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There are several things you need to be critical about when it comes to selecting the best medical alert system. Aside from the cost and quality of the equipment, you also need to know how much you can actually trust the brand. Most of the time, experience translates to reliability.

LifeFone has been in the business since 1976. Lasting nearly four decades, it has already established a solid reputation not only with independent seniors but with healthcare providers as well. Aside from experience, its flexibility and good customer orientation has earned a consistent A+ rating in the Better Business Bureau.

Factors that best highlight LifeFone:

  • It has its own monitoring station.
  • You can create your own customized care plan.
  • It allows you to answer your phone using your pendant.
  • Its response time is marked between 15 to 20 seconds.
  • It offers refund for any unused time when you cancel and return their equipment.
  • Its longest protection range is at 1,500 feet.
  • LifeFone implements a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • It’s able to provide worldwide protection through its LifeFone Emergency Response card.
  • You can add several additional equipment and services.
  • There are three billing options. Choosing to pay annually can save you more.
  • It provides free monitoring for spouse.

LifeFone has five different medical alert packages you can choose from. They include lifetime price and equipment guarantees. There’s no need to pay for any activation or installation fees. Cancellation of subscription is also free.

LifeFone packages:

1. At- Home Landline

At- Home Landline


Price Per Month$29.95$27.95$24.95


This set is LifeFone’s most basic package. It boasts ease of installation and the option to add a Fall Detection service.

Package features:

  • Like most systems, At-Home includes a base unit and an alert button.
  • As the name implies, you’ll need a landline for this package.
  • The base unit can facilitate two-way communication with the monitoring station. It includes a microphone and a speaker.
  • You can choose between a pendant and a wristband. Both alert buttons are waterproof.
  • The maximum working range between the alert button and the base is around 480 feet.
  • The Base unit includes a “Cancel Button”. You can press it in case you accidentally alerted the monitoring station.
  • In case of power outages, it’s packed with a 32 hour battery backup. The monitoring station will let you know in case the batteries are running low.
  • The system is portable in the sense that you can use it in any residential home, provided that there’s an existing landline. You also need to let LifeFone know that you’ll be using it in another location and with a different phone line. Typically, you need to inform them about the transfer 48 hours in advance.

2. At-Home 3G Cellular

At-Home 3G Cellular

Price Per Month$37.95$34.95$32.95

The 3G Cellular package works similarly with At-Home Landline. However, for this set, you don’t need to have any landline connection.

Package features:

  • You can use the alert button up to 600 feet away from the base station.
  • As for battery backup, the 3G Cellular package includes 60 hours of battery life.
  • It’s also transferrable to any location. However, you should still double check if the new location is also covered by or has a strong AT&T 3G service. Remember, you need to let LifeFone know.
  • It uses its own 3G cellular connection. You don’t need to worry about your phone bill.
  • This package’s base station has the “Help” button on its right side.
  • It also has an audible notification feature for the signal.

3. At-Home Fall Detection 3G Cellular

At-Home Fall Detection 3G Cellular


Price Per Month$43.95$41.95$38.95

Because fall incidents can be life threatening, it’s important that you or your loved one has access to immediate help. This package can detect falls and send medical assistance right away in case you’re unresponsive.

Its other neat properties:

  • The pendant included in this set serves as a fall detector and a help button.
  • Its longest range from the base unit is at 600 feet.
  • It works through batteries that can last for 30 hours. The station will let you know in case they’re running low.
  • This set is also portable as long as there’s a strong 3G signal.

4. At-Home and On the Go

At-Home and On the Go


Price Per Month$39.95$39.95$36.95

Accidents and emergencies can happen anywhere. If you’re the active type, you need a medical alert system that can keep up with your lifestyle. LifeFone’s At Home and On the Go package features a Mobile Response GPS to keep track of your location and make sure help is always available.

The package features:

  • The set includes a base station, a mobile base unit and a charging station. For the alert button, you can choose between a wristband and a pendant.
  • Because it has two base stations, it can monitor two people at the same time.
    • One person can use the base station at home while another person can bring the mobile base unit outside.
  • The mobile base station is battery powered and can be clipped on your purse or your belt.
    • It supports two way communication.
    • It is also GPS-tracking enabled. The monitoring station can easily know where you are.
    • It connects through 3G connectivity.
    • The range between the mobile base station and the pendant should not be more than 350 feet.
    • Its battery life is 24 hours. You can use it even while it’s charging.
  • The base station functions similarly with the other packages’ base units.
    • Its maximum range is 600 feet.
    • The batteries are expected to last for 30 hours.
    • It includes a lighted display that shows the time, date, signal strength and temperature. It also displays the current level of your batteries.

5. At-Home and On the Go with GPS and Fall Detection.

At-Home and On the Go with GPS and Fall Detection.


Price Per Month$49.95$49.95$46.95


If you’re looking for a comprehensive medical alert system, then you can easily sign up for this package through LifeFone’s order page. It packs all of the features of the other four packages including GPS tracking and fall detection. It also gives you more freedom by including the mobile base station.

Aside from these packages, you also have the option to add more services. The Fire/ Smoke and Carbon Monoxide, for one, not only gives you the benefit of having a medical alert system, but it can also protect you against fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. However, unlike the previous packages, it requires a one year contract. The package costs $42.95 monthly on annual billing.

LifeFone offers worldwide protection with its LifeFone Response Card. Each package includes a response card where your name and personal identification number gets engraved.

The benefits of the card:

  • Aside from your name and identification number, the card also includes LifeFone’s emergency contact numbers.
  • In case you’re out of the country and something happens, your attending medical team can easily reach out to LifeFone to retrieve your medical details.
  • LifeFone can share vital medical information, such as any existing medical condition, medication and health precaution.
  • By knowing your medical information, there’s a lesser chance that you’ll get misdiagnosed or suffer any fatal drug interactions and allergies.

To assure your safety, LifeFone features an Activity Assurance. At your predetermined time and day, your device will beep. In the event that you fail to press the button, after 15 minutes in response to the beep, the monitoring station will consider this as an emergency and will dispatch appropriate help after assessment. However, because not all inactivity can mean an emergency, you have the option to create a separate care plan for this feature.


check LifeFone provides worldwide protection through its Emergency Response Card.
check It has 5 different package options.
check Its most comprehensive package includes fall detection, GPS tracking and a mobile base station.
check At-Home and On the Go package can monitor two people at the same time.
check It features free monitoring for spouses.
check It includes an option to create your own care plan.
check It offers refund for any unused time in your subscription.
check In case you’re using your system in a different location, you need to let LifeFone know two days before you actually transfer.
check Because there’s no time commitment, you can cancel anytime and for free.