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Top of the Line: Frontpoint Home Security System Review

How do you know if it’s the right security system for you?

Simple… Try it out or call (or speak to a friendly rep at 1-855-977-3722).

FrontPoint Security System is confident that it’s the right fit for you.  They’ll give you 30 days to try, risk free. If you’re not happy with how it works, simply return the devices and FrontPoint will offer you a full refund. This proves their straightforward commitment to providing you reliability at the right price.

When a burglar enters a home, he immediately scans the area for anything that could ruin his plans. Seeing that you have an alarm system he immediately destroys the device to prevent it from sending signals to your monitoring station.  Relieved, he then continues the search for your valuables; however, little does he know that FrontPoint is known for its Crash and Smash Technology. Before even realizing that his plans are foiled, the cops are dispatched and his heinous crimes have come to a screeching halt.. handcuffs and all.

This technology was made possible through FrontPoint’s partnership with Furthermore, the security system has also joined forces with the General Electric Brand to ensure you only get the best quality equipments for your safety. FrontPoint also relies on Rapid Response to reach you faster with a response time of 30 seconds.


1. Control Panel

  • FrontPoint depends on cellular technology to send out your signals.
  • They also come with batteries as backup power source when electricity goes down. However, you can only buy these batteries through FrontPoint’s website.
  • It is tamper resistant. You’re assured that signals are sent even if someone attempts to break it.
  • To control security, FrontPoint allows you to program your control panel with nine individual codes.
  • The control panel can accommodate 39 sensors of your choice.

2. Camera

  • FrontPoint’s camera can record events in HD resolution.
  • You have the option to view live feeds from your house or you view them later when you get off from work.
  • It has night vision capability as well as the ability to reach a range of 20 feet.
  • However, if you’re thinking of putting up surveillance outside your home, you can choose FrontPoint’s wireless outdoor camera. It can withstand freezing temperatures and even high readings of 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Garage Door Sensor

  • It can alert you if you’ve left the Garage Door open.
  • You’ll also receive alerts through a text or an email once someone forces your garage door open.

4. Glass Break Sensors

  • It listens well so it knows if the alarm is a legitimate alert. It is able to detect shattered glass by listening to its frequency.
  • Fronpoint's sensor can cover an area of 4 to 20 feet.

5. Motion Sensors

  • You can attach the sensors on practically anywhere. They have adhesive tapes on their backs so you won’t need to drill holes on your walls.
  • FrontPoint can avoid pet-triggered alarms. It can ignore your dog, especially if it only weighs 40 lbs or less.
  • They work on batteries. The system will also notify you if you need to purchase replacements.

6. Door and Window Sensors

  • FrontPoint’s door and window sensors are stealthy. They can detect if an intruder has gained access to your home and silently send you an alert.
  • As the control panel can accommodate 39 sensors, it will be hard to know which sensor has just alarmed. Fortunately, FrontPoint allows you to name each one so you’ll know exactly which to verify.
  • The sensor is a two-piece set. You install it by the adhesives on its back.

7.  Recessed Door Sensors

  • Unlike the regular ones, FrontPoint Recessed Door Sensors are fitted to the back of your door, away from view. The only time an intruder will know about it is when he has already disrupted the signal and triggered the alarm.

Frontpoint is more capable than you think. It doesn’t just prevent burglary and automate your home, it can also save you from the high cost of renovations as well as giving Grandma a device she could use if she urgently needs help.

Interestingly, you can use the security system to monitor an elderly at home. It includes a panic button which can be used for either emergency situations or assistance needs. It can also detect carbon monoxide levels, smoke and heat. It will also alert you if it detects freeze, water and even flood. Aside from FrontPoint, you can also find these unique features in Protect America. To know more about the system and why it’s one of the best, you can read its full review here.

FrontPoint also offers three monitoring plans:

Protection Plan

  • The plan starts at $34.99.
  • It includes the basic 24/7 monitoring, intrusion and fire protection as well as environmental protection.

Interactive Plan

  • This includes the Crash and Smash Technology, Email and Text Alerts and Remote Access and Control.
  • It also comes with Light Control and Geo Location Services.
  • It is priced at $44.99 per month.
  • It includes features for your environmental, intrusion, fire and life protection.

Ultimate Plan

  • At $49.99, your monitoring plan can be upgraded to Frontpoint’s Ultimate Plan.
  • This includes live streaming of videos, energy management control and automation for your locks and doors.
  • This is also inclusive of an HD and night vision capabilities along with motion activated recording. Yes, it includes a wireless outdoor camera!
  • You’ll also receive environmental, fire, life and intrusion protection.

Aside from the risk free trial, FrontPoint also offers a 3 year warranty for their devices. This, however, may require an upfront fee depending on which package you purchase. If the trial period has expired and you made no negative claims on the product, FrontPoint will then ask you to choose your length of contract. You can either sign for one or a three year contract upfront.

FrontPoint’s mobile app is free to download and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Other than the app, you can also access your system through the internet where you can automate your home through Z Wave compatibility.

Frontpoint has 7 years in the home security market.  They have an A+ rating on BBB which reflects how customers find their system reliable. Aside from being known for their good customer service, Frontpoint also implements an “anti-sales” policy which reduces the chances that you’ll find their salesman at your frontdoor. You can have most of the transactions online including your  system’s activation.

Frontpoint is transferrable both in ownership and in name. While it can be clearly moved to another location when you transfer homes, certain  instances can also allow you to transfer the unit to a new owner.


check Frontpoint has Crash and Smash Technology.
check They offer a 30 day risk free money back guarantee.
check The wireless outdoor camera can withstand extremes in temperatures.
check The control panel can accommodate 39 sensors.
check Low level of batteries is reported via auto-notification.
check Glass Break Sensors may not be directly installed on windows. It covers 4-20 feet.
check Frontpoint has good customer service.
check Pets weighing less than 40 lbs can’t trigger alarm.
check Batteries for control panel can only be purchased via contacting the official website
(Or calling 1-855-977-3722)
check Average response time of the monitoring station is marked at 30 seconds.

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