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Belkin WeMo has smart light bulbs and light switches to automate your home. It even has cameras and outlets. What more can you ask for?

Apparently, Belkin Wemo already has so many things in mind that you don’t really need to ask anymore. It thinks ahead of your necessity. As a matter of fact, it recently introduced four new sensors to its line of smart devices in the recent International CES. These latest devices may be the solution you’re looking for in keeping your home safe and sound.

Meet Belkin WeMo’s newest addition to its family:

Wemo Alarm Sensor

This Alarm Sensor is really interesting. It has the capability to listen to the other alarms you have in your home. It can work with your existing fire and smoke sensors, carbon monoxide sensors and even with your water leak detectors. Amusing, right?

  • The WeMo Alarm Sensor can make sure your home is safe while you’re away.
  • It allows you to register your own set of emergency contact numbers to help you out in case something happens at home while you’re out. You can include your neighbors, your friends and some of your relatives who live near your home to your emergency list.
  • In case the Alarm Sensor hears one of your other detectors at home sound an alert, you’ll immediately receive a notification either by a text message or a notification through the app.
  • However, if you’re not at home during the alarm, the app can readily show your emergency contacts so you can immediately reach anyone near your home to verify.
  • The Alarm Sensor also has a proprietary algorithm to make sure you don’t panic over any false alarm. It knows when it’s just plain noise or a real emergency.
  • There’s also the option to link the Alarm Sensor to another WeMo device like the WeMo Switch and the WeMo Smart LED Bulbs to make lights instantly turn on during an emergency.

WeMo Room Motion Sensor

  • The Room Motion Sensor can let you know if someone is in your room through infrared heat detection.
  • However, it can also sense if it’s your pet so you won’t have to worry about your dog triggering a false alarm.
  • Every notification you receive will include a timestamp so you’ll know when there was an unexpected movement at home.
  • You also have the option to review the last alarm that went off and to link the Motion Sensor to another WeMo device.

WeMo Door and Window Sensor

If someone opens your door or window while you’re away, wouldn’t you want to know?

  • The WeMo Door and Window Sensor works by magnetic contact. Once this contact breaks, the sensor will automatically let you know through the app that your door or window has been opened.
  • In case you forgot, the sensor can even let you know if you’ve left one open.
  • Other than security, you can also link the WeMo Door and Window Sensor to your WeMo Switch. This way, you’ll be able to manage your devices in response to your doors and windows. You can set your thermostat and even your lights to turn off when your windows are open.
  • You can also use this sensor to monitor your valued safe and cabinets. Once someone tries to open them, you’ll instantly get notified.

WeMo Keychain Sensor

  • The Keychain Sensor works as a person tracker. It can let you know if your husband has arrived home from work or if your child is hiding mischievously from you again. However, before you can track any one of them, you have to make sure they’re carrying the keychain.
  • Through the WeMo app, you can also get notified when either of them hasn’t arrived home on a set time.
  • You can also use the Keychain Sensor to control your other WeMo devices at home. Say for example, programming your thermostat to turn on when you click the keychain.
  • You can also use the Keychain Sensor as a trigger. For example, by taking the sensor with you everytime you go out for work, you can set the other devices to automatically turn off right when you step out of your house.

That’s not all. Belkin has more ideas boiling in its pot. For one, it has the WeMo Water with Echo Technology.

  • The WeMo Water is supposed to be placed under your kitchen sink. However, you also have the liberty to place it in anywhere in your plumbing system.
  • You simply need to turn off the cold water line, attach the WeMo Water and plug it in a power source.
  • It can monitor your water usage both inside and outside of your house by using a single sensor.
  • WeMo Water has advance algorithms that can detect pressure alterations in your system. Once you use your shower, for example, the WeMo Water takes a note and keeps a log on how long you use it and the amount of water you consumed. This way, you’ll be able to know which part of your house consumes water the most.
  • What’s more interesting is that WeMo Water can also let you know if one of your pipes is leaking. By knowing right away, you can cut down on your water bill and save on repair and rehabilitation.

These sensors work through batteries which you can expect to last for around a year. The reason for such long battery life is because Belkin has a built-in Wi-Fi to Zigbee bridge in these devices. This technology is able to translate the language and transfer it to your Wi-Fi.

WeMo, apparently,  has its own app which you can use to control all your WeMo devices at home. Since the sensors are relatively easy to install and the app can be readily downloaded on both Google Play and iTunes, you can enjoy WeMo as a self installed security system. It’s quite convenient since it comes without the hassle and restrictions of other subscription systems.

As of today, there’s actually no price tags yet on these new sensors. However, you can expect these devices to come out by half of this year. The WeMo Water, on the other hand, is still on the development phase.

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