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The reason you probably installed your security system at home is to protect it and your family against burglary. However, there’s one security system that claims that it can actually stop a burglary before it even begins.


  MyFox Home Security System is intelligent enough to know if someone is picking at your door lock. It can actually feel vibrations. However, it also knows the difference between your neighbor knocking at your front door or an intruder working his way with your locks.

MyFox Home Security System has the IntelliTAG sensors.

  • You can set up the sensor using its adhesives. You can attach it to your sliding door or window. It also works on swinging types, too.
  • It’s a single piece sensor. You won’t need to worry about pairing and maintaining the right gap to make it work.
  • It runs on batteries. It may take around a year before you’ll need to find replacements.
  • The IntelliTAG has several sensors integrated in its system. They’re more conveniently called as “anti-intrusion sensors”. The IntelliTAG also has an algorithm which it uses to detect any potential threat to your home.
    • It knows the unique vibrations that a potential burglary can create. An example to this is the vibrations created by someone drilling against your backdoor. The InteliTag knows that it’s different from the vibrations created by someone knocking.
    • If it becomes suspicious of what it senses, it triggers the alarm.
    • The alarm, on the other hand, once activated emits a 110 db loud siren.
    • As the IntelliTAG triggers the alarm, you also get notified through the app. As such, you have the option to call the local authorities either to verify or call for assistance.

Other than the IntelliTAG and the alarm, the system also includes a keyfob which you can use to manually arm or disarm the system. It also has a single key press to signal for help and another button which can put your system into a partial mode. You can give one for each member of your family. This way, you’ll know who leaves and who arrives at your home. The system also automatically disarms whenever it detects a keyfob entering the house.

The Link is MyFox’s main hub. It can give you back up power of around four hours if the power fails in your area. If your Wi-Fi connection experiences some trouble, your MyFox can look for another MyFox system within two miles in your area. Once it is able to establish a connection with another MyFox system, through LoRA frequency, your recordings are then transferred and uploaded through the other unit’s  Wi-Fi. This is called MyFoxAround feature.

Actually, this feature can greatly help if there’s something very important that your unit needs to upload. However, one downside to this is that there must be enough MyFox or at least one unit available within a two mile radius from your home for the feature to work.

The latest addition to the MyFox Home Security System is its MyFox Camera.

  • To start with, you can use the camera as a stand alone device. However, if you want a more comprehensive security, you can link the camera to MyFox Home Security System.
  • The camera comes inclusive with a battery. In case the power fails, the battery can give you one extra hour to function.
  • The camera has wide angle lens that can give you a 130 degree diagonal view.
  • It has night vision as well so you can still see who goes in even at night.
  • As for resolution, the camera can give you HD quality videos marked at 720p.
  • In case there’s something you forgot to tell your babysitter, MyFox camera has a two way audio. You can communicate with anyone in the house- including your dog.

If you find yourself feeling uneasy having a surveillance camera around while you are at home, you can actually close MyFox camera’s shutter. You can also remotely control it whenever you’re away. Moreover, it can automatically open itself once it senses something suspicious.

MyFox Security System also lets you build your own Trusted Circle. You can share your security access to your family members. How?

  1. You can give each one a keyfob. Remember, each keyfob can automatically disarm the system. It also has buttons to engage your security.
  2. You can also send them an invite to download the app.
  3. Through the app, you can control how much access each member has. You can also share your alerts and notifications so that they can also check your home while you’re away.

Interestingly, MyFox also works with IFTTT. “If This Then That” works to connect your MyFox to third party apps and smart devices. It allows you to  set your triggers and actions to create your recipe for both your home’s security and your home’s automation. Say for example, your MyFox detects a suspicious action at your front door. Other than triggering the alarm, you can also set the lights on your front door to turn on. You can even link your MyFox to your social media accounts if you want.

Where do your recordings go?

Each recording your MyFox makes is automatically transferred to its own Cloud storage. You can sign up for a  7 day recording for $9.99. However,  if you want to have a longer recording period, you can subscribe for a 30 day recording at $29.99.

You can sign up to pre-order MyFox. The whole security system is available for $299.99. It comes inclusive with:

  • 1 Siren
  • 1 Keyfob
  • 1 Link
  • 1 IntelliSensor

However, if you want to add more devices, you can purchase an extra IntelliTAG at $49.99 and an extra key fob at $29.99. Your MyFox system can support up to 50 IntelliTAGs and 50 sensors. As for camera, the system can support up to 4 of them.

In case you may want to return your device, you have no more than 30 days to notify Myfox and expect to receive a Return Materials Number. You must have your devices returned, including the RMA, around 14 days after you have notified them.

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