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The Digital Life: The AT&T Home Security System Review

No. You’re not reading the title wrong.

While you may initially think AT&T only has skills for telecommunications technology, wait until you see what it can do. It doesn’t simply want you to have a safe and smart home. It desires to give you a digital life.



  • Setting up a Digital Life in your home requires an authorized AT&T Digital Life technician to install the central hub. The hub is where your devices would be integrated with.
  • It will take the technician around 4 hours to finish the process on the average. However, the time frame for installation is between three to eight hours depending on how many devices you want to link with your system.
  • Installation comes free of charge for the first time. After initial installation and you decide to add more devices, you can ask for professional assistance again or do a self installation.
  • Unfortunately, AT&T’s Digital Life is limited to certain areas only . It also doesn’t cover business customers yet.
  • The Digital Life comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you fail to declare any fault or disagreement with the system, the contract of 24 months will initiate.
  • It also has an AT&T Digital Life mobile app which can show you your security’s log of events. It even includes which, when and how your sensor was triggered.
  • The system is dependent on wireless communication through AT&T’s own network. If that fails, you can link it with your existing wired internet connection.
  • The Digital Life also provides you with a 24 hour backup power source in case electricity goes out.

AT&T has two packages to offer. Most of their devices are from manufacturers such as Honeywell, Linear and Yale. The Digital Life can automate your home through Z Wave intelligence.

1. Smart Security package

  • It includes a 24 hour professional monitoring. They have their UL Listed station that guarantees a rapid emergency response.
  • It also includes text and email alerts. You can access them remotely through your smart phones, tablets or computers.

The Package Includes:

  • 1 Keypad
  • 1 Indoor Siren
  • 1 Keychain Remote
  • 3 Door Sensors
  • 3 Window Sensors
  • 1 Motion Sensor
  • 24 hour backup battery

Upfront Price: $ 149.99
Monthly Charge: $ 39.99

The sensors are relatively small in size. When a movement triggers it, you’ll hear the sensor alarm or chime depending on how you set it. It will chime thrice if someone opens your door and twice if it is closed. Although it could be useful in letting you know, the constant alarm may annoy you especially if you’re already expecting family members to come and go at that specific time.

2. Smart + Automation Package

  • The package comes with an additional Video Camera Package and Door Package.
  • The additional outdoor camera is weather resistant so you can have the convenience of monitoring the outside of your home as well. The camera is also integrated with both day and night recording capabilities.

Package Includes:

  • 1 Keypad
  • 1 Indoor Siren
  • 1 Keychain Remote
  • 3 Door Sensors
  • 3 Window Sensor
  • 1 Motion Sensor
  • Outdoor Camera
  • Garage Door Controller

Upfront Price: $ 299.97
Monthly Charge: $ 54.97

To fully experience a digital life, AT&T has more packages through its Home Automation Shop. You simply add $4.99 a month to start taking control of your home appliances even while you’re still at work.

  • Video Camera Package
    • The package comes with an outdoor camera.
    • You can set the camera to start recording videos or to capture still shots whenever it detects motion.
    • You can review old recordings and see live feeds even if you’re not home.
    • If you feel that one camera isn’t enough, AT&T lets you buy another one.
  • Water Control
    • It includes a water controller and 3 water and temperature sensors.
    • You’ll immediately know if there’s leak in the house through text and email alerts.
    • You can even turn off faucets you accidentally forgot to close when you left for work this morning. You just simply pick up your smartphone and turn it off.
  • Water Detection
    • The package comes with a water and 3 temperature sensors.
    • The water detection kit works to keep your home safe from water damage. It can save your wallet, too.
    • AT&T knows the high cost of renovations and repair. They’ll notify you immediately so proper actions can be done faster.
  • Door Package
    • This set lets you choose from a touchscreen door lock, a garage door controller and a push button door lock.
    • It can allow a keyless entry for your convenience.
    • You can even program it to disarm every time you key in a master code.
    • You can also set custom codes for the other members of your family. If one of them keys in his code, you’ll automatically be informed so you know who goes in and out.
    • However, if someone else tries to gain access, you’ll know right then and there.
  • Energy Package
    • It comes with a light switch control, a light plug and a thermostat.
    • You can have your lights set up the way you want it just by your smartphones or your tablet.

AT&T home security system not only confidently offers a money back guarantee, it also has the Complete Protection Guarantee which assures you get coverage on all of your Digital Life devices as long as you’re an existing AT&T Digital Life customer.

For early termination of locked in agreements, you would be required to pay a maximum early termination fee of $720 with a $30 deduction fee for each full month. They also implement charging of restocking fee depending on which package you purchased. In contrast, if the 24 month locked in agreement reaches end of term, you should expect the contract to automatically renew on a monthly basis. That is, of course, unless you terminate it or AT&T does.

You can review the Terms and Conditions regarding product warranties through AT&T Digital Life Customer Agreement in their official website.


check Professional installation is required. It comes free for the initial set up.
check It isn’t available for business customers yet.
check Digital Life is only offered to certain cities.
check There is a 30 day money back guarantee.
check There is also a maximum fee of $720 if you decide to terminate your contract early.
check Backup batteries can only suffice for 24 hours.
check Complete Protection Guarantee serves as lifetime warranty for existing AT&T Digital Life subscribers.
check There is an upfront fee for every package and additional devices.
check The main hub and device integrations take a long time on initial installation.
check Sub packages are available for home automation.
check The Digital Life System is relatively new, as it was launched only last 2013.

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