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All in One: The DIY Canary Home Security Review

If you’re tired of installing sensors after sensors and of plugging and replugging your devices, there’s a home security device just exactly for you.

Canary Home Security works alone. It’s a 6 inch device packed with  almost everything you need for a home security system. It’s sleek in design and is effective in disguising as a home decor. Canary is available in colors of white, silver and black so you can easily  blend it with your living room.

Canary believes that the addition of several devices fails to add a significant value to a system. With such idea, they came up with a standalone device with  5 features compressed into one.


1. Canary has a built in siren.

  • It alarms at more than 90 decibels loud.
  • You can manually activate it or you can set it to automatically respond to a certain trigger.

2. Canary has an HD camera.

  • It has a wide angle lens with night vision capability to efficiently monitor your home even in the dark.
  • However ,the camera lacks the ability to be tilted and panned.
  • It works on passive infrared motion detection and covers a range of 106 by 60 degrees.
  • It also has computer vision video analysis to reach areas more than 5 meters.
  • It starts recording the moment its motion sensor detects movement at home.
  • It can also listen for loud noises and detect vibrations, as well.
  • The recorded video is simultaneously sent to a free Canary Cloud account. You can view it through your smartphone.

3. Canary has a motion detector.

  • When the detector starts sensing something, it triggers the camera to record videos automatically.
  • It has a 3 axis accelerometer to monitor for speed, direction and even movement.

4. Canary has a microphone.

  • The system is inclusive of a microphone to record high quality sound.
  • However, there’s no two way talk feature for you to converse with a family member at home as Canary thinks that including such feature is startling and intrusive for your family members. Instead, it finds the siren sufficient enough to ward off intruders at home.

5. Canary has Home Health Technology.

  • The device monitors temperature changes and humidity. It can even assess the air quality to secure your home’s health as well.

Canary is meant to sit. It cannot be mounted nor be tilted. As a single device, it is recommended that you set one Canary per floor and another one to watch over your entryway.

Set up takes a few minutes.  Canary is relatively easy to install even for a do-it-yourself kit. 

  • You connect Canary to the internet using the provided cable.
  • After it has initiated, you register it to your home network.
  • You can then download the app.

One thing that sets Canary apart from other home security devices is its ability to learn. How?  It analyzes your actions and your common routines at home and integrates it into its system. The next time the same events occur, Canary will respond as to how you would react. Say for example, turning off the lights every 6 in the morning.

Canary Home Security System learns user behaviors through algorithms. It knows when you leave for work and when you arrive. By such learning, if someone enters the house on a certain time that you’re still supposed to be at work, it notifies you of a possible break in. However,this may not be as efficient for people who have varying daily routines.

Here’s more of what Canary can do:

  • Canary knows if it’s your dog or an intruder. It verifies first which triggered the alarm so you wouldn’t need to worry about panic attacks over false alarms.
  • It builds a geofence around you. It also builds one around your house. In such way, Canary can automatically disengage itself whenever you come home. No need to manually turn it on or off.
  • You can also register emergency contacts. These are the numbers that Canary reaches to when you fail to respond to an alarm. They call this the system’s security net.
  • Canary depends on power supply. It doesn’t come with a back up and when the power goes out, so is the device. However, Canary can notify you immediately if such event is to happen.
  • You’ll know when someone lifts or moves Canary. It has an accelerator to recognize if someone is trying to access it.
  • When alert is activated, Canary sends email notifications, push alerts or text messages. In turn, you have the option to either ignore the alert or inform local authorities of the breach in your Calling the police, on the other hand, will generally depend on you as Canary doesn’t provide such service.
  • The device not only secures home but your data as well. Canary pledges to have the data secured on a bank-level security. The data communication between the Canary device, Cloud Canary and your smartphone are encrypted securely.

The Canary device is currently out of the market but you can make a subscription through their online store for details on its release. To give you an idea, it is offered at $249 per unit.  Canary offers a 60 day risk free trial if you buy the device directly from them. The set is also inclusive of a one year warranty.

If you feel unsatisfied of their product, Canary can give you a full reimbursement. On the other hand, on such cases that a device is shipped and failed to function at your location due to connectivity and power issues, Canary is also willing to give reimbursements as they cannot guarantee functionality in every country.


check Canary offers real time video streaming.
check It verifies first to avoid pet-triggered and false
check It automatically disarms once you arrive home through geofencing.
check Canary has a safety net and can notify your emergency contact numbers.
check It has Home Health Technology to detect changes in your home’s air quality.
check It’s an all in one security system.
check It learns your routine and responds accordingly.
check One app account can support multiple Canary devices in different locations.
check You can trigger the siren through the app.
check Canary includes an accelerator.
check Cloud Canary can store your notification videos.

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  1. I’m in your trial period…. So far….not so good! People have shown up at my door… I don’t know who is there! Them after a very delayed , more than 10 seconds response, I get the message IF I’m lucky , it’s a hit or miss… ( there are some car’s and some motion being taped ( The sad thing it’s more the wind and cloud changes then people(( as people show up as ghost or already gone )) the people coming in (and then later the person or “ghost” pops up showing me that they were coming) have come and gone ….please give me a reason to keep your camera … really want to work with you! However at this point I am truly not impressed!

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