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There are several ways you can hide a security camera. However, if your camera looks as interesting as Amaryllo’s iCam HD, would you even think about hiding it?

The device can remind you of the famous Rubik’s cube. It seemed to be made up of several colored blocks put together to hide a camera. While the design is aesthetically pleasing, it’s actually not the only thing that makes iCam HD interesting . For one, it’s the world’s first HD wireless IP camera that has been licensed by Skype.

 iCam HD has a Do It Yourself set up. It’s relatively easy to set one at home.

1. You need to connect iCam to a power source through the micro USB port

2. Download the iCam app.

3. Scan and pair the QR code to sync the device.

Once you get the installation correctly, you will hear 2 beeps. At the same time, you’ll receive a message congratulating you on getting through the process successfully. However, if installation failed, iCam HD will let you know by playing two low tone sounds.

iCam HD has to be connected to an electrical outlet to work. You can either plug it directly or use an extension cord to have the unit work where it’s more needed. It also needs a Wi-Fi connection to link your videos to a free Cloud storage. As small as it may seem, iCam HD is actually filled with several features.

  • Built in Sensors
    • iCam HD has both motion and audio detectors.
      • Once your iCam HD senses a movement or a suspicious sound, it automatically triggers the camera to record and the app to notify you.
      • Noise detection becomes possible with the built in microphone in your iCam HD. It has three levels of sensitivity.
  • Camera
    • iCam HD can give you a 1280 x 720p resolution for your pictures and videos.
    • It uses 8 infrared LEDs for its night vision capability to make sure you get to see if someone’s sneaking in the dark. The maximum range for this is around 16 feet. However, if you have a baby at home and wouldn’t want to expose him to infrared lights, you can disable this feature.
    • It also has a 1 MP lens with a viewing angle of 100 degrees. This means you get to see more area.
  • Two Way Talk Feature
    • The built in microphone also comes with a speaker. You can use them to listen for any unusual sound at home or to tell your dog not to sit on your sofa.
    • The audio may not be as crystal clear as you may expect it to be. However, it’s enough to understand what the other line is saying.

iCam HD comes from the same company that brought the iBabi and the iSensor. Amaryllo has set up an app for each of their cameras. Meaning, if you have an iBabi, you would have to get the iBabi app. For iCam HD, you need the iCam HD app. You can download either from Google Play or the App Store.

  • Once a motion or a sound is detected, the camera is triggered to capture an image. That picture is immediately sent to your smartphone. By clicking the image, you get instantly redirected to the app where you can start viewing what’s happening at home real time.
  • However, you also have the option to choose whether you want your notification in pictures or text messages.
  • Also, live viewing means there’ll be no lag time in your streaming.
  • Through the app, you can also adjust your videos’ resolution. You have the option to adjust it from 360p to 720p.
  • You can also adjust the volume of the speakers and to manage your microphone and night vision through the app.

You can control iCam HD using your Skype account. Say for example, you want to rotate your camera to the left, you can type in “L”. To navigate it to other directions, you can use “R”, “D” and “U”. Other than rotation, you can also use your Skype account to make Skype calls using your iCam HD.

So, where do all the videos go?

  • For each iCam HD, you get a free 15Gb Google storage where your videos get stored. You can access the videos simply by logging in to your Google Drive account where you can review the recordings or even download them. Your account and data are provided with 256 bit encryption. That means top level security you can compare to what the government uses.
  • The iCam HD also has a local storage. It supports micro SD cards of up to 32 GB. The said size is enough to hold recordings of around four to five days. However, before purchasing one, you may need to check first for compatibility. iCam HD can only work with micro SD cards of Class 6 and up. To be sure, you can always check on their website.

However, you must make sure to have a micro SD card inserted on your iCam HD. The local storage is where the videos get buffered first before getting uploaded on your Google account. Without the micro SD card in place, you won’t be able to see any recordings online. Moreover, once the local storage gets full, the oldest recordings get overwritten by the new ones.

Other than iCam HD, Amaryllo also has iCam HD 360. The cameras don’t really differ other than the way they’re installed and the specific apps they need to be paired with. There’s also the iCam PRO which is able to support 360 degrees Auto Object Tracking.

Lately, Amaryllo made some changes with its iCam HD. From Skype, iCam now uses WebRTC to connect. The change has made the two way talk feature better and there was also a notable decrease in lag time.

You can pick an iCam HD unit through Amaryllo’s official purchasing page. The Sensor Edition and the Pan and Tilt Edition  cost $149.90. The Cube Edition, on the other hand, will cost you $119.90. The iCam HD 360 costs $199.90

3 responses to “Amaryllo iCam HD”

  1. Avoid Amaryllo. Once they have your credit card number there will be a charge every month AFTER you cancel. They are thieves. You can call your card company every month and get the charge off, but that takes time. $5.99 a month!

  2. We bought one and it is great. Was a little frustrating at first because we weren’t familiar with the app, but I emailed the company and their tech department did reply after a couple of days and we got it up and running.

    It is amazing to be able to see our property from work. There is sound so any intruder would set the alarm off and we’d hear that straight away, then it records what it sees and sends it to the cloud. Also you can speak through it if you want. So when our teenagers are home I can talk to them and visa versa. Really quite impressed as a really cool security device.

  3. AVOID! Camera stopped working after a few months, and their support team is clueless and unhelpful. The Amaryllo Cloud Service (for uploading and saving your video) is a scam. They offer a “free” level, but you need to give them your credit card number to get it. Then, they start charging your card even if you cancel the service. Contacting the company is useless – they just call you a liar. AVIOD!

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