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With tons of smart locks available in the market today, you’ll probably think they’re all the same by now. However, while it’s true that most of them offer almost the same types of features, not all of them are created equal.

Kwikset steps ahead of the game with their new Kevo 2 Smart Lock. Although it is still set to be released on the latter part of 2016, it promises a more appealing look and enhanced security features.




What makes it better?

Easy Installation

  • Kevo 2 takes away the need to do manual calibration.

Instead of requiring you to do a series of actions, such as pressing the calibration button on certain positions, Kevo 2 auto-calibrates so it knows where you’re likely to keep your smart phone. This positioning technology also helps the lock know if you are unlocking it from inside or outside your door.

  • It eliminates the manual instructions.

The app will guide you throughout the setup process. There’s also an online instruction guide which you can refer to in case you’re having problems with the app.

Enhanced security

The new Kwikset has the BumpGuard Technology to make sure your smart lock is resistant against lock bumping. It also has upgraded its SmartKey feature for better protection against torque attacks.

How resistant is it? Kevo 2 has passed strict lock picking standards.

Increased compatibility

The first version of Kwikset Kevo is only compatible with Nest. This second generation, on the other hand, can work with Ring Video Doorbell, Android Wear as well as Honeywell Thermostats.

With its compatibility with Ring, you’ll be able to see who’s at your front door and allow him or her in just by using your smart phone. Its compatibility with Nest and Honeywell, on the other hand, will allow you to set your thermostat depending on the status of your lock. This includes programming your thermostat to turn on once you open your front door. This compatibility won’t only save you time but electricity as well.

Unlimited e-keys

Compared with the previous Kevo which only comes with 2 free e-keys, one for you and one for another family member, Kevo 2 will give you free and unlimited number of e-keys. These e-keys will enable you to share your door’s access with your family and selected friends along with the option to set time constraints.

This is particularly helpful if you have a guest coming over for the weekend or if you have a dog sitter staying at your home while you’re at work. You can control, add or delete e-keys from the app.

Aside from sharing e-keys, you can also use the app to set the type of access a person can have. You can restrict a person’s access to locking and unlocking your door or you can give him the same type of access as yours.

Types of E-keys:

  • The owner e-key will automatically be assigned to the smart phone you used in setting up the smart lock. You can use it to receive notifications, grant, edit or remove accesses as well as set corresponding time limits.
  • The admin e-key will generally have the same type of access as the owner key, with the exception of deleting the owner e-key’s access.
  • The anytime e-key is limited to unlocking and locking the device.

Sleeker look

The exterior of Kevo 2 is the same as its previous version. In contrast, however, the newer version possesses a smaller body but better durability with its all-metal body. It also has the same color combination.

The new version retains the Touch-To-Open feature of the original Kevo. This means that you can still lock and unlock your door just by touching it. You should take note, however, that when touched, not all people will be able to get access to your door. Other than tactile activation, the lock also verifies the authenticity of the access by communicating with your smart phone through Bluetooth.

You can also access your smart lock even without pulling out your phone from your pocket. Because the app continues to run in the background after you sign in, there’s no need for you to open and unlock it every time you want to enter your door.

You can get the app from Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

If you want to control your smart lock from virtually any location, then you can upgrade to the Kevo Plus.




Essential points to consider when signing up for the service:

  • It enables you to receive notifications whenever your smart lock is accessed, provided that you have an internet access in your location.
  • Upgrading to this service will require you to sign up and pay for a one-year subscription.
  • It comes with a free smart gateway which needs both internet and power to work.
  • In case there’s an interruption in power supply, your smart lock will still be able lock and unlock through Bluetooth connectivity.

In case you’re uncomfortable with using your smart phone in opening and closing your door, you can choose to add a key fob.


There is still no news as to how much the 2nd Generation Kevo will cost or when it will exactly be released. Its previous version, however, retails at around $200. To get the news first hand, you can submit your email to Kwikset’s official website.


check  It gives unlimited and free e-keys.
check  Its app will guide you throughout the setup process.
check  It’s compatible with more smart devices.
check  It’s more durable compared with the previous version.
check  It also has a sleeker look.
check  It retains its Touch-To-Open Feature.
check  It’s resistant to both lock bumping and torque attacks.
check  You can upgrade to Kevo Plus to have remote access to your smart locks.
check  Its app continues to run in the background which means there’s no need to open it every time you enter your home.

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