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It’s not enough that you know how fast your medical alert system can respond to your needs. Because life is of utmost importance, you should also have a clear idea on how well your system can handle an emergency. LifeStation guarantees that it’s more than skilled enough to be there for you.

Its best features:

  • LifeStation has been in business since 1977.
  • It has a response time of 20 to 30 seconds.
  • It has its own monitoring station which is UL Listed and CSAA Five Diamond Certified.
  • Its emergency care representatives are Central Alarm Station Certified.
  • It does a weekly test on your system to make sure it’s functioning properly. For added assurance, you can also conduct your own test monthly.
  • It’s very easy to install. You can set up LifeStation in just five minutes.
  • There’s no need to sign up for any long term contracts. The system comes with a month to month agreement.
  • LifeStation allows cancellation at any time with 30 days notice. However, you’ll be required to send the system back to them.
  • There’s an optional service for Activity Assurance as an added means to secure peace of mind.
  • It owns responsibility in replacing faulty equipments and even batteries.

In handling an emergency, LifeStation has two care specialists to answer your call. The first care specialist assesses your situation and stays with you on the line until help arrives. The other specialist, meanwhile, contacts your family as well as dispatches emergency help when needed.

On top of this, LifeStation places all of its care specialists under intensive training to ensure that they are highly skilled to handle an emergency. They undergo:

  • 6 weeks intensive classroom training
  • An apprenticeship program with a veteran specialist
  • Regular evaluation on a weekly basis after getting hired
  • Reviews on a quarterly basis

Unlike other companies, LifeStation only offers one medical alert package. You have, however, a lot of options when it comes to add-on features and equipment. There are also three payment terms to choose from.

At Home Medical Alert System

Home Medical Alert System Life station


Price Per Month$29.95$27.95$25.95


At Home Medical Alert System needs to be connected to a landline. Like most systems, it includes a base unit and an emergency alert button. Upon receiving the package, you can have these devices up and running in less than five minutes. If you’re ready to get started, you can set your order by simply filling up this order form.

Package features:

  • Base Station
    • It has a speaker and a microphone to enable two way communication to the monitoring station.
    • In case of power failures, you can rely on its 32 hour backup battery. This battery recharges automatically once the power is restored.
    • Aside from the Emergency Button, the base station also has a “Clear” button which you can use to cancel accidental calls to the monitoring station.
    • Unlike most systems, LifeStation has a UL Listed base station.
  • Alert Button
    • You can have your alert button as a necklace, a pendant or a wristband.
    • It’s water resistant.
    • The alert button can communicate with the base station within a 500 meter range.
    • Its battery can last up to 4 years.
    • You can use the pendant to answer calls from your phone.

If the alert button and base station aren’t enough for you, LifeStation offers several additional upgrades. Your options include:

  • Help Button

In case there’s another person at home who needs medical monitoring, you don’t need to purchase a separate medical emergency system. You can, instead, purchase an additional Help Button for an additional $3.99 per month.

  • Bathroom and Hallway Emergency Button

Occasional forgetfulness is a common experience among seniors. If your loved one keeps on forgetting his medical alert button, it can give you added peace of mind if you can install several wall mounted emergency buttons at home which he can easily access in case there’s an emergency. Each button costs $2.49 per month on top of your existing monthly package fee. It’s recommended that you have several of these emergency buttons installed in your bathrooms, hallways and bedrooms.

  • Mobile Emergency Button

This add-on is perfect for those people who are still active. It’s battery-operated and small enough to fit inside purses or even in your hands. For an additional $9.95 monthly, you can carry an emergency button with you wherever you go. When pressed, the device can easily connect you to 911. It doesn’t need a cellular service or power cords.

  • Lock Box

Lock boxes are used to keep spare keys to your door. Adding one to your system can help make sure that responders will be able to reach you even when you can’t physically let them in. It’s available for $2.99 per month.

Aside from packages and upgrades, LifeStation also features Caregiver Alerts. It’s a form of messaging system to keep family members and caregivers updated with your condition. It will not only send them email notifications when there’s an emergency, but it can also send updates if the system is not working properly or battery replacements are needed. Testing the system will also automatically send an email to your loved ones.

For added peace of mind, there’s an Activity Assurance feature you may want to consider. When subscribed, the monitoring station will check in on your loved one every day by prompting him to press the “Home” button. If this button is not pressed, the station initiates contact with him. If there is still no response, appropriate emergency response will be initiated. Activity Assurance offers peace of mind particularly for seniors who live alone.


check LifeStation offers only one package and several additional services and devices.
check Two emergency care specialists will answer your call during an emergency.
check It does a weekly test on your system.
check It has its own monitoring station.
check All of its emergency care representatives are highly trained.
check You can cancel an emergency call by pressing the “Clear” button or by explaining to the monitoring station that the button was pressed by accident.
check Its equipments are UL listed.
check The Caregiver Alert feature will send email notifications to your loved ones.

LifeStation has UL Listed equipments.