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For $99, you’ll be able to get your very own voice-controlled virtual assistant. Now, how cool is that?




Ivee Voice might sound similar to Amazon’s Echo in a couple of ways. However, with its sleeker design and a much lower price tag, this device is surely set to heat up the competition.

Cool things to know about Ivee Voice:

  • It’s compatible with several smart devices including Hue, Nest and WeMo. You can even use it to work with 3rd party services like Spotify, Uber, Instacart.
  • It also offers an emergency service support.
  • You can link up several Ivee units at home to create your own intercom system.
  • It has its own mobile app which you can use to configure, control and set your voice-activated scenes.
  • It includes a 2.5W speaker.
  • It has two omnidirectional microphones which allow the device to pick up your commands even if you’re 15 feet away.

Smart home management and beyond

With Ivee, you get an unprecedented control of your smart devices with just your voice. To start, you simply have to follow these steps:

  1. Wake your unit by saying “Okay, Ivee”.
  2. Once you see the blue LED ring light up, you can command Ivee or ask it a question.

The device also assures privacy in the sense that it won’t listen to your regular conversations at home. The only time it will wake up to take commands is after you say “Okay, Ivee.” After you stopped talking, it will stop listening to process your command.

Ivee Voice allows you to do a lot of things. You can use it to stream music, listen to audio books or even get answers from Wikipedia articles. It can also be your alarm clock or your traffic and weather reporter. Because it has an open API, the device offers endless possibilities. You’ll be able to work on your codes, which is actually a feature you won’t be able to fully experience in Amazon’s Echo yet.


The masterminds behind Ivee voice made it incredibly to set up the device. The whole process can be accomplished in a matter of minutes and with 3 simple steps:

  • Connect Ivee to power socket and then to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Download the mobile app and connect all your smart devices to Ivee.
  • Talk to your new assistant and learn what it can do.

You can control Ivee with just your voice. You should, however, keep in mind that it can only understand English with an American accent in the mean time. The plans of expanding this feature are already in the pipeline and should be expected sometime after the product’s actual release. Although limited in terms of language, Ivee Voice will ship to a total of 28 countries.

Another thing you have to take note is that Ivee can’t work when there’s no power as it doesn’t support backup batteries. The good thing about the unit is that it stays constantly and automatically updating to make sure you get most out of the experience. With regards to its speaking feature, Ivee Voice can only talk in a female voice upon release. For its processing, it has an Embedded Linux platform that allows smooth and quick responses.

As for the mobile app, you can use it to set voice commands for the following:

  • Adjust your home temperature
  • Turn your TV on and off
  • Control your lights
  • Create custom scenes for watching movies or for sleeping


As previously mentioned, you can get Ivee voice for just $99. Compared with its main, and quite possibly the toughest, competitor Amazon Echo, which is currently priced at $179, the device is sure to be a big deal breaker.

Although the campaign has already been successfully funded, you can still pre-order an Ivee voice through its Indiegogo page. If you’re planning on getting your hands on this device, then you’ll need to hurry as shipment is expected to start this June 2016. When ordering, you should keep in mind that while shipping across the US is free, delivery to Canada will cost you $20, and $25 to everywhere else.

One unit cost $99 but if you want better coverage at home, you’ll save more by buying the Home-3 pack. For $270, you can get 3 Ivee units and extra bragging rights to your friends.

Thinking twice?

With a big price difference, you’ll probably think twice about risking your money with Ivee. By instinct, you’ll probably think that Amazon Echo is a safer bet. You know the brand, then why risk and go with a company you’ve probably never even heard of before? Well, given all the things it can do, Ivee can be a real disruptor and competitor for Amazon.

Although the device is a product of a very young start-up, Ivee Voice is actually a brainchild of an experienced team that has worked with known tech giants like Apple, Facebook and Yahoo. They are the same people who created and released Ivee Sleek back in 2013. This device has a similar concept of being a Wi-Fi voice activated assistant. However, unlike Voice, Sleek looks more like an alarm clock. It also comes with a more expensive price tag at $200.


As there are tons of virtual assistants aiming to make a splash on the market today, choosing the best device can be a struggle. However, with innovations like Ivee Voice, it won’t come as a surprise if the said market will no longer remain a one-horse race.

Things to remember about Ivee Voice:

check It costs cheaper than Amazon Echo.
check More apps and smart devices to work with
check It has a sleeker design than its predecessor, Ivee Sleek.
check It offers a paid emergency service support.
check You can create your own intercom by linking multiple Ivee units at home.
check It has a fully open API which means you can easily integrate your own apps and codes.
check It stores data in its Cloud storage
check It doesn’t just listen but it can also talk.
check It can connect to several third party devices.
check All units come with a 12-month warranty.
check Shipping is free if you live in the US.
check Ivee Voice only listens when awaken with the phrase “Okay Ivee”.

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