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If you’ve been searching for a smart doorbell, you’ve probably come across DoorBird already. It has been released last year but is back with a lot of new and exciting features this year.

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Similar with other doorbells, DoorBird can let you see anyone who decides to pay your front door a visit. You get a push notification every time your doorbell rings or whenever someone goes within a certain distance from its sensor. This year, however, DoorBird is making its re-entry extra special with its new facial recognition, but more on that later.

Other features of DoorBird:

  • DoorBird is temperature resistant. It can operate at -20 to 50 Celsius.
  • It has night vision capability.
  • It’s available in two base colors: white and black. There’s also the option to pick a different door station or housing but they come with the same features. You can also get your name engraved on the plates for an additional cost.
  • There’s a 180-degree motion sensor.
  • It has a two-way talk feature.
  • It has a height of 6 inches and width of 3 inches.

Installing DoorBird can be easy or difficult depending on your technical skills, the materials of your house as well as its age. If you’re not comfortable doing it on your own, you can always ask for your trusted technician’s help or find an installer through DoorBird’s website.

How It Works

You can use your smart phone or tablet in controlling DoorBird. It has its own app which you can install on both iOS and Android devices. You can use 8 different personal devices for its control.

Once your DoorBird rings or someone steps within its sensor’s range, you’ll immediately receive a notification. From there, you can answer the call, ignore it or initiate live streaming. And because it has a two-way talk feature, you can also use this smart doorbell in telling the delivery man where to put your parcel. You can also use it to scare away potential intruders prying at your front door.

 The App

The App can tell you the strength of your video’s signal through colors. Red signifies a bad connection while green indicates a very good connection.

Aside from this feature, you can also find 3 buttons in the app’s video feed which can do the following:

  • Trigger the unlocking mechanism of your door
  • Initiate night mode
  • Open two-way call

You can also find the device’s gallery in the app. DoorBird can take a picture every time its button is pressed or its sensor is triggered. All of its stored images stay in the gallery. It can also keep a record of the last 20 people who visited your property.

You can set your device’s name and view active devices in the app’s setting page. You can also control the volume, notification sound and when you prefer to receive notifications there. Currently, DoorBird works with August, LiftMaster Chamberlain and LockState.

What’s New?

This year, at CES, DoorBird presented its advanced video analytics. This simply means that the device will now be able to recognize faces and tell you whether it’s a friend or a stranger who’s at your front door. You’ll know who it is even before you open your live stream.

Other upgrades you can expect from DoorBird:

  • It will have the ability to connect to third party-devices. This is really helpful if you own a couple of smart locks at home and want to connect them with your doorbell.
  • There will also be the option to keep recorded images and video to a Cloud storage for up to 7 days. DoorBird can take images and videos even if your visitors didn’t ring your doorbell. This is really nice if a breach happens and you’ll need some proof. Unfortunately, however, there’s no news on its pricing yet.
  • DoorBird also introduced its new door and window sensors. These new devices will make it easy for you to check if you left any of your doors or windows open. You can even rely on it for your home’s security. It can send you an alert in case they’ve been opened unexpectedly or notify you once your child has arrived home.

Where To Buy DoorBird

You can buy a DoorBird unit by using this link. If you want a different faceplate for your doorbell, you can get one for an additional fee.

DoorBird also has its BirdGuard which is an add-on camera with night vision and sensor. It also features an integrated amplifier which you can use to connect to your speakers. It can generate volumes of up to 100dB.

The Checklist:

check DoorBird is temperature resistant. It has an IP54 certification.
check The device is a bit bulky and big with a height of 6 inches.
check New DoorBird has facial recognition.
check You can choose your face plate or have your name engraved in your doorbell.
check It has a two-way talk feature and night vision.
check You can connect it with up to 8 personal devices.
check It can keep a record of your last 20 visitors.
check Its Cloud storage service can keep recordings and images for up to 7 days.


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