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More than a Name Change: LifeShield Home Security System Review

Remember InGrid?

It’s the world’s first all digital home security system.

However, you may not hear more from the name anymore. InGrid has been acquired by DirectTv and ever since has been known as LifeShield.


  • LifeShield Home Security System has an impressive multilayer backup for its monitoring services. It has landline, cellular and broadband based connections to ensure that your signals are sent whatever the circumstances are.
  • It also has batteries for a 24 hour power backup in case the electricity fails.
  • It works by a Dual Defense System.
    • By the dual defense system, Lifeshield has the keypad and the base to send signals to the monitoring station. When one gets destroyed, the other sends out the signal.
  • LifeShield has Protection1 for its monitoring.
  • It has 5 UL Listed monitoring stations all over the country.
  • LifeShield also has crime maps. It has partnered with SpotCrime to give you ideas and updates on your area’s crime statistics.
  • Installation is relatively easy as it is a Do-It-Yourself kit. However, in case you’re in doubt of how to make the system work, you can call for a professional and trained technician to set up your system.

LifeShield has 3 packages you can choose from. Each set comes with a 24/7 professional monitoring service and a free interactive and remote monitoring. However, it can tie you up with their standard 36 month long agreement.

Security Essentials

Package includes:

  • 1 Security Touchpad
  • 1 Security Base and and 1 Keypad
  • 4 Door and Window Sensors
  • 1 Keychain Remote
  • 1 Patented Fire Safety Sensor
  • 1 Pet-friendly Motion Sensor
  • Free whole home fire protection

Price: $29.99

  • When you sign for a LifeShield package, you get a Security Touchpad to view live feeds from your home and even know your security score. It’s pre-installed with the LifeShield App which you can use to manage and customize your security.
  • Remember the Dual Defense System? The Security Base and Keypad function to make sure your signals are sent even if one of them gets destroyed.
  • The Security Essentials package includes a fire safety sensor.
    • You can place it near your home’s existing fire and carbon monoxide detectors. If one of them sounds an alarm, LifeShield’s fire sensor will hear it and it will then alert the monitoring station.
  • The sensors, on the other hand, can still work even when placed at a maximum of 30 feet away from the base.

Security Advantage

Package includes:

  • 1 Security Base and 1 Keypad
  • 1 Security Touchpad
  • 6 Door and Window Sensors
  • 1 Fire and Safety Sensor
  • 1 Pet- friendly Motion Sensor
  • 1 Wireless Keychain Remote
  • 1 Wireless Camera with Video Monitoring
  • Free whole home fire protection

Price: $39.99

The Security Advance Package is LifeShield’s most popular set. It comes with the basic video monitoring service so you can still keep an eye on your home even while you’re at work.

Security Professional

Package includes:

  • 1 Security Base and 1 Keypad
  • 1 Security Touchpad
  • 8 Door and Window Sensors
  • 1 Fire Safety Sensor
  • 1 Pet- friendly Sensor
  • 1 Wireless Keychain Remote
  • Free whole home fire protection
  • 2 Wireless Cameras with Video Monitoring
  • Free 1GB of Video Storage

Price: $49.99

Although LifeShield can provide an effective security solution to keep your home safe, it still can’t make your home smart like most of the home security systems available in the market today.  It also has a several customer concerns since the name change. If you are to look it up and in the time this review is written, LifeShield has no rating in the Better Business Bureau as the company is reported to be “responding to previously closed complaints”.

As for cancellations and returns, LifeShield requires that you follow a specific process.

1. First, you have to call LifeShield to request for a Return Material Authorization number. It has to be within 7 days.

2. After you receive the number, you will have to send all or some of the products back to the company within 21 days. They must be in good conditions as well.

3. After LifeShield receives the equipment, it will return your money within 14 days and credit them to your original purchasing card.

4. If you fail to return the equipments, they shall charge you with a Non-Return Fee. Just to give you an idea, it costs $400 for a system with a camera and $200 if your system does not include one.

5. You must keep in mind, however, that LifeShield is strict with its policy that no return shall be accepted without an RMA number.

            What if your contract ended?

The contract automatically renews based on your previous agreement. Say for example, you signed for a 36 month deal, your contract then automatically renews by that same 36 month long agreement. However, if you decide  to cut the ties, you should notify them 60 days prior to the expiration of your contract.

LifeShield also collects an Early Termination Fee should you decide to quit prior to your contract’s end. If you are on a 36 month agreement, $15 shall be multiplied by the remaining months you have in your contract.


check LifeShield works with Protection 1’s competent monitoring stations.
check You receive a security touchpad if you subscribe to one of their packages. It’s already installed with the LifeShield app.
check It has a multilayer backup for their monitoring services so your signals get through no matter what.
check LifeShield has a Dual Defense System to make sure your signals are sent even if the base or the keypad is destroyed.
check It currently has no rating from BBB.
check LifeShield has a strict policy regarding returns and early termination of contracts.You may want to review thoroughly first before signing up.
check You can install your system or have it professionally done.
check LifeShield can’t automate your home yet.
check If you decide to cancel, you should call for an RMA number first within 7 days.
check Cancelling the subscription means returning the equipments.
check Contract automatically renews by the terms you have previously agreed on.

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