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Aesthetics and Security: The DIY iSmartAlarm Home Security Review

Are you tired of always thinking where to hide those security devices? Well, you can relax now.

iSmartAlarm has an elegant looking design for its security equipments so you won’t need to worry about chunky devices ruining your living room’s aesthetics. It’s white and it’s sleek. The devices can blend perfectly with your home’s interior design and you can even camouflage them as part of your home decor. However, in case you’re wondering how it actually looks like, you can think of Apple.

iSmartAlarm is a Do-It-Yourself surveillance kit that offers no contracts and monthly fees. It has a plug and play setup which makes it relatively easy to install. Furthermore, it  requires you to have only one main hub for your system. iSmartAlarm calls it the CubeOne and it can connect you to a variety of sensors.You actually  have 80 iSmartAlarm accessories to pair it with.

The CubeOne is a 4 inch device that you connect to a router via the included cable and to an AC outlet. Although it’s small in size, you can’t simply underestimate its capabilities.  For one, its alarm is marked at 110 decibels. As for comparison, you can just imagine listening to a car blowing its horn. Perhaps, it’s even louder than that.

iSmartAlarm comes with a mobile app that functions as a remote control to the system. You simply register your mobile number to verify an account and to create a personal security structure.

  • The mobile app comes free to download on either iTunes or Google Play.
  • It is, as the name implies, an iPhone compatible app.
  • Its interface has 4 tabs on the home screen in which you can use to arm or disarm the system, put it in home or even in panic mode.
  • You can program it to send alerts and notifications to the numbers you registered and authorized once a break in is detected.
  • However, its notification feature only sends alerts through automated texts and calls to your registered numbers. You may have to dial the police’s number on your own.

On the other hand, once you arm the system, you have 90 seconds to exit your house. It gives you another 60 second allowance for you to disarm the system. With the given time frame, you won’t have to worry about screaming at your kids to rush out of the house.

Marketed by IndieGogo, iSmartAlarm takes pride in its modern design. However, although it looks sophisticated,  its performance is claimed to be unparalleled.


Ideal:   iSmartAlarm Preferred Package

iSmartAlarm Preferred Package is suitable for small spaced apartments, studios and even dormitories. It includes the CubeOne which functions primarily as the main central processing unit of the system.

  • You can connect CubeOne to every device available in the iSmartAlarm range, provided that you connect it to a router via an Ethernet cable.
  • This device is not wireless and there is no secondary source of power. Meaning, if the plug is accidentally pulled out, the whole system goes off. Fortunately, the iSmartAlarm App has a special feature that can immediately notify you if the security system goes offline. As such, you can be properly warned with enough time to respond.
  • The CubeOne also has a built-in siren to warn off intruders in your house. Many users say that it’s as loud as a car horn.

Package includes:

  • 1 CubeOne Hub
  • 2 Window/Door Sensors
  • 1 Motion Sensor
  • 2 Remote Tags
  • 2 Sensor Stickers

Price: $199

Desired: iSmartAlarm Premium Package

iSmartAlarm Premium Package jumps right off of the Preferred Package. The difference is that it comes with the addition of the iCamera. This camera is able to capture still shots on alarm trigger. You just have to make sure it’s connected to a power source.

A more competitive release than this camera is the iCamera Keep.

  • iCamera Keep is able to deliver videos in HD resolution.
  • It also includes motion and sound detection.
  • It has both WiFi compatibility and night vision feature.
  • iCamera Keep can function as a standalone camera, too.

Package includes:

  • 1 CubeOne Hub
  • 2 Window/Door Sensors
  • 1 Motion Sensor
  • 2 Remote Tags
  • 2 Sensor Stickers
  • iCamera

Price: $349

The iSmartAlarm system is expandable. This means you can add several devices for your system.

1. Motion sensors

  • They are battery operated and cover a maximum range of 30 feet.
    In summary: make sure to have spare batteries just in case.
  • The sensors work on passive infrared motion sensing capabilities.
  • Each sensor has a 90 degree angle of detection.

2. Remote tags

  • The tags function to trigger an alarm or to locate your children and even your pets.
  • Each tag has 4 push buttons including keypresses to arm and disarm the unit.
  • It can be used in emergencies to manually trigger or engage sirens when you’re faced with intruders or a medical situation.
  • The remote tags can work even if the iSmartAlarm security system is down.
  • They can cover an area of 320 feet in open space.

3. Contact Sensors

  • They are attached by adhesive tapes and can be placed on glass doors and even on your cabinets. Since they are installed with adhesives, there’s no need for you to drill holes at home.
  • They work on batteries and are also wireless.

iSmartAlarm is effective in covering small home units. Being DIY, it makes transferring homes easier. It also gives you the convenience of setting up an expanded security system without having to spend too much. One hub is enough to cover your home.


check There is no live monitoring.
check Texts and calls are automated once there’s breach in security. Furthermore, it can’t call the police for you.
check A single CubeOne is enough for your home.
check You can compare the sleek design from Apple products.
check iSmartAlarm offers one year warranty for the devices.
check Security package starts at an affordable $199.
check iSmartAlarm app is both iPhone and Android compatible.
check iCamera Keep can function as a standalone device.
check The Remote Tags can work even if the whole security system is down.
check iSmartAlarm sensors are movable and removable since they’re installed by adhesives.

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