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Overtaking the Rest: The DIY Viper Home Security System Review

Sounds familiar?

If you’re wondering where you might have heard of Viper Security System, they are actually the same brand that specializes on car security. Now, they aspire to make your home smart, keep you safe and your cars covered.  Viper Home has the ability to provide a well rounded, full automation.

Viper Home works through a smartphone application, the Viper Connect.

  • You can download it for free on iTunes and Google play.
  • Through the app, you can arm and disarm your system, receive notifications and see what’s happening at home by the optional video monitoring.
  • You can also control Z-wave smart home devices to manage your lightings and thermostats at home.
  • You can make sure your car is safe by Viper’s driver safety monitoring.
  • In an emergency, you can easily call for help by reaching for the panic button in the app.
  • If you want to see what caused the alarm this morning, you can browse through the history section to view the event along with its logged time.

Setting up Viper at home takes around 15 minutes in total. It promises to send real time notifications for every motion it detects as well as breaches identified by its sensors.

1. Central Hub

The central hub functions to link all of your Viper devices at home to a broadband connection. The package includes an Ethernet Cable that you can use to connect to your broadband router and a power cord to connect to an electrical outlet.  It comes with backup batteries so you are assured that it functions even when the power fails.

2. Magnetic Door/Window Sensors

The sensors are battery operated. As they work on batteries, the sensors are wireless so you won’t need to worry about where to hide the lines. You don’t also have to worry about drilling on your walls. The sensors attach by the adhesive tapes on the back.

The sensors have Dual LED indicators that lets you see if it is functioning properly. They work by a detector and a magnet. They function best when you place them on surfaces that have a ¾ inch gap or even closer than that.  They can cover a range of 1,640 feet away from the main hub.

3. Indoor Motion Detector

The sensor can distinguish between an animal and a human. It knows if it’s your dog or an unwanted visitor through the use of passive infrared technology.  It can cover 39.4 feet while its multi zone spherical lens can cover a 90 by 105 degrees in vertical and horizontal range. If someone moves or tilts it, the central hub notifies you.

It also has sealed optics that is protected against external lights and insects. However, you still have to make sure it isn’t placed under direct sunlight. You must also attach it on a higher level, preferably around 72 inches off of the ground.

4. Wireless Camera and Motion Detector.

How would you like to instantly see what triggers your alarm at home?

This camera can do the trick for you. Its combined passive infrared motion detection and image capture functionality lets you see what that expected movement was about.  However, it doesn’t just simply make you see. Instead, it lets you view on full colour live streaming.  It plays on a rate of 5 frames per second through its multi-resolution VGA colour CMOS camera.

It can also adjust to bright and dim light by its auto-activated white LEDS.  When paired with Viper Watch, this security system can lower the rates of false alarm claims.

5. Indoor Siren

Screaming at 85 decibel loud, the indoor siren can’t be taken lightly. While its loudness is enough to startle an intruder, it can keep him in panic state by having the alarm sounding for 90 seconds long. If he tries to pull it out from its bracket, you’ll be able to know too. It has a built in tamper alarm. As the indoor siren is activated, it also simultaneously sends you notifications either by email or text.

You can also use the same loud indoor siren as a doorbell. It can emit a shorter quieter alert when you use it for such purpose. The siren has a range of 2000 feet and its battery is expected to last up to 2 years long.

6. Remote Control Key Fob

The keyfob is especially helpful in cases of emergency. You can quickly reach for that personal SOS button to send an alert. It can still function properly even when placed at 2,000 feet through RF signals. How’d you know? It has LED indicators to make you aware of what’s happening with the system. There’s also that 5 buttons for arming and disarming the system and status keys.

Viper Home Starter Kit

Package includes:

  • Smart Hub
  • Motion Sensor
  • Door and Window Sensors

Price: $229.99

If you want to expand your Starter Kit, you can purchase extra sensors and remotes through their purchasing page. A Magnetic Door/Window Sensor costs $24.99 while an Indoor Siren will cost you $49.99.

However, if you want to control your Z Wave devices at home through your Viper System and Viper Connect, you have to purchase Viper Home Z Wave Bridge. You simply connect the bridge to the central hub and you can instantly manage devices like:

  • The Kwikset Door Lock allows you to lock and unlock your door through your smartphone. It can also notify you when someone arrives and leaves your home premises.
  • The GE Basic Thermostat has a Save Energy Button so you can adjust on your temperatures at home. While it can be adjusted manually, you can also do so by Viber Connect.
  • The GE Duplex Lighting Receptacle functions as a connecting controller to the devices you connect to it. You just plug your fans and lightings on it and they instantly become parts of your automated home.


check The App includes vehicle security and driving safety monitoring.
check The Indoor Motion Detector can distinguish between pets and humans.
check The indoor siren can function as a doorbell, too.
check Remote Control Key Fob has SOS button for emergencies.
check Z Wave automated devices can be connected with the system through Viper Home Z Wave Bridge.
check The Indoor Siren is not included in the Starter Kit. You may have to purchase it separately.
check The camera has a low resolution.
check Viper Home can be connected with an existing Viper Vehicle Security System.
check If you want surveillance, you can subscribe to Viper Watch.

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  1. So does it relay on the internet? if so whats to stop someone from cutting my cable on the outside of the house and taking down the alarm.


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