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If you are too reluctant in trying out an automated home, you can try installing a few smart light bulbs first. They can change colors. You can turn them on or off by your smartphone. They can even be your speaker or your Wi-Fi extender. With all these cool features, smart light bulbs can easily change your mind about having a smart home soon.

  • Smart light bulbs are more energy efficient when you compare them with traditional lights. Siince they can remind you in case you left one of them turned on, you can also save on your electricity bill.
  • They can also increase your home’s security, particularly if you are not always at home. You can turn them on or off at specific times to deter burglars away. Smart light bulbs can also be programmed to automatically turn on in cases of emergencies. You can link it with your smoke detectors so that when smoke or fire is sensed, you can have lights directing towards your home’s exit points.
  • Smart light bulbs can also add up to your comfort. You can adjust their brightness and color to suit your mood. You can even program them as you want.
  • Having smart bulbs at home can also make your life more convenient.

However, because there are a lot of smart light bulbs in the market today, choosing one that fits your home and your preference can be quite confusing. In case you can’t decide which one to buy or you are new in trying out smart light bulbs, you can take a look at this list.

1. Osram Lightify


  • Osram’s maximum brightness is at 810 lumens and can last up to 20,000 hours.
  • Each Osram Lightify uses around 9.5 watts.
  • These smart bulbs give you the option to set any color you prefer. You can even select the brighness level and the color temperature of your light bulbs.
  • In case you are too tired to pick a color, there’re preset scenes that can calm you down in case your stressed or hype you up if you are feeling bored. It even has a preset feature to trigger plant growth.
  • You can set your own lighting schedules so you can have lights at your front door in case you’ll be coming home late.
  • Osram can work with Wemo Link.
  • Through the app, you have the option to create Presence Simulation. This feature enables you to set a sequence of how your lights will turn on in case you are not home.

To be able to fully control Osram Lightify, you need the Lightify Gateway.This device connects wirelessly to your Wi-Fi which means you won’t have any troubles with wires. It is able to handle up to 50 Osram Lightify bulbs. The Osram Lightify Smart Connected Lighting LED Starter Kit costs around $60. This already includes the Lightify Gateway and a Lightify Bulb.

2. Philips Hue

philips hue

  • Philips Hue are LED bulbs which can last for around 15,000 hours.
  • These bulbs consume 80% less energy than your regular light bulbs.
  • Philips Hue emit brightness at 600 lumens. In comparison, it is relatively the same brightness you’ll get from a 400 watt bulb.
  • The smart bulbs can change colors. They can either pulse or remain steady depending on your mood.
  • You can also select a “photo” from the app and apply its lightning scheme in your living room.
  • Other than the full spectrum of colors, you can also define the right shade of white you need for your work.
  • Aside from the color and brightness, you can also specify preset times for your smart bulbs.

To take advantage of your Philips Hue, you need to connect it to its Bridge. You simply need to connect the device to your router using an Ethernet cable. The Bridge can also connect your smart bulbs with other smart devices and third party apps. As for the bulbs, they can fit your regular light sockets at home.  Each Bridge is capable of holding 50 bulbs. You can get one at $59 each. The Starter Pack, on the other hand, costs $199.95.

3. Belkin Wemo LED Lighting Starter Set

wemo led lighting starter set

  • The Belkin Wemo LED lights can give an output of 800 lumens by using only around 10 watts of power. Each bulb has a life expectancy of around 23 years.
  • These smart bulbs are fully dimmable. You can take control of the lights using ithe Wemo app.
  • You can create your own lighting schedules in case you are not always at home. You can set the lights to automatically turn on at specific times.
  • Through the app, you can control your smart bulbs individually or as a group.
  • Other than time, you can also set fades to your lights. You can program your smart light bulbs to dim slowly to avoid tripping incidents when you’re getting to bed.
  • In case you have several Wemo devices at home, there’s no need to download separate apps. One app is enough to control all your Wemo equipments.
  • The Belkin LED bulbs can be linked with IFTTT. You can create recipes for your lights using thitd party apps.

Each Belkin Wemo LED Lighting Starter Set includes a Wemo Link. It’s the device that enables you to control your smart light bulbs wherever you are. One Link can hold up to 50 Wemo LED lights. Unlike the Philips Hue Bridge, Wemo Link can be plugged anywhere. It doesn’t need Ethernet cables to connect to your Wi-Fi..

The Wemo devices are also capable of communicating and working with each other. This can really help you create the smart home you want. In case you have a Wemo Motion, you can link it to your Wemo LED lights. Once the Wemo Motion detects any movements, your Wemo LED lights can instantly turn on in the area.You can have the Belkin Wemo LED Lighting Starter Set at $49.99. Each Wemo Light Bulb comes with a limited two year warranty.

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