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Angee Offers Voice Recognition and 360-Degree Viewing in Protecting Homes

Angee is an automated home security system that aims to change your mind about home monitoring. Aside from watching over your home, Angee can also listen for commands. It recognizes your voice and learns your habits. If your smart phone’s battery has run out, you can also simply order Angee to disarm. There’s no need to key in a code or get frustrated with your phone. Very convenient, isn’t it?


The Angee system is composed of two devices and it promises to give you a comprehensive security for your home.

1. Angee

  • The camera measures 5.5 inches in height.
  • It is powered through the regular micro USB cable you use for your smart phones.
    • Angee also has built in batteries which you can rely on in case electricity fails in your area. You’ll receive a notification once this happens.
    • Angee is portable. You can set it to watch over your living room and transfer it to your bedroom or any other part of your home that needs monitoring.
    • The batteries are expected to last for 10 hours.
    • Angee can monitor your home in 1080p HD resolution.
  • It’s packed with six Passive Infrared Sensors to keep track of any movement in the dark.
  • You can also use Angee to communicate with your loved ones at home. It supports two-way communication.
  • Angee has two ways to verify your presence.
    • It knows when you are home once your smart phone has been detected in Angee’s geo-fence range.
    • If you forgot your phone or its battery has run out, you can voice out your secured password. Angee has voice recognition so it knows if it’s your voice or not.
  •  Aside from authentication purposes, Angee’s voice recognition feature can also understand verbal commands. It also knows which member of the family is giving the order through its learning capabilities.

Compared with other home security cameras, Angee offers a wider viewing range. As a matter of fact, it has 360 degree rotation capability. If it senses something, the camera will turn around to see what’s happening. You don’t need a notification before you can access this feature. You can rotate the camera whenever you need to check on your home. However, in case you find being watched uncomfortable, you can simply make Angee face the wall or ask the system not to record when you are home.

Aside from viewing coverage, Angee also features Zone Detection. It enables you to specify which areas you want to monitor. If you constantly have cookies disappearing magically, you may want to set Angee to monitor the cookie jar on your shelf. If someone moves within the area, you instantly get notified. You can set a maximum of four zones for Angee to monitor.

2. Sensor

  • The Angee Sensor is battery operated. You’ll need 2 standard AAA batteries for it to work.
  • The sensor communicates directly with Angee. Because they can talk through Bluetooth connection, you have to keep in mind their range.
    • Technically, Angee’s range is around 30 meters. If you have a big home or several rooms, you may need to purchase more units for optimum security coverage.
  • The sensors should be placed on your doors and windows.
    • These locations will enable Angee to know who goes in and out of your home.
    • If you go beyond the range of your sensors, your security system will automatically arm. If you reach the perimeter, it will automatically disarm.
    • The strategic locations of these sensors also help Angee build a stronger security perimeter for your home.
  • Because of how the sensors communicate with Angee, pet-triggered alarms are less likely to happen.
    • Angee and the sensors create a geo-fence that will determine if any intruder has entered the house.
    • However, you can still watch over your dog’s mischievous behaviors by setting up Zone Detection around the area of the couch, your bed or any part of the home where he should not be playing. You can set up Angee to notify you once your dog accesses these areas.

Angee can be controlled using its app. All notifications, such as detected motions and instances of power failures, are sent to your smart phone. The recorded videos, however, are stored for free. Angee provides a free 1 GB Cloud Storage for each unit. Typically, this storage space is enough to keep an hour of HD videos. If you lower the resolution of your recordings, you’ll be able to have more space. Angee has no plans of requiring subscription and monthly fees yet.

As for set up, Angee is really simple to install at home.

1. After taking the devices out of their boxes, you turn them on and connect them to the app.

2. Once you have access to the app, you can start attaching your sensors on your doors and windows. It is recommended that you have one sensor for each door and window. If you have several rooms at home, you may want to invest in extra Angee units and more sensors.

3. Once you’ve attached the sensors, you can start controlling your home’s security.

Angee offers a lot of promises. In fact, it aims to offer temperature monitoring, face recognition and calendar voice alerts once its stretch goals have been reached. Currently, Angee is being crowd funded through Kickstarter and has reached over $240,000 of its $250,000 initial funding goal. It still has over a month to gather the remaining funds.


The Angee early bird packages, which were offered at $279, have all been sold out. However, you can still get the set at a discounted price of $329. If you want to have more sensors, you can buy the Angee Security+ Package at $399. With this price, you’ll get an Angee and three sensors. The campaign does not offer individual sensors as add on. You will be able to avail them after the campaign ends. Angee’s actual retail price is expected to be at $430. For this price, you’ll get an Angee and one sensor.

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