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There are a lot of things you’d want to have in a security system. Aside from deterring burglars, you’d also probably want to get notified of important events at home, right? As there are tons of systems that offer similar types of services, choosing one that can meet all your security needs can be confusing.

Vector Security promises to give you everything you’re looking for in a security system. It offers 8 different services to meet all your security needs.

It includes:

  • Home Alarm Monitoring
  • Home Video Surveillance
  • CloudControl Hosted Video Solutions
  • Home Mobile Solutions
  • Personal Emergency Response
  • Home Energy Management
  • Home Environmental Hazard Monitoring
  • Home Security Technologies

With all these services, Vector Security can tailor a unique combination of security solutions to fulfill your home’s specific needs.  Do you constantly worry about pipe bursts in your old house while you’re away? Combining Home Environmental Hazard Monitoring and Home Mobile Solutions can put your mind at ease.

Vector can also provide help during medical emergencies. Its Personal Emergency Response System has a skilled operator available 24/7 to quickly dispatch help to your aid. It can even contact your personal doctor or anyone on your emergency list. Because it operates its own three monitoring stations, you can expect them to respond fast to your needs. Plus, these stations are all UL and ULC listed



Basic Home Package

The box includes:

  • Wireless Control Panel
  • 3 Door/Window Sensors
  • 1 Motion Detector
  • SecurityCare Plus
  • Yard sign and window decals
  • Professional installation
  • 24/7 professional monitoring

Vector home security system is not DIY. Because it’s a professionally installed system, they will send a skilled technician to install your system and make sure everything is working properly. With the SecurityCare Plus, they’ll also do a free system inspection every two years as well as provide free battery replacements when needed.

Home Automation Package

Other than home security, Vector can also make your home smart through its Home Automation package. The only and main difference between the packages is that with Home Automation, you’ll get mobile access to everything you have in the Basic Home package.

Its features include:

  • Turning your system on or off directly from your mobile device
  • Security system scheduling
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Access to your security cameras
  • Mobile access to your lights

Connected Home Package

This is the most comprehensive package you can get from Vector Home Security. It has all the features you can get from the earlier packages. In addition to that, you also get the following:

  • Additional indoor camera
  • Smart door lock
  • Thermostat
  • Appliance/Lamp module

With these devices, you can’t only safeguard your property from robbers, but you can also take control of every smart device you have at home. You can even lock and unlock your doors with just your mobile device.

Vector Security, rings a bell?

If you want to get someone to safe proof your home, you’ll want a company that has been in the business for a long time, right? Vector Security is exactly that type of company. As a matter of fact, it’s owned by the Philadelphia Contributionship, which happens to be co-founded by Benjamin Franklin. Gives it a little bit more credence, doesn’t it?

Apart from the fancy heritage, Vector Home Security is quite unique in the sense that it can give you the whole array of home security solutions you’ll ever need for your home.   From its Cloud video hosting, protection against burglars up to your personal medical emergency response system, you name it – they have it all!

Additional Devices

On top of the devices you can get with the three packages, there’s also the option to add the following:

  • Secondary Touchscreen keypad
  • Door/window sensors
  • Sensors for smoke/heat, carbon monoxide and glass break
  • Image sensor
  • Indoor and outdoor camera

Availability and Cost

Vector Home Security is a professional security system and it’s not sold as an out-of-the-box product. It does make it a little bit harder to hold on to, as you can’t walk into an electronics store or a mall and buy it.

To get your Vector home security equipment, you have to:

  1. Go to Vector’s website.
  2. Enter your address and zip code.
  3. Wait for the company’s representative to contact you and inform you if your area is in their coverage zone.
  4. Make sure the devices you’ve selected are available in your region. Some of the additional gadgets aren’t available in a few locations, so make sure you double check with your Vector dealer.
  5. Proceed with payment and schedule time for a technician to come over and install everything.

The pricing starts at $39.95 a month for the most basic package. You’ll have to directly contact Vector to see how much your package would cost as factors such as region and additional equipment may affect pricing. Getting an additional camera, for example, will cost you an extra $10 a month and an additional smart lock would mean another $10 a month.

The good news, however, is that professional installation is already included in the price of your package. When signing up, it’s essential that you read everything that’s included in its contract terms. The minimum contract requirement with the company is 36 months and it tends to auto-renew. In case you’re dissatisfied with the service or you feel that Vector is not the right fit for your home, you have to keep in mind that you’ll still get charged with the full amount if you cancel. If you’re looking for a system that offers a trial period, you may want to consider our #1 home security system, Frontpoint.  It has a 30-day risk-free trial period you can use to check the system out.


Vector Security is an established player in the security business. It has been around for 40 years and has already proven its capability to more than 300,000 homes and businesses in North America and the Caribbean. Some of the key points you should remember about this system:

check It has flexible package options.
check It offers 24/7 monitoring center and support.
check It includes the option to add cameras with additional charges.
check BBB rating of A-.
check Fire, water, gas, and personal safety monitoring
check Its contract can auto-renew.
check It can charge you with the full amount if you cancel.
check It’s a professionally installed system.


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