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What if you are not home and a burglar rings your doorbell?

A burglar has several ways to get inside your home and your front door is surely on top of his list. However, before he proceeds with any of his plan, he’ll ring your doorbell first. If no one answers the door, he’ll assume nobody’s at home. This makes it his go signal.


This is why KUNA was designed. It’s a light fixture that doubles as a home security device. It can help prevent a burglary from happening at your home by looking after your front door. Furthermore, it is claimed to be the “first effective tool in break-in prevention”.

  • Kuna is relatively easy to install. You simply need to replace your light fixture at home with Kuna using the existing wires. As such, you don’t really need to worry about changing batteries and recharging. In around 15 minutes, you can have the unit up and running.
  • It comes in the traditional, the craftsman and the contemporary style. These styles can fit most home exterior designs so you wouldn’t have to repaint them.
  • Kuna is also weatherproof and it is one of its main advantages over your regular security cameras.
    • Kuna can withstand both cold and hot temperature, ranging between -40F to 131F.
  • You can use any type of light you want for the fixture. It can be CFL, LED or incandescent lamps. You must take note, however, that Kuna doesn’t have any night vision capability. It will depend upon the light you installed in monitoring activities during the evening. You may want to choose CFL as it is more energy efficient.

kuna2Kuna can do  a lot of things other than shed light on your front door. It comes with a set of security features such as:

  • Smartphone app

Kuna has its own app which you can download through the App store and Google Play.

The app can handle multiple Kuna units at home and is capable of notifying you of any suspicious activity as it happens.

The app also allows you to control your lights. You can set it to automatically turn on or off based on the day and night hours or to manually control them based on your preference. You can even set the lights to turn on once the motion sensor detects any movement. The range of detection of your Kuna is around 3 meters or 10 feet.

Kuna is not phone dependent. This means you can access your camera even if you’re using another smartphone, provided that the phone has the Kuna App. All you need to do is to key in your login details.

  • HD Camera

The camera records HD videos at 720p and its viewing angle is marked at 116 degrees. The app provides 2x digital zooming capability to your Kuma. The camera connects via Wi-Fi and can let you see if someone is loitering around your house in real time. Kuma uses an advance technology in differentiating a person who is simply passing by, waiting or approaching your door. This helps lessens false alarms.

You can customize the alerts you receive using these motions as criteria. You can set Kuna to notify you for all the said motions or just pick one that you find most essential.

  • Microphone and Speaker

With Kuna, you’ll be able to answer your door or trick a burglar as if you are home. You’ll receive alerts whenever you have visitors or deliveries at your door. In case you’re still at work, you can use the app to tell your visitors that you’ll be late or you can ask the delivery man to just leave the package at your door.

This feature can  help you deceive burglars who would attempt to use the doorbell tactic. Most of the time, when a burglar rings a doorbell, he’d wait for a few more seconds before attempting again. Once there’s no answer, the next thing he’ll do is try the back door. However, with Kuma, you’ll be able to ward off a burglar through the following:

  1. You can use the intercom to verify. Most burglars would pretend to be a salesman whenever caught messing around a house’s front door.
  2. You also have the option to play a pre-recorded message in case you are too busy with work or you are in a meeting.
  3. If you think the person’s action is too doubtful, Kuna has a built in siren which you can easily activate through the app.

Kuna’s real time video streaming and basic features come free. However, if you want to have your videos recorded, you can subscribe to its Cloud recordings. Kuna charges $4.99 per month for one Kuna light. If you have more than one unit, you just need to add $2.99 per month for the remaining Kuna devices you have.

Kuna can record for 90 seconds once it is activated. Each recording goes directly to the Cloud storage which you can later view, download or even share. Unfortunately, there is no available local storage for your Kuna. However, since the videos are stored in Cloud, you’ll be able to access your recordings virtually at any time and any place.

You can get Kuna for $229 through their online store. You can pick among the three designs and the color you want them in. Each Kuna comes with a 30 day money back guarantee in case you find it ineffective. If you want more Kuna light fixtures but don’t want to crowd your yard with cameras, you can simply purchase the companion lights at $114 each. You must keep in mind, however, that the companion lights won’t work without the full Kuna Light.

It is expected that Kuna will soon have compatibilities with other smart devices but there isn’t any clear news on when it’s going to be happen. On an important note, Kuna is only available at 110v at its release and the support for 220v is yet to be announced.

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