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Top Rated: Medical Guardian Review

How fast can help reach you?

Medical Guardian can attend to any type of emergency in around 15 seconds. It’s armed with 911 trained care representatives who can skillfully assist you or dispatch immediate help when you need it. If you live alone and something happens, wouldn’t it be safer if you can have these protection services available in just a push of a button?  Now, you can.

Aside from the quick response time, Medical Guardian is considered as the best medical alert system for the following reasons:

  • It covers all 50 states.
  • It can offer support in 200 languages.
  • Both its monitoring station and equipment are UL Listed. Its center is also Department of Defense certified.
  • You can sign up or subscribe to any of its packages over the phone or the internet.
  • It doesn’t require any installation fees and can ship your devices free of charge.
  • The price you sign up for typically remains the same for as long as you are subscribed.
  • Medical Guardian requires an initial three month contract.
    • You have the option to cancel out of this 90 day contract in case you’re unsatisfied with the service. There are no cancellation fees but you may need to send the devices back to them to avoid any extra charges.
    • After the contract period and you’re still interested with the medical alert system, you can switch to a month-to-month contract.
    • It offers a 24-hour monitoring and dispatch service.
    • Its devices come with backup battery power in case of power failure. The hours will depend on the type of your system.
  • It’s rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.
  • Medical Guardian can respond based on your needs.
    • If an alert is activated but no response is elicited from the user, it can immediately dispatch medical help.
    • In the event that the situation is non-emergent, it can call your friends or relatives for you.
  • Each system comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Compared with other systems, Medical Guardian offers a wider range at 1300 feet.

Medical Guardian offers four different packages. It doesn’t, however, have any plans for fire or carbon monoxide monitoring. All of its packages don’t involve long term contracts or installation fees. Basically, you only have to pay for the services you sign up for on a monthly basis.

For the packages, you have the following options:

1. Classic Guardian

Classic Guardian

Price Per Month$29.95$29.95$27.45


This package is the most affordable one you can get from this brand. It’s also the only package among the four systems that requires a landline. It will not only monitor you for medical emergencies but can also look out for intruders, fire and any other accidents that can happen at home.

It includes:

  • Base unit
    • It works with your telephone line in connecting with the monitoring station.
    • You can use it in hands-free mode.
    • It needs to be plugged into a power outlet. In cases of power outages, there’s a 32 hour battery backup which you can rely on.
    • The base also includes a reset button.
    • In case the base unit experiences trouble with signal, there’s a light indicator to let you know.
    • The unit includes a big Emergency Call button at its middle for easier access
    • The base unit can also save your emergency contact numbers.
  • Necklace or wrist pendant
    • You have two options for your alert button. You can choose between a necklace or a wristband.
    • Both of them are waterproof which means you can wear them in the shower or while doing any water-related sports activity.
    • The range between the alert button and the base station is at 1300 feet.

2. Home Guardian

Home Guardian


Price Per Month$34.95$34.95$32.04

Home Guardian connects wirelessly to the monitoring station. Instead of your phone line, the systemconnects through a cellular network. This package gives you the option to add a Fall Detector.

  The package includes:

  • Base Station
    • It’s packed with a 30-hour battery backup.
    • The unit comes with an LED screen to let you know the time, date and the day’s weather. It also indicates the level of your batteries as well as the signal.
    • Aside from the Emergency Button, there’s also the Test button which will remind you to trial run your unit every month.
  • Necklace or wrist pendant
    • The alert buttons included in this package offer a shorter range at 600 feet.

3. Mobile Guardian

Mobile Guardian


Price Per Month$39.95$39.95$36.62


The Mobile Guardian can be taken anywhere. It is GPS-enabled which means that the monitoring station can easily track your exact location. This can be helpful in case something happens and you’re alone in the street.

By subscribing to the package, you’ll get:

  • Base Station
    • This unit is small and portable. It can actually fit inside your pocket and the palm of your hand. It comes with a leather case which you can use as storage in case you’re on the go.
    • Its batteries can last for 24 hours.
    • The Emergency Button is placed at the center of the device.
    • If you’re at home, you can simply dock the base station.
  • Necklace or Wrist Pendant
    • Because of the portability of the Base Station, the alert buttons included in the package have a shorter range at 350 square feet.
    • As mentioned, it’s GPS-enabled.

4. Premium Guardian

Premium Guardian


Price Per Month$49.95$49.95$45.79


This is the latest and most advanced medical alert system from Medical Guardian. It offers portability, GPS tracking and fall detection. The Fall Detector measures change in velocity through its accelerometer and barometric pressure detector. An 18 inch drop can initiate an alert. These features are not only beneficial for Grandma, but can also help people with debilitating diseases such as Parkinson’s or even stroke patients.

  It includes:

  • Base Station and Charger
    • The unit connects to a cellular network in reaching the monitoring station.
    • It’s portable and can give you 36 hours of battery life.
    • You can take it with you wherever you go.
  • Belt Clip
    • The alert button for this package comes in the form of a belt clip. You also have the option to attach it as a pendant to your necklace.
    • It monitors and detects for fall. In case you fell and can’t actually press the emergency button, the monitoring station still gets alerted. It will immediately dispatch medical help to check on your condition.
    • By being GPS-enabled, the monitoring station can easily know where to send help.
    • The clip has an unlimited range.

Pressing the emergency button does not always involve sending an ambulance to your location. Medical Guardian uses the following procedures in handling your alert:

  1. If help is needed, you simply push the emergency button. Detected fall incident also alerts the monitoring station.
  2. After an alert is received, a skilled medical respondent will then assess your situation. If the case is an emergency, such as unconsciousness or unresponsiveness, he will immediately send medical help. However, if your situation is non-emergent and you only need assistance, he can reach out to your enlisted contact numbers.
  3. In the event that hospitalization is necessary, the medical respondent can also notify your relatives on your behalf. He can also provide the medical team treating you with the necessary personal and medical data to ensure your safety.

Medical Guardian has a very good customer service orientation. In fact, it’s similar to our top rated Do It Yourself home security system. This medical alert system is becoming increasingly popular because it doesn’t require extra fees when activating or cancelling subscription. It also offers several choices that can fit your lifestyle and needs.


check Medical Guardian is rated A+ in the BBB.
check Its monitoring station is UL Listed and Department of Defense certified
check It has an average response time of 15 seconds.
check Medical Guardian’s emergency respondents are 911 trained.
check It requires an initial 90 day contract. You have the option to cancel anytime or to continue on a month-to-month basis.
check It’s available nationwide.
check It offers a lifetime warranty for all its packages.
check Each package has a back up battery.
check It monitors for medical emergency, intrusion and fire.
check The price stays the same for as long as you are subscribed.