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Blink Is Your Home’s Most Affordable Monitoring Solution

Blink Home Surveillance System

At around $79, you can have a monitoring system to watch over your home while you’re away, although it is currently on pre-order. Blink doesn’t just simply monitor your home, it ensures that you can keep a close eye on everything actively. The praises are similar to that of our most popular and affordable DO It Yourself (DIY) home security system, Frontpoint.

Blink Home Surveillance System could be one of the most affordable and reliable systems you can find on the market today. Again, the price is shockingly affordable compared to all the great things it can do for you and your home.

The benefits of Blink:

  • Blink is a Do It Yourself (DIY) system.
    • You just need to plug the Sync Module to a power supply and attach the Blink to your wall. It has adhesives on its back which you can use to attach the unit to your wall. However, if you want to mount it, you can use the mounting kit that comes with the package. It works on both adhesives and screws.
    • You also need to download the app and run the wizard to set up your system.
  • The Blink system doesn’t work outdoors. However, you have the freedom to place it anywhere within your house. If you need top-class surveillance outside of your home, check out FrontPoint’s unbeatable wireless outdoor camera.
  • Your Sync Module and Blink unit should be able to communicate with each other. They have a working range of a 100 feet. Keep this in mind when setting up your Blink system at home.
  • The Blink system can be wireless by solely running on batteries.
    • You have a year before the batteries need replacing, assuming that you have been using it the “standard way”. By standard use, it means 20,000 seconds of video recording for the whole year.
    • Blink will notify you when it’s close to running out of power.
    • However, if you don’t want the inconvenience of battery replacements, you can choose to power your Blink by plugging it into any standard wall outlet.
      • It has a micro USB connector which you can use to connect your Blink to a power source.
      • However, plugging your Blink will mean restrictions in hiding your device. You’d have to get it near a power source and visible cords could be too obvious for intruders.
    • With Blink there is no monthly monitoring fee.

There are several home monitoring cameras today. In fact, since the competition has leveled up, security cameras have become more than just your average home monitoring camera. They have been condensed with several sensors and features that you can probably see in multi-device home security systems. Such as the Crash and Smash Technology featured in our top rated security system.

At $79, shouldn’t you expect Blink to have them, too? Which is exactly why the inventors of Blink have integrated multiple features and sensors to this security system to give you the best bang for your buck.

Blink is more than just a camera. Some of the extras include:

  • Motion sensors that triggers the camera to record once movement is detected.
  • Temperature sensors which immediately notifies you of any rapid changes in your home’s temperature.
  • A built in microphone that allows you to hear what’s happening in your home through Blinks security system.
  • A 720p HD camera that:
    • Records once the sensors detect suspicious activity. Blink has an Instant On feature that records within a fraction of a second. It instantly sends you a live snapshot of whatever triggered your alarm.
    • Records up to five seconds. However, you have the option to extend it to 10 seconds if necessary.
    • Sends recordings straight to Blink’s server.
      • You can store up to 7,200 seconds of video recording. Once you reach that limit, it automatically writes over your old recordings.
    • Allows you to save your videos through the USB port on the Sync Module. If needed, you can also download your recordings to any storage device you prefer.
    • Similar to Frontpoint’s raving feature, can even record in the dark using its very own night vision feature.
    • Sends you a notification whenever the camera is triggered.

Blink comes with its own mobile app that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You can also reach the app using your web browser. Through this app, you can view any of your Blink cameras at home live. Which means you don’t need to receive an alert in order to see what’s going on when you’re away. This is Blink’s Live View feature.

Some key points to mention about Blink’s mobile app:

  • Your Blink can be accessed through several devices, provided that each device is installed with the app.
  • However, you must also keep in mind that currently, there can only be one device to access the Live View at a time.
  • The app for Windows is yet to come but is in the works.
  • Through the app, you can arm or disarm your system manually. You can also set a specific time for your Blink to automatically arm itself.
  • It also notifies you once it detects any movement or noise in your home while you’re at work.

There are several possibilities still boiling at Blink’s laboratory. As it doesn’t support home automation yet, its developers are currently working on its IFTTT integration. “If This Then That” works to connect your device with several third party apps and smart devices. It would be nicer if you can change your lights whenever Blink detects something, right? Or perhaps, have specific appliances turn off whenever you arm your Blink system?

Other than home automation, Blink is also on the works to make itself an open API. This is good news if you’re a developer! You can get crazy with it by adding your own software and perhaps adding more hardware to personalize Blink to fit your daily needs.

Blink is heavily crowdfunded through Kickstarter. Not only did it meet its funding goal but it also met its stretched goal. As a result, Blink has been able to offer more than what it had initially proposed. It now offers a separate alarm unit that can be purchased optionally. This additional alarm unit will not include a Sync Module, which can only be acquired through Blink’s Home Monitoring System.

Some of the cool features of this alarm include:

  • A sound that is 105 decibels loud when triggered.
  • Having the freedom to set how long and how loud you want your alarm to sound.
  • It being completely wireless via batteries.
  • Being able to place it anywhere in the house versus being limited to wall outlets due to limited hardware (i.e. wired).
  • Pre-installed technology that allows easy pairing with an existing Blink system.
  • The affordability of this unit for $50 through their purchasing page..

The Blink Alarm System with a sync module will cost you $79. A Blink camera alone, on the other hand, costs $60. Blink vows to not charge your credit card until your order is shipped.

UPDATE: According to our sources, as of September 24, 2015, Blink has delivered their first round of two-camera beta systems. Pre-orders are scheduled to be shipped out sometime during Fall 2015. Pre-order is currently available for the Blink Alarm System.

Many customers who research Blink also compare it to Frontpoint. Check out why Frontpoint is the #1 rated home security system.

10 responses to “Blink Home Surveillance System”

  1. Waited over 16 months after paying for this on Kick starter. Will never use kick starter again. Customer service is non-existent. This is the 3rd product I ordered from them. Got burned on all 3 products. So I finally get this thing delivered today. It says go to the android play store to get the app to set it up in the instruction book enclosed. Guess what??? There is no app. This thing only works on crap I phones. Since I was smart enough to get a great android phone this thing is worthless. Don’t waste your valuable money on Blink or Kick starter.

    • Blink new outdoor cameras are of the best quality for the price, seamless integration of additional cameras. Start-up companies are slow to get coordinated with manufacturing demands, a little patience goes a long way. Quality video from motion activation, easy playback options and storage. No need for extra back-up to the cloud. Easiest installation and completely wireless. For the price of this home security system you can’t go wrong. 5 stars for this now established company.

  2. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I just got my Blink yesterday 01/20/2016 and i am very excited. I have some question? If you’re smart phone S3 is not compatible for the blink apps. Can you view your system on the PC or Laptop?

    Victor Pena

  3. I just received Blink a couple of days ago and it is great! The picture quality is great, sound is phenomenal, and it is very easy to set up. The affordability compared to other cameras is icing on the cake. However, for my personal purposes since this is being used as a nanny cam, I can’t wait for the local storage since this can only record in 10 second intervals. Otherwise, it really is a great product!

  4. I installed Blink at home at a house I am remodeling in another city. It is great! I have been able to use the indoor cameras outdoors by placing them under a carport and covered porches. I am looking forward to getting the new weatherproof camera as well.

    We also placed a system at our mother’s house. She is 91, and this gives us the ability to check on her from time to time.

  5. How can we reconnect sync module if you delete it and then get module already exists when you try to put it back on the network?

  6. Hi,
    Why cant I hear the audio on the taped recordings? I have the cameras set for audio but have yet to be able to hear anything. You can see people talking but cant hear anything. Please advise. Thank you

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