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A Comprehensive Approach  : Comcast Xfinity Home Security Review

What  happens when you ask your internet cable provider to secure your home?

You get an Xfinity Home.

By home, Comcast means total service provision. It can give you a 105 Mbps upload speed for your internet. It can also give you clearer quality on your calls and a larger coverage for your TV cable. Now, Comcast can even automate your home while keeping it safe.

  • You can subscribe to Comcast Xfinity Home when you subscribe to any of its other services.
  • Comcast puts every service you subscribe to in one single bill.
  • It gives you backup power source through batteries and cellular communication if connection fails.
  • You can control and customize your system through your smartphone or even your computer.
  • Comcast allows home automation through Zigbee technology

Comcast has two packages that you can choose from. Both of which are guaranteed to give you 24/7 Security and Professional Monitoring, Home Control and Energy & Money Savings. However, Comcast may need to send one of their professionals to assess your home and to install the system. Their professional installation starts at $99.

1. Secure 300

  • 1 Touch Screen Controller
  • 3 Door and Window Sensors
  • 1 Motion Sensor
  • 1 Wireless Keypad
  • Free Camera

Price: $39.95 per month

  • The motion sensors can ignore pets weighing 85 lbs. They also have 3D cylindrical optics so there’ll be no more dead spots.
  • The wireless keypad can be placed anywhere in the house. You just have to make sure it’s readily accessible as you can use it to manually arm and disarm your system.

2. Secure 350

  • 1 Touch Screen Controller
  • 3 Door and Window Sensors
  • 1 Motion Sensor
  • 1 Wireless Keypad
  • 2 Indoor/ Outdoor Cameras
  • 2 Lighting Controllers
  • 1 Thermostat or 1 additional Indoor/ Outdoor Camera
  • Free Camera

Price: $49.95 per month.

  • The indoor/outdoor cameras are waterproof. Moreover, they’re also dust resistant. Although it can only deliver your feeds via a VGA resolution, it has night vision capabilities.
  • Other than having power-failure memory, the lighting controllers are dimmable as well. You can use them to adjust your lightings at home or simply to save on your electricity by having them turn on at specific times.
  • The thermostat works on 4 AA batteries. It also has an LCD display for your temperature settings.


However, if you find having a stranger inside your home uncomfortable, Comcast also offers a Do-It-Yourself kit. It still gives you Home Control and Energy & Savings.

Control 150 includes:

  • Hub
  • 1 Motion Sensor
  • 1 Door / Window Sensor
  • 1 Indoor/ Outdoor Camera or 1 Thermostat
  • 1 Lighting Controller

If you find difficulty in installing the system, you can always call for professional help. At $99.99, Comcast can send over someone to help you set up the system.

Price: $19.95 per month

Comcast’s packages comes with a minimum of 2 years for its contracts. If you decide to cancel or terminate the agreement earlier than you’ve signed with, Comcast will charge you with an Early Termination Fee. However, if you terminate within 30 days after installation and you return the devices to Comcast, you won’t need to pay any fee.

Comcast lets you save on your electricity bill. By having the thermostat installed, you can save on your energy consumption automatically. It learns your habits and adjusts your home’s temperature as how you would. You can also program it through logging in to your Xfinity Home account and customizing when you want your devices on or off.

On the other hand, if you worry about where to put your existing system, Comcast allows switching with the use of your old devices. It includes your door and window sensors, motion sensors, keypads and even wirings. If some of them don’t work, Comcast is willing to replace and even warranty them.

Asking for more? Comcast allows you to buy more if you need to. They have equipment packs for a cheaper buy. They also have a Smoke Detector priced at $89.95. It has a self test capability so you know it’s functioning. Comcast also has a Carbon Monoxide Detector, a Water Detector and a Glass Break Sensor.

On the other hand, the Xfinity Home Warranty Plan doesn’t come inclusive in all packages. You can subscribe to it for $4.95 on a monthly basis. It will include equipment replacement services and technician visits which can cost $49.95 if uncovered. It also includes the labor charges on your battery replacements. However, it shall only take place 30 days after you purchase it. On the other hand, if you purchase the Secure 300 package, you can enjoy the limited warranty that comes with it. It covers the succeeding 30 days after your system has been installed.

     Comcast offers you its Customer Guarantee.

  1. Aside from their 30 day money back guarantee, they will also conduct courtesy calls prior to visiting your home.
  2. In the event that their technician fails to arrive on schedule, Comcast will be crediting you $20 or a free three month premium channel.
  3. They also vow to complete a repair or resolve a certain technical issue in a single visit. If they fail to do so, you’ll be given the same agreement with credits and free premium. They will also not charge you for the said service.
  4. Furthermore, if they don’t successfully resolve the issue until 30 days after their initial visit, they will extend you a complimentary service.

It shall be noted, however, that Comcast will not install any security system without subscription to at least one of their services.


check Comcast’s home warranty plan does not come instantly with all of its packages.
check You’ll receive only one bill for all your Comcast subscriptions.
check You’re existing security system can be upgraded to Xfinity security.
check It offers a Customer’s Guarantee to assure they’ll be working hard.
check Comcast also has home automation through Zigbee technology.
check You cannot buy the security package without subscribing to at least one of Comcast’s services.
check Comcast is fairly new in the home security system market.
check Comcast has a Transfer Service Program
check Installation fee is at $99 unless you want to do it yourself.
check Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are not automatically included in their packages. You may have to buy them separately.

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  1. good afternoon I have called many times to report my basement sensor and request for batteries for my door sensors and my request has not been granted I get contacted Comcast and I get connected here and there but no live person 2 weeks is to long with no resolution I want my mother safe and I relied on Comcast home security for her safety and I have got to go else where for a Alarm System.

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