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Flir Launches the Versatile Flix FR To Monitor Your Home and Your Adventures

What if you can take your home security  camera with you everywhere you go? That’ll be exciting, right?

flir-fxWell, Flir FX can do more than just give you that type of excitement. For one, it’s a home security and action camera fused into a single device. Although fairly new in the market, Flir FX has some features that could  heat things up in the competition.

  • Flir FX is a 1080p Wi-Fi enabled camera.
  • It supports two way audio communication so you can talk to your loved ones at home.
  • It also has night vision capability with its six built in IR LEDs. It covers a range of 33 feet.
  • Flir FX is both an outdoor and indoor camera.
  • As for coverage, it has a 160 degree wide angle lens to make sure you see your entire room.
  • Flir FX records in HD quality.
  • It is also capable of direct live streaming so you can see the events happening at home in real time

Flir has been known for its thermal imaging cameras and it doesn’t come as a surprise that it has made its FX one step ahead of the others. So, what makes it entirely different?

  • Portable
    • Flir FX isn’t just capable of working well outdoors. It’s an action camera and it’s portability can be more than enough to ignite your senses.
    • It can be paired with different casings and accessories to meet your needs.

1. Indoor stand

  • You can install your Flir FX camera using its indoor stand to mount it on your wall. This way, you’ll get a better coverage of your room.

2. Outdoor housing

  • Using the outdoor housing makes your camera weatherproof. This set may also include an additional infrared LEDs for better vision in the dark.

3. Sports case

  • The sports case is made up of a protective layer of acrylic as its housing. You can mount it on your helmet or take it with you when you go out for a swim. You must keep in mind, however, that it can only survive in a water depth of 20 meters.

4. Dash mount

  • Using the dash mount allows you to record a 30 minute video of your adventures on the road. Flix FR comes with an accelerometer so it knows when you’re on the go. It can also sense an impact as heavy as 1.7g and automatically records a before and after footage.
  • Batteries
    • Flir FX can work just by depending on its built in batteries.
    • This back up power can last up to four hours which means you get to record four hours of outdoor fun.
    • If the battery runs out, you can just simply connect it to its micro USB power adapter.
    • Having a back up power source can give you an added security just in case the power fails in your area.
  • Recordings
    • Flir FX saves the recordings on both its microSD card and Cloud storage.
    • Each Flir FX you purchase comes with an included 8Gb microSD.
    • When your Wi-Fi connection goes out, the camera will continue recording using its local storage.
    • Once it is able to reconnect to the internet, Flir FX will automatically upload the recordings.
  • SmartZone Alerts
    • Flir FX comes with better accuracy with its SmartZone Alerts.
    • Through the app, you’ll be able to set a specific part of your room that you want to closely monitor.
    • Once a movement is sensed by the camera, your app will receive an alert and the event will automatically be recorded.
    • These SmartZones can be altered anytime you want.
  • RapidRecap
    • RapidRecap is a technology that allows you to see events and movements that happened in your home in a single frame.
    • This feature eliminates the hassle of going through all your recordings just to see what took place in a certain time.
    • It can show you a whole day of recording in just one clip. Convenient, right?
    • With RapidRecap, you’ll be able to view every activity that happened at home superimposed in one background. Each activity is time stamped so you’ll know right away when it happened.
  • Cloud storage
    • When you purchase Flix FR, you’ll instantly get a 30 day free trial on its Cloud service. After this period, you may or may not subscribe to its storage plans.

1. Flir Cloud Basic

Price: FREE

  • You can generate three RapidRecap video in a month with this free service.
  • You’ll also get a 48 hours of video storage.

2. Flir Cloud Plus

Price: $9.99 monthly

  • By upgrading to this plan, you’ll get up to 7 days of event storage.
  • You’ll also get an unlimited number of RapidRecap videos.

3. Flir Cloud Premium

Price: $19.99 monthly

  • The Premium plan extends your event storage to 30 days.
  • There’s also an unlimited RapidRecall videos every month for you.
  • Mobile App
    • Flir FX can be controlled using its mobile app. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.
    • Later this year, it’s expected that a web interface for your device will be launched.

You can get a Flir FX camera at $199.99 through Flir’s purchasing page.  The accessories, on the other hand, can be purchased separately.

  • The sports camera case for extreme sports and underwater action costs $59.99.
  • The dashmount camera which can set your camera for tough action on the road can be purchased at $49.99
  • The outdoor security housing, which makes your camera weatherproof is retailed at $69.99.

Other than buying these accessories individually, you also have the option to buy a Flir FX camera with the accessory. For example, the HD Sports camera with waterproof case can be purchased at $239.99.

Flir FX can give you more than your money’s worth. It works similarly like the well rated security camera Dropcam Pro but with the advantage of getting a free Cloud service. In terms of its portability and its capability for extreme outdoor action, it can be compared with the popular GoPro. The more exciting part, on top of these, is the RapidRecap feature. This feature used to be solely available for top law enforcement agencies. Now, it’s in your camera and it’s protecting your home.

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