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If you’ll be spending a big chunk of your hard-earned money for home security, you’ll want to make sure it’ll be worth it, right?

Monitronics has a lot of experience when it comes to keeping homes safe. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the strongest contenders in the market of home security systems back then. However, as there have been several changes through the years, there are also a lot of things that you need to consider about this system if you are to sign up with them today.


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A few things you need to know about the alarm system:

  • It has more than 20 years of experience in the business.
  • In 2015, the company has bought LiveWatch Security.
  • All of its operators have undergone both classroom and hands-on training which means they are skilled to assist you in any type of emergency.
  • Its alarm response center is Five Diamond Certified by the Central Station Alarm Association.
  • It has a backup monitoring center in case of power failure.
  • Monitronics uses Z-Wave technology in making your home smart.
  • It’s rated A- in the Better Business Bureau.
  • Its equipment comes from a variety of manufacturers, including Honeywell and GE.
  • As it relies on dealership program, the availability of the equipment may vary.
  • It requires professional installation
  • It has both home security and medical alert packages.

Monitronics offers three types of home security packages. The installation is free, but you’ll be required to pay for your system’s activation.

Your options include:

• Basic Security Package

Price: $34.95 monthly
Activation: $99

Before buying this pack, make sure you have an existing landline connection. It’s the only package that doesn’t depend on cellular connectivity. In this set, you’ll get just the basic hardware. If you want additional services and monitoring, such as medical, carbon monoxide and water detection, you may have to pay an additional fee for the equipment and services.

The package includes the following:

  • The full-color touch screen keypad comes in three consoles. You can choose from any of the following:
    • Interlogix Simon XTi
    • Honeywell Lynx Touch L7000
  • The door/ window sensor is made of two parts. It typically includes a sensor and a magnet.
  • Pet-sensitive motion detector can be set to disregard pets with a specific weight and size. It uses passive infrared sensor to distinguish you from your pet.
  • The keychain remote comes in three choices. You can choose any of the two four-button fobs or a simple panic button.
  • Yard sign and window decals

• Home Touch Security

Price: $44.95 monthly
Activation: $99

The package has similar equipment and services as the basic set. However, for the price, you also get the following features:

  • Remote arming and disarming
  • Local weather alerts
  • Notifications through email and text

It also offers the following extra features, but you may have to pay an additional fee for both equipment and services:

  • Two way voice
  • Remote lighting control gives you the option to choose between a plain lamp switch and one with a dimmer.
  • Remote appliance control needs an appliance module to work. It’s typically plugged to a wall outlet before you connect your electrical appliance.
  • Remote garage control will let you know in case someone attempts to open your garage door.
  • Remote thermostat control includes four thermostat choices. You can choose from, 2Gig, Honeywell and Trane Z Wave thermostat. These devices allow you to create custom schedules on your thermostat and even set your smart phone to receive notifications in case your settings have been changed.
  • Remote lock control includes smart code deadbolt and lever locks. You can use it to manage your locks from anywhere.

• Home Touch Premier

Price: $54.95 monthly
Activation: $149

Other than the basic equipment, buying this package will also get you an indoor camera. The additional services from the Home Touch package come free in this set. However, you may still be required to pay for the necessary equipment.

Monitronics has its own app from which is compatible with Blackberry, Android and iOS devices. You can use it to control your smart devices at home, such as your lights and thermostats. With the app, you’ll also be able to view your camera, lock and unlock your doors.

Because the alarm company has partnered with several manufacturers, you have a lot of options when it comes to devices.

For the camera type, you have five different choices:

  • Image Sensor Camera detects and captures suspicious movements at home. It has low-light infrared lens to give you quality images even in the dark.
  • Indoor Wi-Fi Pan and Tilt camera, as the name implies, is suitable to use inside your home. It can pan and tilt which means you can get a larger visual coverage of any room.
  • Indoor Wi-Fi Fixed Camera can be placed in your bookshelf or countertop. Unlike the previous camera, this one can only monitor one specific direction or area.
  • Indoor Wi-Fi Fixed Camera with Night Vision has infrared lens for effective monitoring in the dark.
  • Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision has weatherproof casing that can withstand outdoor temperature. It’s fixed but comes with night vision feature so you can easily keep track of anyone who attempts to walk over your property at night.

Monitronics is known for the several awards it has earned throughout the years. These awards include a four-year consecutive Consumer’s Choice Award and an Installation Quality Certification. However, despite these recognitions, there are still a number of complaints about this alarm system. One of the most notable among these complaints involves the transparency of their contracts and the difficulty of termination. Unlike the best security system in our rankings, you’ll find that Monitronics has a handful of negative comments from its customers.

If you are to sign up with this company, it’s wise if you can go through its terms thoroughly. Its basic security package, for example, hints a possible increase in rate after 12 months. Early termination of the contract, on the other hand, can charge you with 80% of the monthly charges due for the remaining months of the initial agreement. The minimum contract duration you can sign with Monitronics is 3 years. It can extend up to 5 years.

If you find these terms confusing or inconvenient, there are other options for you to choose from. Our top rated system, Frontpoint, features a 30 day risk free guarantee that allows you to test the system first to know if it’s the right fit for your home or not.


check Monitronics partners with several manufacturers. It gives you a lot of options when it comes to hardware.
check All three packages require an activation fee.
check Additional fees apply if you want to add equipment and features.
check It has several awards and recognitions.
check It offers both home security and medical monitoring safety.
check Monitronics relies on its dealers for its campaign, installation and even repair.
check Its contracts range from 3 to 5 years.
check The price of your subscription may increase after a year.

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