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Untainted Performance: Guardian Protection Services Home Security Review

What do you look for in a security system?

  • UL listed monitoring stations?
  • Backup power source?
  • Quality devices?

Apparently, Guardian Protection has all of those features. Plus, it has been securing homes since 1950 so you know they are good at what they do. Guardian Protection is also one of the world’s largest privately held security company.

  • Guardian Protection’s monitoring stations are not only UL Listed, they are Five Diamond rated.
  • It can also support your system when power fails with their double back up power supply.
  • The devices are more than quality. They are tamper proof with Smash and Crash Technology. If someone tries to destroy your security, your monitoring stations will know right away.


Guardian Protection has a standard set of equipment for all of its packages. They call it as their Basic Package.

1. The Basic Package includes:

  • 1 GE Simon XT Unit
    • It is your security’s main controller.
    • It has a two way talk feature which you can use to communicate with your monitoring station in cases of emergency.
    • It also has emergency buttons which you can use to ask for assistance.
  • Built-in Siren
    • It can scream an alarm of up to 95 decibels. It can’t only startle burglars, it can wake your neighbors up when you need help.
  • Three Micro Door and Window Sensors
    • If you want to know when your door opens or closes without alarming your neighborhood, you can use the same sensors as door chime. This can help you know who sneaks in at night.
  • One Motion Detector
    • If your door and window sensor isn’t enough, you can place a motion detector in your home. Just in case an intruder found an unmonitored window, the motion sensor can alert your monitoring station.
  • Yard Sign and Window Stickers

The Basic Package comes with a 24/7 professional monitoring and a free Fire and Medical Emergency Monitoring. However, you may need to purchase the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors separately.  Other than this, Guardian Protection offers several guarantees.

  • When you have a home security system installed, you can get up to 20% off of your insurance. How? Guardian Protection issues a Certificate of Installation which you can show to your home insurance company.
  • Guardian Protection also issues a Theft Protection Guarantee. If, for some reason, your home was attacked by burglars while being monitored by Guardian Protection, you’ll receive $500 for your insurance deductible.
  • Have a problem with your device? Guardian Protection offers a Quality Installation Guarantee. If they fail to fix your device’s problem six months after it was installed, they’ll give you back your installation payment and monthly fees.
  • If you decide to transfer to a new home after two years, Guardian protection can give you a relocation Guarantee. They’ll give you a free Guardian Security system for your new home and some discounts,too.

2. Essential Package

This package contains the same set of devices you can find with their basic set. However, along with the said guarantees, the Essential Packages also gives you:

  • Remote Management ability which you can use to manage your security.
  • Digital Cellular Communication
  • Warranty
  • Weather to the panel
  • Smartphone/ Computer Notifications
  • Smash and Crash Protection
  • GeoService
  • Optional Live Look-in Video Cameras which lets you choose the type of camera you need. You can pick from Guardian Protection’s Pan and Tilt, Standard Wireless and Infrared Outdoor Cameras.
  • Optional Motion Sensing Still Shot Security Cameras can take a picture every time there’s movement. You can choose to include or not include your dog.

3. Plus Package

This package adds the following:

  • Severe Weather Alerts are directly received from the National Weather Service. As long as you’re subscribed, you get automatic updates unless you choose not to.
  • The Guardian VoiceLink can give you a better prepared response team. How? Once you activate it, it allows you to converse with your monitoring station even if you’re on the other side of the room. In turn, they could listen and pick up clues as to what situation is happening.

4. Premium

  • By subscribing to the Premium Package, you get an Always On Guard Tracking. It sends you notifications and alerts even if your system is not armed. This feature works with the Area of Interest Sensors.

5. emPower

Through this package, you get the benefits of all of the other packages. In addition, you also get the emPower features.

  • emPower Locks can give you a keyless entry to your home. Not only that, it can also give you a history of who accessed them by the access codes.
  • emPower Lights can help you save on electricity by customizing which light turns on and when. You can even set it to automatically respond to triggers. How about turning the lights on when someone rings your doorbell?
  • emPower Thermostats allow you to manage five thermostats at home. Other than energy savings, you get to set your home at a comfortable temperature when you get home.

Guardian Protection offers more upgrades if you feel your security is not enough. They have options for a Smoke Communicator and a Glass Break Detector. You can browse and find more of what you’re looking for in their Upgrades page.


check Guardian Protection has its own monitoring stations. They also come with backup power source to avoid a downtime in securing your home.
check The monitoring stations are both UL listed and Five Diamond certified.
check The smoke and heat detectors are constantly monitored even if the security system is not armed.
check The VoiceLink features help dispatched authorities to better respond to your situation.
check Guard Protection has the Smash and Crash Technology.
check They offer the same set of devices for the packages. You may need to purchase upgrades for additional ones.
check They have several guarantees to address your concerns whether you have a broken device or you’re transferring homes.
check The Basic Package has a limited warranty coverage of 90 days.
check They do not have a full nationwide coverage.

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