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A Minimalist Approach: The DIY Korner Home Security Review

A security system needs to be two things. It must be efficient and it must be affordable.

Most of the systems today offer sets of sensors to cover your doors, your windows and even your cabinets. Some are even more advanced that they come inclusive of sensors specifically designed for your cabinets and safe. They say, the more devices you have, the better security you get. However, Korner Home Security thinks otherwise.

Crowdfunded through Indiegogo, Korner was intentionally meant for renters, travelling workers and even homeowners who don’t bite the idea of spending too much on high end home security systems.  Korner costs a little less than $100 which makes it the right fit for its target market. Aside from being both efficient and affordable, Korner literally gives you just two things to install. You just stick the Tag and plug the Fob.

korner1. The Tag  is considered as the first single piece entry sensor in the line of home security systems.

  • By being a single piece entry sensor, it means not having to worry about maintaining specific gaps that you have to make sure with paired sensors.
  • The Tag is effective in discerning simple vibrations from movement.
  • As small as it is in less than 7 mm, it requires little power to function.
  • You can expect the batteries to last up to 3 years.
  • It can monitor its own battery status and even inform you about it. It’ll let you know when you’ll need to purchase replacements.
  • It’s triangular in shape. You won’t have to worry about pairing it or adjusting it to door contours just to make it function. You just simply stick it in a corner of either a door or a window.
  • It also has reusable adhesive tapes so there’s no need for you to put up holes on your walls. Since it’s also reusable, in case you decide to transfer its location, you simply pull it out and reattach it to a new surface.
  • It is made of plastic and is also paint receptive. You can paint it in any color you want. However, make sure to match it with its environment. You wouldn’t want to look so obvious, right?

2. The Fob

  • You simply connect the Fob to the internet by the router.
  • One Fob can connect you to 15 Tags.
  • The Fob is powered through a USB slot. You have to make sure it’s constantly plugged in as there is no battery slot or backup power source.
  • It works through a patent pending technology similar to that of an accelerometer.
  • The advised range for Fob to Tag is 100 meters. However, you can’t place the Fob outdoors.
  • The Fob receives an alert from the Tag. Afterwhich, it begins to emit a loud high pitched alarm. It then sends you notifications.
  • It can contact you directly. However, if you fail to respond or if you choose to, Korner can reach for the set of numbers you registered as emergency contacts.

You can arm and disarm the system through Korner’s app or through their website. The app is expected to work on your iOS device or even on an Android system.  However, there is no manual control for the system, which means you have to make sure to keep your smartphones nearby or a web browser available to manage your security.  Through their  website, you can also access a calendar where you can schedule when your system goes on or off. If you’re the forgetful type, you can just simply put up a weekly schedule so you won’t have to miss on setting a command for each day.

As mentioned, Korner can notify you of your device’s battery status. On such note, they also provide direct links where you can repurchase them easier. The only way that your Tags can be triggered is when someone opens or moves your door and windows. This way, there’ll be less chances that you’d experience a false or pet-triggered alarms. That is, of course, if your dogs can open your doors.

Korner is dedicated to supporting women in home shelters. It has even tied up with Domestic Abuse Women’s Network to provide free home security systems to survivors of domestic violence. Purchasing one unit helps you support their principles as well.

A pledge of $89 can give you a Fob and three Tags. If you add $20 more, you can have your devices shipped to you even if you’re outside of US and Canada. However, you can also choose to pay a $50 upfront fee and $35 per year.

An additional tag will you cost $20. For a cheaper shot, you can purchase 2 Tags for $35. On the other hand, if you want a larger home package, there’s a set for $199. You will get 1 Fob, 9 Tags and a range extender for that price.

As per Korner’s website, they will be able to release the devices by mid 2015. You can make pre-orders at IndieGogo. However, you can also place your emails for updates on their release dates through the same website.


check The tag is the first single unit entry sensor.
check The battery can last up to 3 years. It can let you know when you need to purchase replacements.
check There’s a lesser chance of pet-triggered alarms occurring.
check The Tag is portable on adhesive tapes. You can take it off and reattach it if you want to transfer its location.
check There is no backup power source for the Fob.
check Korner is inexpensive at $89 per set.
check Fob can accommodate 15 tags at the same time.
check Korner is Zigbee integrated. It uses such technology for the tags to communicate with the fob.
check You can create a Trust Circle of emergency contacts. They’re the numbers that Korner reaches to in case you’re not responding to the alerts.
checkYou can name your Tags via the app. Naming makes it less confusing to manage your sensors especially if you have several installed at home.
check Korner currently is not intended for home automation. However, it may be able to make your home smart in the near future.
check There is no manual control for arming and disarming.

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