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When you have Skype running your IP camera, you get 256 bit encryption. It means high level security. Hackers would have a really hard time getting an access to your videos.


However, iSensor HD can do more than just secure your data. It can also give you 1280 x 720 HD quality videos for your real time viewing. As such, it’s claimed to be the smallest and the lightest IP camera capable of bringing you 180 degrees of viewing.

  • The iSensor HD measures 12 cm by 3.6 cm. It’s relatively near the size of an iPhone, just a bit smaller.
  • It requires little power to work.
    • Actually, it functions with the standard 5 volt and 1 amp supply and relies on USB connection for its power.
    • You can even connect the iSensor HD to a USB power adapter or even to a portable power bank.
  • You can choose to have either a black or a white iSensor HD for your home.

The iSensor HD is packed with several features and sensors. It’s a home security system that you can easily install by yourself.

1. The iSensor HD comes with a 1 Mega pixel lens. It has a flash LED light, as well.

2. It can also sense if an intruder is in your home.

  • The iSensor HD has a motion detector that works on Passive Infrared (PIR) technology to recognize any unexpected movements when you’re away.
  • It also has a light detector to increase its capability to keep your home safe.
  • It comes with a microphone which you can use to monitor for any suspicious activity while you’re at work.
  • In case it finds an intruder in your home, the iSensor HD will flash a warning light and initiate a loud alarm. However, if you don’t want to use the light in scaring off your unwanted visitor at home, you can turn it off through the app.
  • Other than the warning, the iSensor HD will simultaneously send you a notification.

3. The iSensor HD can also let you know your Wi-Fi connection status through the Status LED.

There are several ways that you can install iSensor HD at your home. It has a Do It Yourself set up that makes home monitoring relatively easy. You’ll just need a Wi-Fi connection and a USB for the power.

Each iSensor HD comes with a mounting bracket which you can use to install the device on your wall or on your ceiling. Other than mounting, you can also set it up the usual way by plugging it to a power source through a USB adapter. You can even take it anywhere in the house by connecting it to a powerbank or even to your laptop.

One more way of setting up iSensor HD at home is by tilting it. You can actually rotate its back to around 180 degrees. If your power outlet is a little close to your floor, this trick may actually be helpful.

Primarily, the iSensor works by an app. You can download it on either Google Play or the App Store. Every time something out of the ordinary happens at home, you get notified through Skype Push Alerts. Each alert includes a message and a picture. You can click on the picture if you want to immediately view what’s happening at home. Moreover, the alerts include time stamps to let you know when the alert happened.

  • To begin with, the initial setup will require you to scan the unique QR code you can find on your device. This procedure will pair your iSensor HD to the app.
  • The app can remember up to 4 Wi-Fi routers. Once it recognizes one of them, your iSensor HD will automatically connect.
  • You can also add your family members to your Viewers’ List.
  • You also have the option to set your videos from public to private depending on your preference. If you’re the discrete type, you may want to keep that option in check.

So, how do you control iSensor HD?

The iSensor HD has a 180 degree panning ability. You use the app to direct the camera. You can either swipe to the left or to the right depending on which part of the room you want to take a look at. This is the hand movement controlled panning feature of the device.

In case you’re wondering where your videos get stored, iSensor HD has both internal memory and a free Google Drive storage.

  • If your Wi-Fi experiences some trouble, your recordings are stored in the built in memory that can support up to 4GB in data weight.
  • However, if you’re able to maintain connection, iSensor HD has a free Google Drive account for 15 GB. You can log in and review your recordings at a later time. You can even download them if you want.

This is actually a better take on storage. Apparently, you can find several IP cameras available today, both crowdfunded and not. However, not all are willing to give you a free Cloud  Storage. Some may give you a day or two of free Cloud while others may require you to subscribe to a 7 day or a 30 day plan.

On the other hand, the iSensor HD also has the same ability as the Skype software to adjust your streaming in relation to your internet speed. It automatically lowers your video’s resolution to fit your internet connection. As a result, you can expect that there’ll be no more than 0.5 second delay in your streaming.

iSensor HD came from the same company that brought you iCam and the cool looking iBabi that appears more like a Rubik’s cube. The iBabi, unlike the iSensor, can give you a full 360 degree viewing. It’s more commonly used to monitor babies.  The iCam, on the other hand, uses WebRTC instead of Skype. The change made lag time lower and voice quality better. All three devices came from the same working table belonging to Amaryllo.

The iSensor HD debuted at a crowdfunding site and had successfully achieved its funding goal. If you want to purchase one, you can can have an iSensor HD unit at $159.99 through its official purchasing page. Each unit comes with a one year warranty. The iSensor HD will not require you to pay any monthly or activation fee.

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