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The Autonomous Desk can change the way you work- literally.

For one, it’s a standing desk. However, unlike your regular standing desk, the Autonomous Desk has an Artificial Intelligence. It can talk, listen and understand what you say. Very interesting, right?


The Autonomous Desk came from Robotbase and it’s the same company that created the Personal Robot. In case you didn’t know, Personal Robot is the world’s first artificial intelligence personal robot and it can do most of the things your personal assistant can do.

With such skill with A.I, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Robotbase could put the same advanced technology in the standard desk. The Autonomous Desk, however, is more than just its Artificial Intelligence.

What is the Autonomous Desk?

  • The Autonomous Desk is made of high quality materials, from its durable surface to its strong steel frame.
  • It has several color options. You can choose your own frame and surface color and easily match your desk with your office’s theme.
  • It also has an ergonomic design which means that using the desk can reduce your fatigue at work and increase your productivity at the same time.
  • The Autonomous Desk can adjust to a standing position, either automatically or at your own convenience.

The Autonomous Desk can feel your presence. Once it senses your arrival, it automatically adjusts to your preferred height. You can adjust or set the height anywhere from 23.5 to 49 inches. After a couple of days, the Autonomous Desk starts to learn your preferences. It establishes a pattern of when you’re likely to sit down or to stand up while working.

It’s a fact that sitting for long periods of time can be harmful for your health. You can end up with obesity, diabetes and even heart problems. However, if you’re working in the office, there’s a big possibility that you’d easily forget about the need to stand up once in a while to get your blood flowing. Fortunately, with Autonomous Desk, you’ll be constantly reminded throughout the day.

  • The Autonomous Desk comes with smart buttons which you can use to adjust your desk’s height.
  • You can use these buttons to program four height preferences. If you’re a woman, this can be good news for you as you can designate a button for days that you’re on high heels and days that you’re wearing flats.
  • It works by a dual motor that can shift your table from a sitting to a standing position with no audible noise.

At $399, you’ll be able to get the Autonomous Desk with the basic standing capability. However, for $599, you’ll be able to get the Smart Autonomous Desk with all of its amazing features. These include:

  • Chargers
    • The Autonomous Desk has both USB and wireless charging features.
  • Speakers
    • In case you want an instant energy boost at the office, you can plug in your favorite playlist and listen to it through Autonomous Desk’s built in HD speakers.
  • Organizer
    • Each Autonomous Desk comes with a bag hanger to keep your bags and keys organize. You wouldn’t want to crowd your table, right?
  • Memory Pad
    • Remember the 4 programmable height set up? You can use the memory pad to set your desired height for your table.


Other than these advanced features, the Autonomous Desk can also act as your personal assistant. Once you sync your phone with your desk, it can do the following things for you:

  1. The Autonomous Desk can order what you want for lunch.
  2. It can even schedule a meeting with one of your colleagues.
  3. It can also call a cab for you, in case you’re too busy to make the call.
  4. If you want music, you can simply instruct your Autonomous Desk to play your favorite music files for you.
  5. Aside from these, the Autonomous Desk can remind you of your next appointments.
  6. It can also read your text messages.

Aside from assuming the role of being your personal assistant, the Autonomous Desk can also control several smart appliances at home or in your office. It has home automation feature that can make your daily working experience better and healthier.

The Autonomous Desk is voice controlled. This means that if you want something, you can just ask for it. The desk can work with several devices like Nest, Lockitron, Philips Hue and more. If you want to adjust your thermostat, you simply instruct it. You can even sync your desk with your fitness tracker so you’d know how much calories you’re burning.

The Autonomous Desk also has its own app which you can use to control it. This app is available both for iOS and Android devices. On such note, Robotbase has created the Autonomous Desk SDK. It’s an open platform for developers to create and innovate their own apps for their desks. These apps can be uploaded and shared with other Autonomous Desk users through the Desk App Store.

The Autonomous Desk debuted at Kickstarter and it was able to easily reach its funding goal earlier than its target date. The shipping of these desks, however,  will start at around the month of July. On such note, by purchasing the Autonomous Desk, you should keep in mind that you can be charged with additional fees for the shipping as the desk weighs around 120 pounds.

  • If you’re in the U.S, you’re likely to be charged with $99.
  • However, if you’re in the other part of the world, the additional charge could be around $299.

Considering the price, the Autonomous Desk is a good call for your work and your health. It has Artificial Intelligence, advanced features and it can help you work healthier. There’s also no middlemen in the equation, which means you’re getting these smart desks at a lower price compared with other standing desks. If you own a company and you want your employees to get a better working condition, you can invest on these desks. Buying in bulk can give you a discount through Autonomous Desk’s KickStarter page.

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