:
  1. Turn the switch to ON then OFF and ON again. You have to do this quickly.
  2. Doing this sequence will activate it as a night light and give you 5% brightness. That is equivalent to a consumption of 0.5W and around $0.07 on your yearly electricity consumption.
  • To use the Nanoleaf Bloom as a dimmer when the light is turned on:
  1. Flick the switch OFF and then ON again.
  2. Once it begins to fade, wait for your desired dimness.
  3. Lock it by turning the switch OFF and On.
  • To activate the Nanoleaf Bloom in its night mode when the light is turned on:
  1. Flick the switch OFF and ON again.

Other than the Bloom bulb, Nanoleaf also has the Nanoleaf One bulb. It has the same safety feature as the Bloom in that it doesn’t overheat even when used in enclosed fixtures. However, the Nano leaf One bulb is non dimmable.

Nanoleaf also has the Nanoleaf Gem. It is made of resistant glass and the same safety and equal light distribution as Nanoleaf’s other light bulbs. It comes in a frosted white design and the option to choose between the 470 lumen and 800 lumen version.

The Nanoleaf Bloom can be purchased through their official ordering page. You have the option to choose your preferred design and to key in your country to know your bulb base. Each bulb costs $39.99 and comes with a 3 year limited warranty.

If you are not too interested with grey and black, the Nanoleaf comes with a very cool Nanoleaf Bloom limited edition. It’s pink and it’s named the Nanoleaf Bloom <3 bulb. It also has little hearts imprinted on its surface which makes it even cuter. However, the only difference lies with the design. The Nanoleaf Bloom <3 bulb has the same functionality and price tag as with the regular Bloom bulbs.


Speaking of price, the Nanoleaf Bloom may actually cost higher compared with other LED bulbs and the limited functionality it can do for you and your home can make you question your purchase. However, if you are to look on its cost saving benefits on your electricity, you can simply look at it as an investments. And besides, it’s perfectly fine to have fun once in a while. It’s a really cool light bulb,after all.

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